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Archie Sonic Universe Issue 86 is the eighty sixth issue in the Sonic Universe comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

It’s the END for EGGMAN in “Eggman’s Dozen” Part Four: The final, frantic fracas is here! Dr. Eggman and his Egg Bosses square off against the Naugus Twins and the fearsome Crystal Sonic! Will everyone make it out of the battle alive? And who is the twelfth and final Egg Boss? All the action and answers are here! Featuring cover art by Mr. Sonic comics, Tracy Yardley and a “Baddie Bunch” variant by the radical Ryan Jampole!

Featured stories

Eggman's Dozen Finale: Synergizing

Dr. Eggman engages in a battle with his Egg Bosses against Walter Naugus, Wendy Naugus, the Witchcarters and Eggman's crystallized badniks, including Metal Sonic, now referred to as Crystal Sonic. Nephthys asks Maw to perform his "trick" once more but he refuses as he is too close to his allies. Thunderbolt feels conflicted when she has to destroy Eggman's creations and Mordred Hood tries to revert the Witchcarters back to their regular state of mind using his Vertigo-Inducers.

Wendy stresses how hard it is for her to drive and control both the Witchcarters and the badniks at the same time. Eggman strikes the troll wizards while they are off guard but gets hit by a Spin Dash from Crystal Sonic. Before Eggman can be finished off, he quickly equips himself with his Hard-Light Armor made of pure energy and knocks Crystal Sonic away. Receiving full-on blasts from Walter and Wendy's crystalmancy, Eggman notes that pure energy is not a substance that could be crystallized. Following this, Eggman and his Egg Bosses are able to weaken the troll wizards momentarily.

Eggman takes a shot at Walter using his Hard-Light Armor arm cannon, but Crystal Sonic gets in the way of it, allowing Walter to escape. The blast reverts Crystal Sonic to a badly damaged Metal Sonic. Eggman then forces Wendy to release the rest of his badniks. Instead of punishing her however, Eggman makes Wendy an Egg Boss in order to have an even number of them and because he wants an Egg Boss that understands the mystical elements. After this, Eggman orders Orbot to prepare the injector for Wendy and her Witchcarters.

The Egg Bosses return to their stations, some exhausted and others still prepared for battle. Eggman orders Wendy to find an undisclosed object that is missing from his inventory. After this, Eggman relaxes in order to savor his victory. Meanwhile, Walter Naugus is seen hiding in an unknown area harvesting energy from what appears to be the Master Emerald.

Off Panel #1 "Little Chinchilla Lost" or "A Tale of Fail"

SU86 Off Panel 1

Off Panel

An announcement is made in Eggman Land that a child has gotten herself lost and that she should be picked up. It is revealed to be Thunderbolt, who is holding an Eggman balloon.

Off Panel #2 "Holo From the Other Side" or "Rotten Remains"

SU86 Off Panel 2

Off Panel

Walter Naugus is intrigued by Eggman's Hard-Light Armor and asks what else he keeps in handy. Eggman reveals shark repellent, a radioactive meteor fragment, an old ring and an "Egg MacGuffin" just in case.


Dr. Eggman: Cheap shot, Wally! You can't take me on yourself, so you steal my Metal Sonic?!
Walter Naugus: All is fair in love and war, doctor! And I do so love waging war against you! HAHAHA!!
Carrotia: You're not very nice...
Nephthys: Comes with the job.
Thunderbolt: I can't stand destroying Lord Eggman's creations! But if I don't, I'm failing him! I'm so conflicted!


  • The variant cover seems to be a parody of the sitcom "The Brady Bunch". Not only does the cover have a similar title, but it also references the show's iconic title card where the characters all appear in an individual box.
  • This issue marks the first time that the term "mobini" has been used in the Post-Super Genesis Wave timeline, confirming it as one of several words still in official use despite being derived from the now-off-limits planet name of "Mobius".
  • This issue marks the twentieth year for Jim Amash working on Sonic comic books and the 10th year for Ian Flynn and Tracy Yardley.
  • In the second Off Panel segment, Eggman displaying shark repellent in his coat is a possible reference to an infamous scene in Batman.
    • The radioactive meteor fragment could also be a reference to Kryptonite, which is famously the weakness of Superman.
  • According to Ian Flynn, the redeveloped Roboticizer that Maw was talking about was supposed to lead into a Metal Virus-based arc that would have begun in Sonic the Hedgehog #300. Due to the comic's cancellation, this idea was instead used in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by IDW Publishing.[1]


Cover artwork

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