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Archie Sonic Universe Issue 67 is the sixty-seventh issue of the Sonic Universe spin-off comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

BRAND NEW STORY ARC! The events of "Shadow Fall" and "Chaos Caper" have clashed to collision in the epic new tale -- "Total Eclipse" Part One! The third chapter in the DARK TRILOGY begins here as Team Dark comes to Angel Island on the hunt for Eclipse. But Knuckles isn’t known for his hospitality! Sparks begin to fly as he and Shadow clash over how to protect the world! Meanwhile, the sinister Eclipse hunts our heroes! It's the first-ever SU TRILOGY and you'll be in on the ground floor with this titanic new issue, featuring cover art from TRACY YARDLEY and a special "PIXEL CUTSCENE" variant from Ryan Jampole!

Featured stories

Total Eclipse Part One: Uninvited Guests

Days ago, Eclipse was driving his Escape Pod and moping about his defeat against Shadow, and the fall of the Black Arms. He looks at the screen and finds out that he needs to make an emergency landing in the Red Mountain Zone. Eclipse hopes that the mountains are soft. The pod crash lands, and Eclipse wakes up and finds out that most of the Dark Arms didn't make it. But he hears several noises and finds out that some of them hatched on time. Eclipse vows to train them, feed them, and protect them and vows that together, they will take revenge on this world.

Days later, Team Dark- Shadow the Hedgehog, Rouge the Bat and E-123 Omega, land at Launch Base Zone on Angel Island. Omega summons the telepod, with Dr. Julien Snively testing. Shadow reports that they have reached the Island, and Snively tells them that the alien ship must have crashed somewhere on the island. Snively decides to secure the Master Emerald, but Shadow says to find and end Eclipse. Rouge cuts in and says that they are going to need Knuckles either way, with Shadow saying that he doesn't need his help. Snively tries to protest, but Rouge tells him to play nice, and they may find some alien technology for him. Snively only seethes with annoyance. Team Dark then heads off to Angel Island. They cross the city, and Rouge says they are almost here, and tells Team Dark that she will do the talking.

Meanwhile, back in Angel Island, Knuckles thinks about the Shattered World Crisis, like it's somebody else's problem. He thinks that if there is trouble down there, then there will be trouble up in the island, so he should do whatever he can to protect the island. He thinks about finding the spirit and the Chaos Emerald, but feels like it is not enough. He finds strange plants on the island and wonders if he can handle all of the piled up problems.

Just then, Relic and Fixit arrive, and she asks about the spirits. Knuckles says that they are talking 'spirit stuff' in the Hidden Palace. Knuckles asks if they have found more samples, and Relic says they did find more, and asks Fixit to get the samples. Relic says that she still has no idea what this plant is. Knuckles comments that it is not welcome on his island. Relic misinterprets that as her cue to leave the island, Knuckles surprised, says that Relic and Fixit are welcome to stay on the island, and appreciates them for looking after the island and finding the samples. Then Relic goes on about digging in the Marble Garden Zone, building a carrier researching any one of the zones, but is interrupted by Fixit. Going back on topic, Relic asks what he's going to do about the plants, Knuckles says that it's growing on random spots, and he plans to find out what's causing it to do so. But then he is interrupted...

... By Rouge, and the arrival of Team Dark. Rouge asks for a 'big strong echidna around' to show her the sights. Relic is confused, but Knuckles tells Rouge to get lost, assuming that Rouge is after the Emerald. Relic asks Knuckles who they are, and Knuckles says they are Team Dark. Rouge then concludes that Knuckles forgot her, because he started hanging out with Relic. This catches Knuckles off guard. Relic is angry and tells Rouge that he has been a gracious host, then realizes she's making this worse. Knuckles tells Rouge that he and Relic are friends. But Rouge continues to laugh. Relic starts slapping Knuckles, asking 'WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN TELLING PEOPLE?!' Knuckles says he didn't tell anyone anything, while Rouge continues to laugh.

