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Archie Sonic Universe Issue 66 is the sixty-sixth issue of the Sonic Universe spin-off comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

'The Great Chaos Caper.' This is it, the frantic finale full of flustered fighters! In one corner, trying to complete his mission and save the world, is Knuckles! In the other corner, a titanic Dark Gaia beast! The Chaotix and Hooligans continue to tussle, a wounded spirit and Chaos Emerald are being tossed about, and the flood waters are pouring in! Don't miss this crazy conclusion to the 'Great Chaos Caper!'

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The Great Chaos Caper Finale: Water Way to Go!

As the Hooligans make their escape, Nack rejoices over their success in stealing the Chaos Emerald, trapping Knuckles and the Chaotix, and abducting Chip, but finds that his two teammates are less than enthusiastic. Meanwhile, the Chaotix and Knuckles continue battling the Dark Gaia Titan in the flooding mine chamber.Espio discovers a tunnel entrance, which Knuckles remembers from his previous journey through the mines. The only problem is that the tunnel is flooded and too long for the heroes to travel through without an air supply. However, Vector spots one of the flood control switches and comes upon a plan: instructing everyone to take a deep breath, he has Espio strike the switch with a kunai knife. The water begins draining from the room, with the current carrying the Chaotix and Knuckles away from the Titan and through the hidden tunnel.

Meanwhile, The Hooligans are close to getting away, but then they are hit by a wave of water. Soon, Knuckles and the Chaotix come out, and Bean says, 'Now that's what I'm talkin about'! Nack is depressed, but still points his gun at Knuckles and tries to shoot him, but water comes out of his gun. Nack cries out in anger, as Chip escapes once again from Bark's grasp.

Knuckles tells The Hooligans that Chip and the Emerald is coming with them, but Espio interrupts him as they hear a rumbling noise. the Dark Gaia Titan breaks through the wall, releasing a lot of water, which nearly washes Nack away. Nack tells Bean to grab the emerald, but Bean refuses, allowing Chip to run over to Knuckles with the Emerald. Knuckles states that now they have to get out of here alive.

Meanwhile, at the Flying Battery Wreckage, Fixit reports to Relic that he was able to restore the power here. Relic asks him if the samples they got would be analysed by the computer. Fixit says yes, and also reveals that Eggman used this fortress as a battleship and as a research station. Then Fixit says that the database could not identify the samples. Relic is concerned, she hopes that the database is a faulty system but she thinks that the samples are not from this world.

Back at the Red Mountains, a space pod lies damaged. Inside the ship, Eclipse drags a basket of food outside, mumbling about destroying the life of the planet instead of harvesting it. He calls out to the Dark Arms for feeding time and Eclipse walks over to the screen while telling he needs them big and strong, so that they can take revenge. The screen shows an image of Shadow the Hedgehog, and Eclipse scratches the screen, seething with anger.

Back in the Aquatic Mine Zone, the Dark Gaia Titan roars, and Vector states that he has a plan, but it will need some explaining. Charmy then tells Bean that the Titan taunts his bombs as 'wimpy' and it has seen bigger explosions in a 'microwave' and from a 'bubble wrap'. This makes Bean so angry, that he hurtles bombs at the Titan, yelling in rage. Vector praises Charmy for that distraction and then explains the plan. Meanwhile, Bean continues to throw more bombs at the Titan, while Nack and Bark watch in astonishment. They do not notice Espio, who is now invisible and close to the Marvellous Queen. Espio then types on the Emerald Tracker and gets out, just as Nack and Bark get on. Bean continues to throw more bombs, while Knuckles searches for Chip. But he is pinned by Bark. Nack demands him to hand over the emerald. Knuckles says he doesn't have it and blames Nack for losing Chip. Charmy yells at Nack that Chip must have taken the Emerald. Nack finds out from the tracker that Charmy is telling the truth. the two get on the bike, grab Bean and leave Knuckles and the Chaotix against the Titan. Knuckles runs towards the Titan, and punches it a few times, before it finally turns to dust.

With the Titan defeated and the Hooligans gone, Charmy goes to get the Emerald while Vector reveals that Chip was in his mouth. Charmy reveals the Emerald, and Espio reveals that he messed up Nack's Emerald Tracker real good. The group go back to Pumpkin Hill Zone, and see the sun rise. Espio wonders if the monsters are weak to the sunrise. Knuckles tells Vector to give the Emerald to him, since the Hooligans will eventually find out they have been tricked, and there will be the chance of them stealing it again. He says that Angel Island is secure and that he will hold on to the Emerald. Vector agrees and gives the Emerald to him.

Back at the Shrine Isle in Angel Island, tells the whole adventure to Tikal. she apologizes and says that Light Gaia (Chip) is the most important spirit to save the world. The spirit prefers to be called Chip, and Tikal says that they should restore his memory and power. Tikal says it was wise to bring the first emerald here, and Knuckles decides to get some sleep, but is interrupted by Relic. She sees Tikal who introduces herself. Relic gets excited, and asks her to tell her about everything she knows. but Knuckles asks her what she was going to say. Relic gets back to the point, and says that Angel Island could be in the middle of an alien invasion.

Back in the Death Egg, Nack reveals what happened and Eggman scolds them. Nack tells him about the monsters, and Eggman wonders if he could harness their power. Eggman then gives the Hooligans another job to get the emerald, and he shows them where they are going to get it from. the issue ends with Eggman showing them a hologram of 'The Chaos Emerald Championship' held at the Casino Park Arena.







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Off Panel

Mighty is seen holding a building with his one hand and tells Ray that he refuses to budge until they are in the story. Ray tells him that they will be in the main Sonic book, making Mighty drop the Archie Comics building and walk off along with Ray.


  • The main cover's subtitle, "Bash of the Titans," is a nod to the franchise, Clash of the Titans. Interestingly, Knuckles is facing a Titan on the cover.


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