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Archie Sonic Universe Issue 59 is the fifty-ninth issue of the Sonic Universe spin-off comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

Brand New Story Arc! Jump aboard the action as we begin the 'Shadow Fall' saga! Team Dark is sent into the deep, dark depths of space to stop the approach of the Black Comet! It hasn't even been fifty years! The Black Comet is home to an evil, violent race of aliens known as The Black Arms, but the Black Arms were defeated months ago - so who are these new alien invaders inhabiting the comet sent to consume the earth? And what sinister new villain awaits Shadow in its depths? You cannot miss this gritty, alien-blasting new storyline with art from Jamal Peppers, and cover art from Tracy Yardley! Plus a killer Shadow variant cover from T. Rex!

Featured stories

Shadow Fall Part One: Into the Unknown

In outer space, the Shuttle Ratatosk makes its way by the New Black Comet. Inside the ship, Team Dark and the Spider Troupe with a Giga Trooper prepare to invade the comet, as the Spider Troupe reminds the team not to take this as a "warm welcome." The Shuttle Ratatosk then stuck a hallway to the comet, to where the Spider Troupe and Team Dark can enter the comet. With this, Team Dark and Spider Troupe are ambushed by Black Arm aliens. As Shadow successfully defeats a Black Assassin, he takes the Black Sword weapon from it and helps the Giga Tropper defeat a giant Black Oak by stabbing the Black Oak with the weapon he got in the alien's back. With this, Spider Troupe announces that they were able to defeat the Black Arm troop in the room. Omega requests more aliens to kill, but Rouge states that they will have plenty of more aliens to fight eventually. Shadow then believes that something is wrong considering that the heroes only faced a small fleet of aliens. The Spider Troupe then brings the Mjolnir-Class Tactical Nuclear Warhead, a bomb that could potentially destroy anything within a five-mile radius. Shadow then states that this will destroy the Black Arms completely, as their mission is to exterminate them.

Days ago, the G.U.N. Commander calls a meeting with Team Dark and the Spider Troupe, discussing about the recent events about the planet. Shadow interrupts and wants the commander to hurry along with why they are at the meeting. The Commander then explains that while the majority of the G.U.N. forces are helping the world due to the global crisis, a new comet is heading towards the planet, containing Black Arm aliens. Shadow and Rouge are shocked, as they had believed that the Black Arms had already been destroyed. However, the Commander states that the Space Colony ARK has scanned the comet and confirms that the Black Arms are well inside the comet. The Commander then asks Shadow for any detail that Black Doom gave to Shadow during their previous takeover. Shadow thinks for a second, and then tells the Commander that Black Doom only shared information concerning about the Black Arms' invasion on the world, not about other colonies of Black Arms. The Commander then explains a plan involving Team Dark and the Spider Troupe heading inside the comet, inserting a bomb, and waiting until the bomb has detonated and destroyed any trace of Black Arm soldiers. One of the Spider Troupe soldiers asks the Commander if the plan is overkill, but the Commander states that inserting the bomb is the simplest option. Plus, G.U.N needs as much help as they can get, as there will be heavy resistance. Omega requests that he could destroy all of the aliens, but that is denied by the Commander. Team Dark and the Spider Troupe agree on this mission, but the Commander asks to speak to Rouge and Omega privately after everyone else is dismissed.

Back at the New Black Comet, Cooper confirms that all the hostiles are neutralized. Rouge asks Shadow if the Black Arms are of the same race. Shadow says he doesn't know, but they are all in the same race. He then senses them all around the Black Comet, making Rouge and Omega exchange concerned looks. Rouge warns Shadow not to think like he's one of them, but Shadow dismisses that as 'a waste of time' before both Team Dark and the Spider Troupe move on. A plan involving Spider Troupe taking the nuke deeper into the New Black Comet while Team Dark handles any other Black Arm aliens in their path is formed.

As the two teams progress, they are closely observed by Black Death, who, along with another Black Arms alien, discusses plans about the Dark Arms making the Black Arms even stronger. Black Death vows that Shadow will pay for his betrayal to the Black Arms, but the other alien says that he can show Shadow the error of his ways, as he 'hates to lose another brother'. Meanwhile, Team Dark and Spider Troupe are walking around an empty hallway. Omega cannot identify the Black Comet's technology. Commander Andrews calms him down, saying that they have an 'alien hybrid thing' to show them the way. This irritates Shadow, who remarks that saying that makes him sound like an idiot. Shadow tries to find more aliens for direction. He asks Omega if he had to face any robots of his kind. Omega says he was built to destroy.

Eventually, both teams meet a dead end, but Commander Andrews remembers seeing 'red gunk' before. Shadow thinks it is 'Conduit Gel', a transport for the Black Arms. He decides to go, since he has the blood of the Black Arms. Rouge stops him, and reminds him about sticking together. Shadow assures that he will be fine and goes inside. He lands into an unknown part of the New Black Comet and immediately spots another Black Assassin. He spots several other Black Arm aliens and is annoyed that Rouge was right all along. Meanwhile, the Spider Troupe, Rouge and Omega are trapped inside. Omega detects no aliens, but an aerosol neurotoxin is entering the area. Realizing that they are going to be gassed, Rouge reveals that it is no ordinary gas, but the kind that paralyses them, so that the Black Arms can eat them.

Shadow, on the other hand is surrounded by the Black Arms. Declaring their ambush useless, he summons Chaos Control, only for it to fail and end up getting crushed by a Black Assassin. He continues to fight without his Chaos powers, but he is severely outnumbered. But one of the Black Arms aliens stops the army, saying not to kill him even if they don't have to. Shadow demands to know who the alien is, and he reveals himself to be Eclipse the Darkling.







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Off Panel

Shadow comments about not being able to use the Eclipse Cannon, due to Team Dark not having the Chaos Emeralds with them. Rouge says that she can find an 'alternative energy source'. Later she is seen dealing with an infuriated Knuckles. Despite Rouge saying that they need the Master Emerald to save the world, Knuckles is not falling for her tricks.


  • Ian Flynn mentioned in a podcast that he intended for the main antagonists of the story to be Black Death and Mephiles but this did not come to be.
  • On the story's first page, the moon can be seen half-destroyed in the background, as per the events of Sonic Adventure 2.


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