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Archie Sonic Universe Issue 83 is the eighty third issue in the Sonic Universe comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

Dr. Eggman’s plans for controlling the shattered world were going perfectly—until now! The wizard warlords—the Naugus Twins—have taken over Eggman's base and Dr. Eggman’s source of Dark Gaia energy! No mere robots will do for this mission—the doctor’s going to need ALL his Egg Bosses! Featuring cover art by Mr. Sonic comics himself, Tracy Yardley, and an "Evil Genius" variant by CG artist supreme, Rafa Knight!

Featured stories

Eggman's Dozen Part One: Hostile Takeover

The story begins with Dr. Eggman, in his Egg Clam, and Metal Sonic flying over Eggmanland. Someone has been messing up the area, and Eggman is not happy about it. Suddenly, they see a group of badniks down below, which have been crystallized. Eggman immediately recognizes this as the work of the troll wizard Walter Naugus and his twin sister, the troll witch Wendy Naugus.

A flashback shows Eggman fighting Sonic in the Egg Storm Chamber, where he held Tails captive while Breezie kept Sonic occupied. However, the Naugus twins arrived with Walter seeking revenge on both Eggman and Sonic, forcing Eggman to let Tails go free to keep Sonic from chasing him while he fled. However, he was intercepted and trapped in crystal by the Naugus twins before he could escape; Sonic caught up with him moments later, only to be trapped in crystal himself by Wendy. Tails, watching from afar, sadly promised to rescue Sonic as the Nauguses walk off with their captives.

Back in the present, Eggman, while thankful that he survived his previous ordeal with the troll twins, laments that they are causing trouble for him at a time like this. He and Metal Sonic head to Eggmanland's central energy collector to regain control of the park. Eggman recalls Snively saying that wifi connection is better than hardline connection, but Eggman is glad he used hardline because the crystals are blocking all comm signals. He is even more elated to see his absorption of Dark Gaia's energy is nearly complete. However, his gloating is interrupted by the arrival of Wendy’s minions, the Witchcarters: Falke Wulf, Bearenger the Grizzly, and Carrotia the Rabbit. At first, Eggman is not impressed, since Tails defeated them even before he stopped fully relying on Sonic, and orders Metal Sonic to attack. Bearenger, angry at the doctor's dismissal, responds with an energy-enhanced punch that sends Metal Sonic crashing to the ground at Eggman's feet. Falke and Carrotia join in on the attack, firing energy attacks at Eggman as he runs back to the Egg Clam for cover. To his surprise, they are all using Dark Gaia's power to attack. Realizing they're using the energy he was harvesting, Eggman furiously retaliates, but then a crystal blast hits the left wing of his vehicle, heralding the arrival of the Nauguses.

Frustrated, Eggman abandons the quiet approach and goes all out, targeting Wendy under the assumption that Walter is still powerless since he fired the Genesis Wave. Walter, however, shoots him down with a crystal blast of his own. Eggman is flabbergasted, even more so when he sees a necklace around Walter's neck which bears three Master Emerald shards. Walter fires another blast at Eggman to finish him, but Metal Sonic blocks it with his Black Shield. Metal Sonic then charges at a panicking Walter, but is stopped short by a crystal blast from Wendy, who enjoys a laugh at her brother's embarrassment. Bearenger wants to smash Metal Sonic, but Walter has a better idea: take control of Metal Sonic themselves. Outnumbered, Eggman flees, furiously vowing to make the Nauguses pay for this. However, he knows he can't do so alone, so he decides to organize a strike force that can resist the Nauguses' powers.

Eggman returns to the Death Egg, where Orbot and Cubot are waiting for him. Immediately, he contacts Egg Boss Nephthys the Vulture in Midesta, calling her in for an important mission; she departs at once, with her old ally Spike wishing her luck. Eggman then proceeds to contact ten other Egg Bosses: Clove in Northamer, Thunderbolt in Soumerca, Battle Lord Kukku XV in The Skies, Akhlut and Abyss in the Oceans, Tundra in Artika, Lord Mordred Hood in Eurish, Axel in Efrika, Conquering Storm in Yurashia, and finally, Maw in Tralius. Each of them responds to the call, some of them interested, others apathetic. With his minions on their way, Eggman vows to take no prisoners when the time comes to get revenge on the Nauguses.







Off Panel #1

Off Panel

Eggman fails at a game in Eggmanland, to which he rages that all the games are rigged. Orbot reminds him that he himself designed the games. In response, Eggman gives Orbot a knuckle-sandwich and walks away with prizes, proclaiming "someone knows how to win!"

Off Panel #2

Off Panel

Eggman is addressing his Egg Bosses at a table conference, which Scratch and Grounder also attend. Grounder wonders if they will be seen, but Scratch tells him to keep a low profile and not be noticed.


Walter Naugus: Now then, doctor. You seem to be trespassing on our freshly conquered land. Any last words?
Dr. Eggman: Four, actually. YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS!


  • The title "Eggman's Dozen" is inspired by the film The Dirty Dozen which involves a group of convicts recruited for a commando operation.

Early version of variant cover.

  • On the original variant cover, Eggman's eyes were originally showing but due to SEGA, it was changed to the final version.[1]
  • This issue marks the start of the second Sonic Universe arc to center on Dr. Eggman, the previous one being the "Scrambled" arc contained in Sonic Universe #37-#40. A number of parallels between these issues and #37 are evident from the solicitation:
    • Eggman's empire comes under threat due to a rival villain who originated from the Sonic the Hedgehog animated series: Snively in the original arc and Naugus in this one.
    • Eggman assembles all of his top lieutenants in one location: the Grandmasters in Scrambled and the Egg Bosses in this issue.
    • More than two of Eggman's top lieutenants were introduced as a result of this gathering: Sonic Universe #37 introduced three previously unseen Grandmasters, whereas this issue introduced introduced four Egg Bosses (or two, if one considers that two of these four previously existed in the Pre-Super Genesis Wave timeline).
  • This issue marks the first appearance of Conquering Storm, Speedy, Battle Lord Kukku XV and Akhlut the Orca since before Worlds Collide.


Cover artwork

Preview pages



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