Shadow thinks that's enough, and Rouge admits she got carried away. Relic says she's thoroughly scandalized. Shadow tells Knuckles that the Black Arms came back, Knuckles says that's a bad time for that. Shadow says that they managed to destroy them except one. Knuckles says it's 'sloppy work'. Shadow tells him to shut up, and tells Knuckles that one of them managed to get to his island. Relic gets nervous about the Black Arms here, and Shadow asks her if she knows something. Relic gets a sample of the plant, saying they found several on the island, and she asks if he knows something about them. Shadow states that the sample is a part of a Red Fruit Tree, cultivated by the Black Arms. He declares that Eclipse is here in the island.

Knuckles then thinks about the 'shooting star' he saw at Sky Rail Zone, and thinks it must have happened when he went to find the spirit. He thought he never should have left the island, but then again, he would have never found the spirit, and the emerald. He decides to get the situation under control. Rouge asks for Knuckles help, saying that he knows the way around the island. Knuckles decides to let them tag along, but warns Rouge that she is not getting the Master Emerald. Rouge complies. Knuckles decides that Relic shoud stay here, and should Eclipse show up, Relic will call back. She then tells Fixit to link with Omega. Omega askes Fixit what weapons he posesses and Fixit replies that he only fixes things, creating an awkward silence between the two. Snively is angry that the Master Emerald will be left so poorly guarded while Eclipse is on the loose, and Rouge suggests that she and Omega will go with Knuckles while Shadow stays with Relic to watch the Emerald. Both Shadow and Knuckles say no, and Shadow wants to finish Eclipse alone. Rouge explains that the Master Emerald holds Angel Island and it needs to be guarded, otherwise the island will fall. But Shadow says that Eclipse nearly tore Omega apart, and says that he is needed when the latter happens to find Eclipse. Rouge then replies that Eclipse may attack and take the Master Emerald and kill Relic, and asks Shadow which is more important. Shadow finally agrees to watch the Emerald, with Snively tagging along. Knuckles warns Shadow not to touch it and tells Fixit to give reports after every five minutes. Rouge tells Knuckles that the faster they find Eclipse, the faster Team Dark leaves.

Meanwhile, in his ship, Eclipse calls the Dark Arms, Cyzer, Blurk, Rhygenta, and Cregal for feeding time. Eclipse tells Blurk to chew properly this time, and tells Cyzer and Cregal to stop arguing, since there is plenty of food. He compliments Rhygenta as well behaved, but feels it may not be strong enough. While eating, Eclipse plans to find some other source that makes them stronger, since the Red Fruit is not helping. He then thinks about an incredible energy source he sensed, but he didn't have the time to investigate. He then decides to go investigate now, and tells the Dark Arms not to leave the shuttle. Eclipse goes out and starts searching, and immediately hides when he hears the conversation between Rouge and Knuckles. He then sees them making their way, and Knuckles guesses that the spaceship would've probably crashed in the mountains. Eclipse realizes that they may find the Dark Arms soon. But then he overhears Knuckles wanting Shadow away from the Master Emerald as soon as possible. Upon hearing this, he decides to attempt getting the Master Emerald.

Back in Angel Island, Relic asks Shadow about him saving the world from those aliens, and he responds yes. Relic continues to ask questions on whether he knows about the alien's architecture, or history, since he's part alien himself. Shadow explains that the Black Arms were monsters, and that nothing good came out of them. Relic comments that she would've loved to study an alien civiliazation good or bad. Shadow replies that she wouldn't know how they were, but before he could finish his sentence, he looks at Relic in horror, for her face has changed to a bug's face. Relic is confused about Shadow's behavior. Snively tries to talk to him, but Shadow is scared of him also, since he sees Black Death on the Telepod! Shadow panics over these hallucinations, but snaps out of it, and demands the foe to show himself. Then Eclipse jumps out much to everyone's shock!






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Off Panel

Shadow tells Rouge to keep a lookout for Angel Island. Rouge bluntly replies that the island is a large floating chunk of rock, and that it'd be easy to spot. Shadow shoots her an annoyed look, and Rouge looks outside to see several pieces of the Earth floating about.



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