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Archie Sonic Universe Issue 80 is the eightieth issue in the Sonic Universe comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

The FUTURE is in DANGER, and only Silver the Hedgehog can make things right! "The Silver Age" Part Two: Silver has teamed up with Prof. von Schlemmer and they have a plan for stopping the Genesis Portals! This seems like the solution everyone’s been waiting for—but why doesn’t the Council want to hear it? The mystery deepens as a voice calls out to Silver—a voice that only he can hear! Will our unlikely heroes uncover the conspiracy, or die trying? Featuring cover art from the Sonic comic master Tracy Yardley and a CHAOS CRISIS variant by Rafa Knight!

Featured stories

The Silver Age Part Two

Professor Von Schlemmer tries to explain to the Onyx City Council his experiences with Genesis Portals with Silver in the previous issue. Silver was supposed to demonstrate his powers in front of the Council but was nervous that they might experiment on him. Annoyed, the Council leaves, warning Schlemmer not to pointlessly bother them again. The professor also leaves, quite discouraged. Silver felt bad as he never meant to hurt him and he suddenly receives a telepathic message which tells him to return to the building, should he possess the powers the professor claimed he had.

Silver runs after the professor and apologises for his act. The professor did not mind too much as it was not the first time something like that happened to him. He takes Silver to his lab where they are greeted by the Bits. Professor Von Schlemmer also shows Silver his other inventions like the Bigger-Maker Machine, the Delicate Laser Device and a containment unit for Genesis Portals. Schlemmer explains that a certain event that happened 200 years ago shattered the very fabric of space-time, creating the portals and tells Silver he has the power to put an end to them in case they cannot be controlled. Silver almost leaves the professor as he did not want anything to do with his so called duty but realises that he could probably put an end to it by answering the telepathic message he got earlier.

Silver and Professor Von Schlemmer sneak past the Civil Protection Robots to find the person who contacted Silver. She is revealed to be the fifth council member, known as Gold the Tenrec. She explained that her power could doom them all and before she could explain further while leaving, they are caught by the Council. Silver fends off the robots for a short period of time until eventually, he is knocked out.

Silver, Professor Von Schlemmer and Gold were strapped to boards and Gold tried to plead with the Council not to go through with their experiments as there was something trying to enter. The Council ignore her and forcefully put on her council mask. Schlemmer yells at them for confusing science with torture but the Council only responds saying that those who get in their way will be bent to their will. After this, Gold is forced to make a Genesis Portal with her powers and the Council tell Silver and Professor Von Schlemmer they will be the first to enter into it.






Off Panel

See also: Off Panel

Off Panel

Professor Von Schlemmer and Gold have their own respective opinions of why they make a great asset to the team. While hitting a Civil Protection Robot, Silver disagrees with both of them, believing he is the true person who does all the heavy lifting.


Silver: What's--
Schlemmer: Zis is ze "Delicate Laser Device"!
Silver: It doesn't look very delicate...
Schlemmer: You should haff seen ze "Considerably Less Delicate Laser Device"!
Gold: The Council cannot see beyond their ambition. But I...I intend to live for something more. You may call me...Gold.


  • The page where Professor Von Schlemmer explains the Genesis Portals to Silver is an exact recreation of the flashback shown in the Sonic Comic Origins story "Into the Unknown", with the dialogue and even the panels being identical, the only difference being they have been redrawn by Tracy Yardley, and the dialogue was altered to incorporate Schlemmer's accent.
  • The Bits speak entirely through binary code. These are the translations of what they are saying:
    • The blue Bits on the cover is saying "WOO#".
    • The blue Bits on page 5 is saying "hi".
    • The red Bits on page 6, in response to Prof. Von Schlemmer asking it to turn the Bigger-Maker Machine on, is saying "OK".
  • Professor Von Schlemmer's inventions, the Bigger-Maker Machine and the Delicate Laser Device, are actually two of his inventions from the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode "Fast and Easy".
  • The logo for “Team Psych” in the Off Panel uses the same logo from the USA Network show “Psych”.


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