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Archie Sonic Universe Issue 68 is the sixty-eighth issue in the Sonic Universe comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

The FIRST EVER Sonic Universe trilogy continues HERE in 'Total Eclipse' Part Two! Knuckles leads Team Dark's Rouge and Omega into the wilds of the Red Mountains, searching for the mysterious Dark Arms. But while the echidna's away, the darklings will play-but darklings don't play for fun-they play to kill! With Knuckles' back turned, the evil Eclipse attacks Shadow the Hedgehog! Can even the ultimate life-form withstand Eclipse's terrifying Monster Form?! Find out in the second chapter of THE DARK TRILOGY! And don't miss the new cover art from Tracy Yardley and returning Sonic painter Ben Hunzeker-plus an all-new 'TABLOID' variant cover by Jonathan H. Gray, Jim Amash and Matt Herms!

Featured stories

Total Eclipse Part Two: Tipping Point

In Shrine Asle, Angel Island, Relic and Fixit hide behind the Master Emerald nearly avoiding a blast of Chaos Energy. Relic asks Dr. Julian Snively what that was, and he replies that Eclipse was what Team Dark came to find. Relic then asks what they are going to do about it, as she, Fixit and Snively watch the fight between Shadow and Eclipse.

Eclipse catches Shadow off guard by smacking his tail at him. Shadow falls head first near the Emerald. Relic rushes towards him, asking if he is alright, but Shadow stops her. Eclipse comments this as 'disgusting', that Shadow would wipe out the Dark Arms, but he would protect the weak creatures in this planet. Relic comments it as 'rude'. Eclipse gives Shadow one last chance to join him on destroying the planet and leaving it to rot, but Shadow refuses, saying that he swore to the Professor that he would protect the planet, and he swore to Maria that he would make the people happy, which meant ending Eclipse. Eclipse sheds a tear, saying he was trying to be reasonable, but continues the fight.

Meanwhile, back at the Red Mountain Zone, Omega asks if he should fire at the hammer. Knuckles tells him not to, then adds on that he can't shoot anything. Rouge asks him if those things do anything anymore, and Knuckles responds that it's a part of mining stuff. Rouge asks if it's for the 'trade routes' that do not know the island exists. Realizing that she went too far, Rouge apologizes and asks him how he benefits from guarding the Master Emerald all the time without doing anything else. Knuckles responds that it benefits everyone else. He then climbs up a cliff. Soon, all three find a damaged space craft on the mountain. Omega confirms that it is Eclipse's shuttle, while Rouge continues her conversation with Knuckles. Knuckles wonders how to get inside, but Omega decides to use his cannons to 'make an entrance'. Rouge stops him, saying that Eclipse may be in there to ambush them, but Omega says he will fight him too. Inside the shuttle, the Dark Arms-Cyzer, Blurk, Rhygenta and Cregal, listen to the conversation. Knuckles wants Omega to shoot an opening, causing Cregal to make a noise.Before Omega could fire, Fixit calls him, Omega tells him that he was busy, but Fixit tells him that Eclipse is fighting Shadow in the Master Emerald Shrine. Rouge is shocked and Knuckles is angry that he didn't stay. The three immediately rush back to the shrine, saving the Dark Arms from further harm.

Meanwhile, Eclipse is down and just as Shadow was about to attack, Eclipse transforms into his monster form again, and Shadow is not impressed. However, Snively is interested in this form. Shadow tries to use Chaos Control, but fails and is hit by Eclipse. Shadow tries to hit him with his spin dash, but is caught and smashed down. He then grabs Shadow and taunts him, saying that he was designed to counter him and control him, and that his form gives him more strength. He smacks Shadow again, this time to the steps of the Master Emerald Shrine. A bruised Shadow tries to climb the steps as Eclipse continues to taunt him. Before he could grab him, Shadow escapes and uses Chaos Control with the help of the Master Emerald. He stops time, and starts beating Eclipse. He then uses his Chaos Blast, which causes Eclipse to lose his monster form, throwing him out of the shrine. With the battle over, Relic and Snively ask Shadow if he is alright, and Shadow responds that it was the first time he ever used the Master Emerald's power, and he managed to overwhelm Eclipse's blocking field and comments that it was impressive. Shadow tries to move, but Relic stops him, suggesting to wait for the others to arrive. Snively comments that at this rate, they don't know what more Eclipse could do, and he suggests to move the Master Emerald to a safe place. Shadow still wants to go after Eclipse, but Relic assures him that he hasn't moved from the spot, and gets angry about Snively's suggestion. Relic assumes that he's trying to rob them but Snively claims that he is saving the world from things like the Dark Arms, and assures her that he has everyone's best interest.

Meanwhile Eclipse gets up, and wonders if that attack was from the Master Emerald. Then he sees Omega, Rouge and Knuckles flying back to Angel Island. Horrified, he starts climbing up the surface, blaming himself for failing to defeat Shadow, as well as leaving the Dark Arms in danger. Too weak to climb, he teleports himself to the shuttle. Back at Angel Island, Knuckles, Rouge and Omega had reached, and Rouge was concerned for Shadow. but he assures here that he is fine just recovering. Knuckles asked the same question and Relic says that Shadow protected them from further harm. Omega then asks where Eclipse went, since he no longer detects him. Shadow tries to get back to work, but Rouge stops him, since he is in no condition to fight, and that Eclipse won't be getting far. Snively also adds that he is on a remote island, only for Shadow to remind him that he has a shuttle. But Knuckles says that the shuttle was wrecked, so he can't escape. Relic then realizes that they are trapped with the alien as well. Shadow begins to rethink his plan, instead of fighting Eclipse and risking on losing the Master Emerald, he decides to move the emerald to a secured G.U.N facility. This decision shocks the others and angers Knuckles. Before he could talk, Rouge stops him and tries to reason with Shadow, saying that the Island will fall if they take the Emerald. But Shadow says that the island will likely float due to the Shattered World Crisis, and they will take Relic and Knuckles with them. Snively and Omega agree with Shadow's decision, but Relic tells them that they can't do this, since there are 'countless wonders', but Rogue admits that Shadow is right. Shadow tells Rouge to get Relic and Knuckles into the aircraft while he uses Chaos Control to teleport the Master Emerald.

Suddenly, Knuckles grabs Shadow and throws him out of the shrine, much to Rogue and Relic's horror. Then Knuckles makes a statement, the Master Emerald stays, and Shadow goes.






Off Panel

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Off Panel

Omega goes about destroying things with his arsenal. Fixit claims he can fix the damage, but is quickly scared of the violence Omega produces with his weapons.


  • The "Tabloid" variant cover is a reference to actual tabloids, more specifically the People magazine publications.
  • The off panel is a possible reference to Fix-It Felix from Wreck-It-Ralph.


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