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Archie Sonic Universe Issue 61 is the sixty-first issue of the Sonic Universe spin-off comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

"Shadow Fall" Part Three: Shadow - agent of the brutal Black Arms?! It's up to Rouge and Omega to bring their former friend to his senses - if he doesn't destroy them all first! Meanwhile, the vicious alien race have stolen G.U.N.'s tactical nuclear device for - and that can only spell trouble! Will Team Dark survive the mission with the deadly and devious ECLIPSE lurking in the shadows? Find out in the penultimate chapter to this expansive space epic, featuring cover art from Tracey Yardley! and a special SEGA variant cover!

Featured stories

Shadow Fall Part Three: A Matter of Trust

Omega is at the mercy of a mind-controlled Shadow, who is holding a Chaos Spear. Omega threatens to destroy him, when Rouge stops Shadow with her Screw Kick. She then reminds Omega their true purpose: winning Shadow back to their side. Shadow listens to this conversation in confusion, but Death's Eye tells him to destroy them. Rouge and Omega then get ready as Shadow fights them once more.

Black Death watches this battle, then contacts Eclipse, who reports that the Spider Troupe is resisting them, although the Black Arms is getting closer to the bomb. He then joins the battlefield, knocks out several members of the Spider Troupe, and captures Captain Andrews, but with some persuasion form Black Death, he does not kill him. Instead, he and several Black Oaks take the captives and the bomb to a securer part of the Comet.Eclipse shows the struggling member the Dark Arms, which are still eggs, and says that they will feed on the captives. The member is tied up in Bio Clay, which hardens up preventing his escape. Eclipse then reveals that the paralysing gas was there when the captive panicked, paralysing him as well. Leaving the Spider Troupe to their fate, Eclipse leaves the area.

Meanwhile, Rouge and Omega aren't faring well against Shadow. Shadow teleports when Omega fires. But Rouge kicks him at the right time, and Omega pins him down while Rouge thinks of a way of bringing him back. Then a flashback of Rouge and Omega meeting Abraham Tower is shown. He says that if Shadow gets mind controlled by the Black Arms, Rouge and Omega will have to destroy him. Both of them protest, but the commander then reveals that the planet is split apart, and they cannot afford an alien invasion with Shadow in the mix. Rouge finally gets an idea, tells Omega to get of Shadow, and talks to Shadow.

Rouge tells him that he is the Ultimate Lifeform, who is too strong to get controlled by aliens. She then attempts to tell him about Maria, only for Shadow to fire a Chaos Spear not at Rouge, but at Death's Eye. Omega fires at it too, he misses but it is enough for Shadow to regain his free will. Then a new plan is formed: Shadow will go alone to defeat Black Death, while Rouge and Omega find the Spider Troupe and the bomb. Shadow gives them directions while he faces a bunch of aliens. Rouge and Omega find the Spider Troupe and free them. They go and look for the bomb. However, Black Death is aware of this and sends Eclipse along with a Black Oak to ambush them. While Shadow beats up more Black Arms Aliens, Death's Eye tries to control him once more, only for it to get slammed to a wall by Shadow. Shadow then breaks the door, and begins his battle with Black Death.








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Shadow tells Eclipse that he finds his personality unexpected for a genetically-engineered hybrid created for vengeance. Eclipse informs him this was because he was created based on information Black Doom sent back from Shadows world. Shadow assumes it was all information about himself, but Eclipse claims not everything was. A brief flashback shows a baby Eclipse, dressed in a onesy, eating a bowl of cereal, watching a TV show through Doom's Eye. Back in the present, Eclipse tells Shadow he "watched a lot of TV".

Key Events

  • Shadow manages to break away from Black Death's mind control.
  • Shadow hunts down Black Death and the two begin their final battle.


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