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Archie Sonic Universe Issue 7 is the seventh issue of the spin-off Sonic Universe comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

“What’s Old is New Again”: King Sonic has been evicted from his castle with only Lara-Su at his side! What's a deposed king to do? Gather up some Freedom Fighters, that's what! But who? And from where? This pulse-pounding tale allows readers to see some familiar faces as the Future Freedom Fighters assemble for the first time!!

Featured stories

Sonic: 30 Years Later - What's Old, Is New Again

In a hidden passageway in Castle Mobius, Queen Sally is traveling down the hallway with her children Manik and Sonia, as well as an unconscious Silver the Hedgehog. Sonia asks why they are going down the hallway, and Sally tells them that they are heading to the Panic Room because they were attacked by the Dark Presence. Sonia wants to go out and ask the enemy to leave, but Sally tells them they have to wait for Sonic. Sonia gets scared and asks where her father is, but Sally assures her that he is safe and looking for assistance.

Meanwhile, at Argyle the Crocodile's house, King Sonic, Lara-Su, Skye, and Melody arrive at the front door. Argyle welcomes them into the house, greets Lara-Su, bows to the king, then greets the others. Sonic explains the situation at the castle, and Melody and Skye tell Argyle that they are gathering up new Freedom Fighters to save the castle and their parents. However, Sonic is unsure on where to find more Freedom Fighters, especially as most of the planet is partying or away. However, Argyle has already thought ahead, and motions for two silhouetted figures to come in, while Sonic looks at them in surprise.

Meanwhile, Lien-Da welcomes King Shadow back while a Dark Presence Agent tests him. He inquires what has happened while he has been gone. Lara-Su tells him about his defeat because of Lara-Su's Chaos Control and that he was sealed away for 5 years. This angers Shadow and he walks off to another room. Lien-Da then continues, explaining that Queen Sally has remarried and had twins, and that the world has mostly accepted their stability. However, Shadow thinks that regaining control is not enough. He walks into another room, and Lien-Da exclaims: "NOT THAT!"

Back in the house, Sonic meets Jacques D'Coolette and Belle D'Coolette, who greet him and bow. Sonic tells them that they need Freedom Fighters to help out with their work to save the castle. They agree to help, as do Melody and Skye, with Argyle coming along as tech support. The Future Freedom Fighters are then assembled, and Sonic instructs them to "do it to it", earning a geek reaction from Argyle.

Shadow walks up and talks to Tikhaos, who is entrapped within a glass bubble. She explains that she is very weak and needs Chaos energy. Shadow seems willing to rectify her situation, but Lien-Da tries to stop him. She tries to dissuade him from releasing Tikhaos, pleading that she just wanted to bring him back to return to the stern rule he had. But before she can continue, Shadow grabs her arm and destroys her armband, causing her to fade away. Shadow then readies a Chaos Spear to destroy the bubble.

Outside, the Dark Eyes are looking over the castle. Jacques, Sonic, and Belle destroy the gate, diverting the guards attention while Lara-Su, Melody, and Skye fly up to the front room, Skye flying all over the place. Lara tells Skye to stop showing off, but Melody explains that he can't fly perfectly yet. They head down to the control room and find some Dark Eyes. Melody prepares to attack the Dark Eyes, but Lara instructs Skye to go in first. Skye takes out all the members with his erratic flying, accidentally destroying a monitor for the Panic Room in the process. Melody heads to the front door to open it up for the others, and they take off into the castle. Sonic calls Argyle and asks if he has Sally on the line yet, to which the crocodile says no, and that something is going on in the catacombs. Sonic then contacts Lara, asking if she can see what's going on, but she also replies in the negative. Lara then asks Skye if he can shut down the system, but he explains he isn't as skilled at mechanics as his father yet. Lara-Su decides to punch the system and destroy it. They head back and Argyle finally gets word from Sally, who explains to him that Silver is waking up and the kids are fine. Sonic then asks Sally what she knows about the catacombs and she tells them that there are many threats quarantined in there. Back down in the catacombs, Shadow begins feeding Tikhaos some Chaos energy. The Dark Presence informs Shadow about King Sonic, and he allows them to ignore their orders. He then purposely gives Tikhaos too much energy, causing her go out of control. The Dark Presence begins to evacuate the castle.

The Freedom Fighters prepare for battle. Sonic and the others are expecting heavy resistance from the Dark Presence, but all they see is them running down the hallway, escaping the castle. Lara-Su asks Sonic if that is a good sign, but Sonic replies, "That's never a good sign." The floors start to crack beneath the Freedom Fighters. Jacques then saves Melody while Lara-Su helps Skye and Belle helps Sonic. They find Perfect Tikhaos outside and prepare to assault the beast.

Off Panels

Off Panel#1

Sonic Universe Issue 7 Off Panel 1

The Off Panel features King Sonic and Manik at a checkers table. They are playing a game. Manik thinks a strategy through and he uses his pieces to get some of Sonic's checkers and moves a checker piece to the other side. He says "King me", and Sonic makes a joke and hands over his crown. Manik then walks off proudly while Sonic tells to himself that even his take-over wasn't so easy.

Off Panel #2

Sonic Universe Issue 7 Off Panel 2

This Off Panel is an alternate ending to the last issue. Lien-Da walks up to a fridge and declares that she has found King Shadow. She opens it up and dramatic smoke comes out of the fridge, then points to the crisper. The drawer is opened and King Shadow pops out, promising that everyone will pay dearly for this indignity.


  • This and the next issue, are the only MxYL comics to feature an Off Panel. It could be noted that the two jokes for these comics seem intended to be for Sonic Universe #5 and #6.
  • Manik's eyes are miscolored in the first Off Panel.
  • When the castle is falling apart and Belle takes Sonic, her leg is missing. Also her left arm is drawn as if she is holding Sonic's right arm, but Sonic's right arm is missing, making it look like he's floating in the air.
  • Argyle and Jacques' names were misspelled in this issue as Argyll and Jacque, respectively.
  • Sonia and Manik's eye colors are switched in the second-half of the issue.
  • Jacques and Belle's fur colors are mistakenly switched in this issue and on the cover of Sonic Universe #8. This mistake was corrected in reprints.


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