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Archie Sonic Universe Issue 58 is the fifty-eighth issue of the Sonic Universe spin-off comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

Pirate Plunder Panic Part Four: BUCKLE YOUR SEA-BELTS, BUCCANEERS, THE END BE NEAR! The thrilling high-stakes high sea adventure concludes, with the Egg o’ War ready to launch, and all th’ worlds in peril! It’s Blaze vs. Cpt. Metal. The power of the Sol Emeralds a’beckons, as does the transformation into Burning Blaze—blimey! ! This exciting finale features new cover art from that rapscallion Tracy Yardley, and back by popular demand an ALL-NEW CHIBI VARIANT cover from Ryan Jampole! Ahoy, Mateys!

Featured stories

Pirate Plunder Panic The Conclusion

A three-way battle breaks out between the forces under Blaze, Captain Metal, and Captain Whisker, with Blaze confronting Captain Metal in order to reclaim the final Sol Emerald. Conjuring a sword made out of fire, she clashes with the pirate captain, who refuses to hand it over despite her warnings that the Sol Zone will be destroyed unless all seven Emeralds are brought together. Reminding her that the Egg O' War can travel to other zones, he announces his intentions to leave the Sol Zone to its fate, knocking her unconscious before taking off for the Egg O' War. Whisker and his crew board the Metal Marauder, forcing Blaze's allies to divide: Amy, Cream, and Cheese leave to rescue Blaze while Marine, Bark, and their press-ganged pirate engage Whisker and his crew, leaving Bean to menace Swash and Buckle. Aboard the Egg O' War, inside the chamber that once served as the Genesis Reactor, Captain Metal has Blaze restrained and connected to the generator, which has the Sol Emerald installed into it.

With the Emerald's power, the Egg O' War takes off, prompting Whisker and his crew to depart, abandoning the Metal Marauder for his own. He then has Mini and Mum fire a missile that blows a hole through the Metal Marauder, causing it to sink. Fortunately, Swash and Buckle abandon their submarine to avoid Bean, determined to return to Pirate Island, and the heroes relocate to the smaller vessel. Back aboard the Egg O' War, Metal notes Whisker's departure, and then sets his machinery to draining Blaze of the power of the other six Sol Emeralds. Before this can happen, Cream and Amy intervene, smashing the machinery and freeing Blaze while distracting Metal. The two engage the mechanical pirate in battle, allowing Blaze to secure the final Emerald, only to be thrown down by the angry robot. However, Blaze turns the tables in her favor by using the power of all seven Emeralds to achieve a Super Form: Burning Blaze. Using her amplified power, she melts Captain Metal into molten slag, only for the Captain to undergo his own transformation of sorts: he uploads himself into the Egg O' War's computer, becoming one with his Emerald-charged battle station.

Blasting an escape route for her friends, Burning Blaze attacks the Egg O' War, destroying the Genesis Reactor before flying outside. She then unleashes a massive fire blast, which tears through the flying fortress and sends it plummeting into the sea, where it quickly sinks. Landing on the submarine, Burning Blaze reverts back to normal after receiving her friends' praises. She then thanks Bark and Bean for their help, and remarks that the Sol Emeralds must have brought them there despite their checkered pasts. Blaze rejoices over her success, but refuses to take Amy's suggestion of a vacation, knowing that there are still threats to her world that she must fight. She then prepares to send the natives of Sonic's world home, with Amy and herself both feeling that things are out of sorts there. Using the power of the Sol Emeralds, she teleports them, and Marine soon begins crying over their departure. Unbeknownst to them, at the bottom of the sea, the Egg O' War's single eye lights up in identical fashion to Captain Metal's. Amy, Cream, Cheese, Bean, and Bark then arrive in Mobotropolis, and sensing that things are wrong, Amy suggests that they locate Sonic.







Off Panel

See also: Off Panel

Off Panel

Marine seems to have written fanfiction, and it comes to its epic conclusion as Princess Blaze saves the world using the power of her bejeweled scepter before departing into the sunset with her dashing fiance. However, Blaze apparently dislikes the story and burns Marine's manuscript, though Amy remarks that her captain love interest - who bears a noticeable resemblance to Silver the Hedgehog - "doesn't sound all that bad..."


  • This issue marks the first official appearance of Burning Blaze in the Archie Comics, which was first mentioned in Sonic the Hedgehog: The Complete Sonic Comic Encyclopedia.
  • The Off Panel has a reference to a scene in the movie Titanic, where Jack is carrying Rose on the bow of the Titanic.
  • It also references the common ship, "Silvaze", an obvious ship between Silver and Blaze.


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