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Archie Sonic Universe Issue 69 is the sixty-ninth issue in the Sonic Universe comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

"The first-ever Sonic Universe trilogy rolls on in 'Total Eclipse,' Part 3! As the Dark Trilogy inches closer to its shocking conclusion, it's a no holds barred battle between Knuckles and Shadow for the fate of Angel Island and the Master Emerald! As Sonic's top rivals clash, the rest of Team Dark and Relic are attacked by Eclipse and the terrifying power of the Dark Arms! Featuring all-new cover art from Tracy Yardley, Jim Amash and Ben Hunzeker, and part 1 of a 3-part connecting 'SUPER SMASH' collector cover set!"

Featured stories

Total Eclipse Part Three: Shadow Boxing


Continuing from the previous issue, everyone watches with shock as Knuckles and Shadow continue their fight. While fighting, both discuss the fate of the Master Emerald. As Shadow delivers a punch to Knuckles, he says that they have to secure the Emerald, as it is not safe here. Knuckles strikes him back saying that the Emerald will stay here, and he blames Shadow for Eclipse coming here and tells him to deal with him.

However, Shadow comments that this is a waste of time to him, and he uses his Chaos Control to teleport to Omega and Rouge, saying to head back to the shuttle, while he uses Chaos Control to teleport the Emerald. Relic blocks his way, while Rouge tells Shadow to stand down, but Snively tells him to ignore her and do it. They do not notice Knuckles, who smacks Shadow down, picks him up and spins him around, before throwing him off the Island. Knuckles thanks Relic, then goes off to fight Shadow, leaving Relic with Rouge, Omega, Snively, and Fixit, who was picked up by Omega. Relic tries to act brave, claming that she has read all sorts of martial arts skills, but Omega dismisses this as 'hilarious' and Snively just ignores her and decides to secure the Master Emerald. Rouge stops him and tells him that they should wait for Knuckles and Shadow to come back, then discuss their next move. Snively is frustrated, but Rouge shuns him and says that she respects Knuckles, and that Shadow can be stubborn at times, while thinking Eclipse messed with his head.

Meanwhile, Shadow receives a bumpy landing in Azure Lake Zone, and is taunted by hallucinations of Eclipse. Shadow ignores him, while Eclipse continues to taunt him that he will get the Master Emerald. Then Knuckles arrives and Shadow decides to make it quick, and then end Eclipse. Miles away in the Red Mountain Zone, Eclipse climbs inside his damaged shuttle hoping his Dark Arms are alright. He calls out to them, and finds Cyzer, Blurk, Cregal and Rhygenta safe. He apologizes to them for failing to get the Master Emerald's power, and failing to defeat Shadow. Cregal starts squeaking and Eclipse is surprised that they want to help him. Eclipse comments that they are so young, but the other three agree with Cregal's suggestion. Eclipse thinks about the conversation with Black Death in the New Black Comet. During this conversation, Black Death noted the efforts made to cultivate the Wisps for Eclipse's experiment and how unnatural it was to leave Planet Wisp be. Eclipse comments that the power the Dark Arms will give will pay off their conquest. Eclipse then sees Cregal smash into a piece of the shuttle and Eclipse happily allows the Dark Arms to help him. All of them get out of the shuttle, and he shows them the world they are about to devour. He then tells them to stay close to him and follow his every order as they run towards Angel Island.

Back in the Azure Lake Zone, the fight continues and Shadow has Knuckles by the neck. Knuckles vows not to fail again, as it is his duty to protect the Master Emerald, since it was taken several times and destroyed twice. He kicks Shadow and spin dashes him as well. Shadow tries to attack him with his Spin Dash but Knuckles blocks it again. Shadow and Knuckles punch at the same time. Knuckles taunts Shadow, which makes him really angry, and he uses his Chaos Control to catch Knuckles off guard. He teleports again, but Knuckles catches him off guard by blocking his punch. Back in Shrine Isle, Relic tells Omega to put Fixit down, and Snively decides to tell the Commander what happened, but Rouge tells him that the world is shattered, and they have decided to wait for Shadow and Knuckles to come back. Suddenly, Eclipse arrives with his Dark Arms. Omega then tosses Fixit and acquires his machine guns. Eclipse then commands Blurk to come to him while the other three scatter. Omega fires, but Eclipse is protected by his Dark Arm Power, Armor. Omega attempts to try something else, but Eclipse breaks his hand. Omega then analyzes Eclipse's new power, only to be severely damaged by one punch from Eclipse, taking out his Chaos Drive in the process.

Rouge is horrified, and tells Relic and Fixit to hide as she takes off. Eclipse then commands Cregal to come to him, causing Eclipse to gain the Wing power. He catches up to Rouge, much to her surprise. Rouge then tries to attack him with her Screw Kick, but misses and is hit by Eclipse, injuring her shoulder as she crashes. Eclipse is liking these new powers, but decides to secure the Master Emerald's power. He asks Cyzer to come to him, gaining another power, the Laser. He points his cyan colored hand at Relic and asks her how she got here. A petrified Relic says she took a boat when the island fell. Eclipse dismisses this as 'useless' and threatens Snively to tell how they got here or he shoots Relic. Snively isn't bothered by this threat, since he does not know her. This angers Relic, and amuses Eclipse. Rouge, in severe pain, tries to speak up, Eclipse demands her to hurry up. Rouge speaks up, saying they came in a shuttle from Launch Base Zone. Eclipse reminds her that he's not from around here and threatens to fight her. Rouge tells him to stop and says that the island is on the other side of Angel Island. Relic, in tears, tells him to follow the river to the east, which is at the foothills of the mountains, built over a lake. Finally satisfied, Eclipse tells the Dark Arms to grab the Master Emerald. Snively tries to stop him, but Eclipse simply shoots the telepod, destroying it. Relic tells Rouge to do something, but she is too injured to fight. She says that Omega could fix her shoulder. Fixit notes the damage and agrees to fix Omega. Rouge collapses due to the pain, and Relic apologizes for not being a fighter. Rouge understands, and realizes that the two people who can stop Eclipse are Shadow and Knuckles.

Back at the Azure Lake Zone, Knuckles punches the cliff that Shadow was standing on, but Shadow dodges. Suddenly the cliff they were standing on collapses, causing both to fall to the waterfall and into the rushing river. Eclipse is then seen with the Dark Arms with the Master Emerald.








Off Panel

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Off Panel

Eclipse finds more Dark Arms, and wonders what powers they give. He tries the Dark Arms which give him Yoga, Grammar and Curling powers.




Relic: Y-You all stay where you are! I warn you -- I've read about many forms of martial arts!
Omega: The tiny nerdy one believes she can combat me. Logging this under 'hilarious'.
Eclipse: HAHA! Not bad for such stubby wings!
Rouge: We'll see if you're still laughing after I kick your gross teeth in!
Eclipse: You there. How did you get to this flying island?
Relic: I-I-I-I took a boat! When the island fell! It was a while ago!
Eclipse: Useless. You! Tell me how you got here, or I shoot her.
Snively: Go ahead. I don't know her. And I get to see more of your mutations.
Relic: WHAT?!
Eclipse: HAHAHA! The masters were right! Your kind really is beyond salvation!
Snively: Stop! By the authority of G.U.N., I command you to--!
Eclipse: You command nothing, lunch box.


The tagline, "Knuckles, You Had One Job!", in this issue is a reference to the internet meme, "You Had One Job" where it was used to call attention to perceived blunders made by individuals on the job.


Cover artwork


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Off panel art

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