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Archie Sonic Universe Issue 70 is the seventieth issue in the Sonic Universe comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

The FIRST EVER SONIC UNIVERSE TRILOGY reaches its stunning conclusion in “Total Eclipse” Part Four! Knuckles and Shadow must end their duel—because Eclipse has escaped with the Master Emerald! Can the two chaos-fueled warriors stand up to the power of the Dark Arms? Knuckles may be forced into the one choice he doesn’t want to make! Don’t miss the sense-shattering finale that will change the shattered world crisis and the Sonic comic landscape as we know it! Featuring stunning new cover art from Yardley, Amash and Hunzeker, plus an awesome SEGA art variant featuring two of the biggest “Total Eclipse” stars: Knuckles and Rouge!

Featured stories

Total Eclipse Finale: Last Resort

In Marble Garden Zone, Angel Island, Knuckles the Echidna and Shadow the Hedgehog frantically swim to the nearest shore, helping each other up and catching their breath, shortly before continuing the fight for the fate of the Master Emerald. Knuckles tells Shadow that it stays in Angel Island, while Shadow says it will go in a vault. He then kicks him telling that he should have listened to Rouge. Knuckles angrily states that protecting the Master Emerald is his job. Shadow tells him to find a new purpose, and he launches a kick at Knuckles. Knuckles blocks the attack but the fight is interrupted by a rumbling noise. Knuckles realizes that the Master Emerald has been moved and blames Shadow. Shadow tells him to be quiet as he tries to call Rouge.

Meanwhile, back at Shrine Aisle, Rouge and the rest of Team Dark, along with Relic and Fixit, try heal Rouge's dislocated shoulder. Rouge tells Omega to fix it, while Omega states that it will hurt, he does it anyway causing Relic to faint. Rouge then answers the call. Shadow asks if everyone is alright, and Rouge responds what had happened when they fought Eclipse and yells at the two for fighting and reveals that Eclipse has the Master Emerald. Both are furious, but admit that she is right. Knuckles reminds Shadow about Eclipse's damaged shuttle, and Shadow asks Rouge about it, but she says that Eclipse is going to use their shuttle and adds on that he had the Dark Arms with him. Knuckles interrupts saying he knows every shortcut in the island. But Shadow notes that Eclipse could be far gone, and suggests a better way to slow him down. Rouge comments that they are in no shape to fight.

However, Relic comes up with a suggestion: using the traps in the Island against Eclipse. Shadow questions these traps, and Knuckles says they were built a long time ago. Shadow comments that they are running out of time, and Knuckles tells him to tell the others to meet them in the Control Hub, inside an alcove in a cave. And so, Relic, Rouge, Fixit and Omega arrive there, Relic is impressed, And Rouge works on the computers, and quickly finds Eclipse in Sandopolis Zone. Knuckles and Shadow rush to the location with Knuckles saying that place is difficult to travel. Rouge is unsure whether this plan will work and gets irritated with Relic's observance. In Sandopolis Zone, Eclipse destroys a sand pillar with his tail, while the Dark Arms carry the Master Emerald. Blurk complains that it is heavy and hot, but Eclipse convinces them that they need the Emerald to gain power to devoir the world. As Eclipse tries to evade the traps, Shadow and Knuckles slowly make their way towards him.

Eclipse, now carrying the Master Emerald and the Dark Arms, plots to sink Angel Island first, before finding the shuttle that Team Dark came with. Before Eclipse could get closer, he misses a Chaos Spear and finds Shadow and Knuckles heading towards them. Eclipse tells the Dark Arms to get inside the Shuttle as he plans to teleport the Emerald away. However, Shadow catches him with his Chaos Control, and Knuckles punches Eclipse to the ground. But Eclipse calls one of his Dark Arms to help him, but Cregal arrives first, giving Eclipse his Wing power. He hits Knuckles and flies off, but is hit by Shadow's Spin Dash. While Shadow fights Eclipse and his Dark Arms, Knuckles is stuck on making a decion, realizing that he and Shadow are too worn out to fight, he realizes that if they lose, then Eclipse will use the Master Emerald. He then notes that if they win, then Shadow will take the Emerald too. He then decides to do something he does not want to do. Eclipse realizes that the Dark Arms are tired, and Shadow comments that he is finished. But both see Knuckles, chanting Tikal's Prayer. He apologizes to the Master Emerald and shatters it in one punch. Shadow and Eclipse are shocked, Eclipse being more shocked. Shadow then sees Chaos Control being performed. Knuckles then punches Eclipse to the ground and blames him for making him shatter the Emerald. Just then, Rhygenta comes towards Eclipse who tells it to back away as Shadow and Knuckles would kill them, but Eclipse gains the final power: the Sonic Cannon, which blasts Knuckles and Shadow to the point of unconsciousness. With all of the Dark Arms exhausted, Eclipse picks them up, takes the shuttle and escapes as Shadow and Knuckles wake up.

The next day, A G.U.N. shuttle arrives with Dr. Julien Snively and the Spider Troope taking away the shuttle that Eclipse once used. He finds Team Dark, and tells them that a shuttle is waiting for them to take them back to the Carrier. Knuckles immediately recognizes Snively, who tried to steal the Master Emerald along with Eggman. He angrily tells Snively to get out of his sight, to which Snively does so. Knuckles comments that Rouge has questionable company, to which Rouge replies that it came with the job. She then comments that Knuckles move with the Master Emerald was smart, since he prevented anyone from getting it. She lets him know that Angel Island won't fall anytime soon due to the Shattered World Crisis. As Rouge leaves, Knuckles asks her to tell Shadow that he's a jerk, causing Rouge to laugh. Relic arrives, wondering if everything is sorted out. Knuckles responds if Relic wanted to go home, but Relic refuses to leave the place, since she promised that she would help Knuckles, even if she can't do much. Knuckles thanks Relic and Fixit for their help. Relic then asks him what his plan is, and Knuckles decides to find the shards of the Master Emerald before Sonic and his friends fix the world. He will take Chip and the Chaos Emerald he found with the Chaotix and find Sonic first. Relic decides to stay in Angel Island to keep an eye on things there. She then asks if finding Sonic is easy, and Knuckles comments that he's a trouble magnet.

Meanwhile, Eclipse crash lands in a swamp and seethes with anger as he and his Dark Arms rest.






Off Panel

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Off Panel

The Off Panel shows what's happening in Angel Island. Knuckles is frantically searching for the Master Emerald shards, while Rouge checks out Relic's computer, with latter asking for her to give it back. And Tikal is horrified at Chip's drawings.



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