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Archie Sonic Universe Issue 56 is the fifty-sixth issue of the Sonic Universe spin-off comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

Ahoy, ye mateys! Tharr be trouble on the high seas! Blaze—a pirate prisoner! Amy, Cream and Marine—lost! Bean—an oddball, be we knew that already! It’s a race against time as Cpt. Metal begins his plan for the Sol Emeralds and his new, completed Egg o’ War! And now that ye mention it — there's something REALLY familiar about that battle station, but I just can't put me hook on it! There’s mystery and mutiny a'foot in Pirate Plunder Panic Part Two! Featuring new cover art from Tracy Y'ARRRR-dley, and a special Sega variant cover!

Featured stories

Pirate Plunder Panic Part Two

Blaze the Cat recaps the events of the previous issue. The Blackguard Pirates, led by Captain Metal, had taken her prisoner and all of them reach their island. As she sits in her cage, she summons a flame, startling a sprocket next to her. The sprocket gets away when Bean tries to toast a marshmallow with Blaze's flames. Bean is annoyed by Blaze's uncooperative behavior, and Captain Metal taunts Blaze. He tells her that her fire won't melt the cage, since it is made of tungsten carbide. Blaze angrily asks what's stopping her from blasting him through the cage. Captain Metal tells Swash and Buckle to show her, and Swash electrocutes the cage. Captain Metal tells her to 'sit tight', as he has plans for her and the rest of the Sol Emeralds.

Somewhere in the sea, Amy breaks the crate they were in, just before the ship exploded. As the crate slowly starts to sink, Marine panics, commenting that her ship sunk. As she continues to panic, Amy tells her to stop talking. Amy says to stay positive and try and help Blaze somehow. Marine is motivated by the idea, but panics when they see sharks. Amy gets her hammer ready, while Marine tells Cream to fly them to the nearest island, since the sea is filled with various sharks. However, it turns out they were dolphins. Cheese talks to the dolphins and Cream translates that the dolphins saw the pirates capture Blaze and take her to their island, and they would give a ride to the three. Amy thanks the dolphins as they move on. Back on the island, Bean decides to cheer Blaze up with one of Bark's smoothies. Swash tells Blaze that if she co-operates, she may come out in one piece. Buckle adds that Captain Metal took down robotic heads of other pirates that had tried to cross the island. He notes that the captain had met Blaze before and has plans for her, and reckons that's she's safe, for now. Meanwhile, the heads of other robot pirates are angry at the Blackguard Pirates and threaten them helplessly. Blaze knows about this, and remembers seeing someone that looked like Metal, and asks who he was. Swash and Buckle tell the story.

According to the story, Dr. Ratcheturn was out at sea looking for robots that were in need of repair. The doctor never returned, but a robot did with his boat. Claiming that he was back from the dead, he challenged another robot pirate, Boltbeard, for leadership. He tore him apart and used his parts to upgrade himself. They met him at that time, and follow him to this day. Swash is not sure what he's planning, but says that Metal is truly a pirate. Blaze notes that he's a monster, and vows to take him down. Just then, Bean arrives with the smoothie in hand. Blaze is confused, then submissively sips the smoothie.

Meanwhile, Amy, Cream, Cheese, and Marine reach the island and thank the dolphins. Cream notes that the island is creepy, and asks Marine if Dr. Eggman isn't there. Marine says that he's not there. The group explores the island, while Marine warns them that there are robot pirates. Cream wonders how they were going to hide and find Blaze at the same time. Amy says they should solve one problem at a time. They do not notice the Sprockets, who spot and follow them. Amy and Cream find Marine, who is being carried by the sprockets. The two chase after them, with Amy smacking some sprockets with her hammer. Cream tries to free Marine, but there are too many sprockets. Amy then sees a tall building and after hearing them say 'fire cat' she realizes that they were trying to help them. She tells them to lead the way.

Meanwhile, the pirates and Blaze reach the tower, to which Metal shows the cat. He plans to give the weapon power with the Sol Emeralds. Bean gets attracted to one of them. He kindly asks Blaze to hand over the emeralds. Blaze angrily refuses, saying that she is the master of the emeralds and they are useless to him in any case. The rest of Team Rose reach the building with the help of the Sprockets and their chief. The chief introduces them to the group, and says that the pirates hunt the Sprockets and smash them. The Sprockets make a ladder for them, and the chief tells them to get inside and save Blaze while they help. Back in the tower, Metal explains that the weapon was from another world, and he found it, built it, and learnt its secrets. As Blaze is raised up with the help of a magnet, Metal continues to gloat about his new weapon. Team Rose reaches the top of the tower at that time and the three and Blaze then see the weapon, which turns out to be the Egg O' War. As Amy, Cheese, and Marine look on in shock, the Sprocket Chief tells them to save Blaze. Amy tells Cream to give her a lift to her cage. Marine sees Captain Metal and is infuriated at the loss of her ship. Blaze is overjoyed to see Amy and Cream, and Amy says that it takes more than one doom laser to stop them. She asks where Marine is, and Cream says that she was with the Sprockets, only to find her facing Captain Metal, much to the gang's horror. Marine is angry about the loss of her ship and the kidnapping of Blaze, and is about to attack, but Cream saves her from Captain Metal's laser.

Metal tells Buckle to open the Tank platform and allow Amy, Cream, Cheese, and Marine to share their end with Blaze. Captain Metal taunts her, saying that the Kraken will 'grind their bones'. Blaze uses her flame to melt her cage. Blaze notes how difficult it is to cut the bars, and tells Amy to break the cage at her word. Metal tells Swash to release the magnet before they break free. When the Kraken finishes them, he'll get the other Sol Emeralds. As Metal reaches for the red emerald, he finds out that Bean and Bark had it. Bean summons his bombs, and says that they will take the emerald as their pay for 'surveillance'. Enraged, Metal tells Swash to drop Team Rose towards the Kraken, and the others to get the Sol Emerald. The Kraken starts to rise, as Blaze tries to cut the bars.






Off Panel

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Off Panel

Blaze is seen in a wooden cage, and says that the cage won't hold her for long. She sets fire to the cage, but also sets fire to a part of the deck, causing her to fall inside the ship, just missing Captain Metal and Bark.


  • The heading of the main cover of this issue, which is "Guess Who's Coming For Dinner?", is a reference to the cover from Sonic the Hedgehog #53.
  • The Egg O' War is actually just the Wily Egg with one eye barricaded and two giant wrenches in the back of it.
  • There is a goof on the Off Panel where Blaze has only one eyelash.


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