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Archie Sonic Universe Issue 64 is the sixty-fourth issue of the Sonic Universe spin-off comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

'The Great Chaos Caper,' Part Two. The chaos continues! It's hijinks and high explosives galore with Knuckles caught in the middle of all the action! The Chaotix and the Hooligans are falling over each other to get to a Chaos Emerald - the key to saving (or dooming) the world! It's up to Knuckles to power through the madness and complete his own mission, and in his travels, you'll never believe who he finds! Featuring new cover art from Tracy Yardley and a rad red SEGA Variant cover!

Featured stories

The Great Chaos Caper Part Two: The Usual Suspect

After gliding to Pumpkin Hill Zone, Knuckles, who meets up with the Chaotix, becomes surrounded by the Hooligans, who demand the group to hand over the Chaos Emerald. But Knuckles and the Chaotix begin to attack them. While fighting, both teams accuse each other for taking the Emerald, until Bean reveals that nobody has the Chaos Emerald, making everyone become embarrassed.

Nack is annoyed at this and calls for a truce. He claims that his Emerald Tracker detected the Chaos Emerald was at the location, and Knuckles said that he sensed it too. Nack thinks that his Emerald Tracker is wonky and realizes that Knuckles is still there. He gives him a kick and yells at Bean to give them cover. Bark knocks Charmy and Espio away, and Bean does his own 'ninja vanish', which he throws bombs as a distraction. The Hooligans escape, and Espio yells out in anger: "THAT IS NOT HOW NINJAS VANISH!"

Vector is annoyed that The Hooligans got the head start, but Knuckles is confident that they won't be able to find the Chaos Emerald. He explains that he was here before, when he was looking for the pieces of the Master Emerald. He notifies The Chaotix that it's a maze, and tells them that he can show them the best way in. The Chaotix are relieved, but Espio tells them that they should hurry. The Chaotix follow Knuckles straight towards the Church Mountain, then Knuckles says they head straight down. Vector tells Charmy to fly at a controlled decent, and he tells him not to tell him about scary things. Knuckles thinks that finding the Chaos Emerald for the Chaotix is distracting him from his real mission: finding the spirit Tikal told him about. He also hopes that the Master Emerald is alright.

Meanwhile, back at Launch Base Zone, Relic continues to work on the computer, but in vain. Fixit watches her and asks her what she is trying to do so he could help. Relic explains to him that she was trying to get the old systems across the island working so she could contact anyone near the surface. She reminds Fixit that they have to guard the Master Emerald, and she calls the other machines 'morons', yet tells Fixit that he is very helpful, to which Fixit says "I live to serve!". Fixit then tries to interface the network, but gets electrocuted, much to Relic's horror.

Relic asks if he is alright, and Fixit responds by telling her that he is not fully compatible with the systems that Eggman affected, but he did sense a strange energy reading in Mushroom Hill Zone. Relic is confused, but he says that it seemed 'alien' to him. Relic decides to investigate, but Fixit is worried that it would be dangerous. Relic assures him that they should be very quiet and if anything assaults them, they should run.

Now, Knuckles and the Chaotix have reached the Aquatic Mine Zone. Espio asks Knuckles if he can sense the emerald, and he says that he can sense it strongly now and it is moving as well. Charmy asks how he can sense the emeralds, and Knuckles says that it is some sort of a sixth sense, and that treasure hunters can sense it. Charmy wonders when he hunted for treasure, since he was always guarding the Master Emerald. Knuckles comments that he can have hobbies too. Knuckles wonders why the Chaotix kept Charmy, and Espio asks him if he would leave him to fend for himself. Charmy flies around and finds a switch and Knuckles swipes him before he could touch it. Knuckles explains that there are many switches that change the water levels. Charmy asks why again and Knuckles explains that the miners needed a way to keep the water level at check. Charmy continues to annoy him by asking him why. the group continues and they see a piece of the Shattered World Crisis.

Knuckles wonders where the Chaotix were when the Crisis happened and Espio said that they were far from the fault line and everything shook, but no one was untouched. Espio then wonders how the Hooligans lived with each other in that crisis. Back to the Hooligans, they are having a hard time trying to find the Emerald, since they are in a tunnel. Nack remarks that Bean is not helping and that they need to get the Emerald back to Eggman. Bark sighs in exasperation, making Nack ask him if he has a problem. Bark decides to keep quiet and the Hooligans continue their search.

The Chaotix and Knuckles start climbing and Vector scares Charmy with the story of ghosts. Espio tells him to cut it out, but Knuckles tells him to keep a look out, since he ran into ghosts the last time he was here. But Vector tells him that the mysteries the Chaotix solved involved lost wallets and paranoid spouses. Knuckles explains that ghosts are vapor or solid. if they are vapor, they can't touch you, but if they are solid, you can hit them, as Knuckles punches a wall to demonstrate. the Chaotix are impressed, and Knuckles is sure that the place is cleared out. But back in the Pumpkin Hill Zone, several Dark Gaia Monsters are seen climbing up the cliffs.

Charmy asks about the monsters that they dealt with back on the cliffs, Knuckles says that hopefully they stay there. Vector notices another way, and Knuckles says that it is another one of the flooded tunnels, and the four continue moving. Espio asks him if they went the wrong way. but Knuckles impatiently tells them to keep moving. Knuckles senses the emerald again, and says that it keeps moving. Espio and Vector deduce on why the emerald is moving, with Vector saying that the emerald was caught in several currents, and Espio says that someone else could be having it at the moment. Charmy then thinks that the Hooligans must have found it, and the Chaotix rush off after them, with Vector holding Knuckles like a metal detector to make him find it. But Knuckles finally snaps, and tells them that he is not going to help them anymore. Vector then tells him to sense it for them and they will take it from here. Knuckles sense the emerald heading right for them. They follow the path, around the corner and they see a dog like creature holding the Chaos Emerald as the issue ends.







Off Panel

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Off Panel

Bean invents a new way to sing "This Old Man".


  • On the regular cover, several of Dark Gaia's Minions, specifically Nightmare, Killer Bee and Red Killer Bee, appear on the cover.
  • The background of the Sega Variant cover is one of the concept artworks for the earth's core during the development of Sonic Unleashed.
  • Bean breaks the fourth wall in this issue: when he speaks his first line of dialogue, he's laying upside-down, with his word bubble also being flipped upside-down. When he turns upright however, his word bubble is still stuck in the upside-down position, prompting him to request a time-out so he can get it back the right way up again.
  • In Bean's parody of "This Old Man," he replaces the line "paddy whack" with "Cadillac." So far, Cadillac and Buick are the only real-life car manufacturers to be shown in the Sonic comic series (with the Buick showing up in the Sonic Adventure adaption). Both also happen to be owned by General Motors.
  • In this issue, Chip makes his debut in the comic series.


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