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Archie Sonic Universe Issue 55 is the fifty-fifth issue of the Sonic Universe spin-off comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

AAAAARRRR you ready?? "Pirate Plunder Panic” Part One: It’s mystery and mayhem on the high seas as Amy and Cream join first mates Blaze and Marine in their search for the final Sol Emerald! As ships clash on the stormy waters, familiar faces start to appear amongst the opposition and Blaze is targeted as enemy number 1! Who is the new, sinister force leading the robot pirates, and what is his past with Blaze? And what does a certain dynamite duck have to do with it all? Straight out of the smash-hit Sonic/Mega Man crossover event, you're going to TREASURE this all-new storyline written and penciled by Sonic art guru TRACY YA'RRRRR-DLEY!

Featured stories

Pirate Plunder Panic Part One

The story starts off with Blaze the Cat introducing herself and her role in her world. During this introduction, there is a battle going on between the Blackguard Pirates' ship and Marine's ship. Amy, Cream and Cheese are there with Blaze, assisting her, though Blaze states that the three were randomly summoned to her world. The ship is being bombed and Marine is cursing at the ship in her "Aussie" slang. Meanwhile Amy is hitting the bombs away from the ship with her hammer telling Cream and Cheese to go below deck for her own safety, Cream responds that she would be ashamed to hide during a battle but Blaze agrees with Amy. Marine orders her crew to fire faster when Cream saves Marine from a bomb hitting her.

Blaze tells Marine to bring them close so she can board the ship alone. Marine responds by telling her she is crazy to go in alone, Amy "agreeing" with her. Blaze responds by saying that the ship has the last Sol Emerald, and she will go aboard and get it back and that no one else needs to get hurt for her to fulfil her duty. Cream cuts in saying that they are here to help her. Blaze then yells at Cream saying they can help her by doing as she asks. Then another bomb hits the deck and Amy pushes Blaze out of the way. Blaze then gets angry at herself for losing her temper and tells herself to focus. Amy then comforts Cream by saying that it is her world and her fight and to help her win it. Then another bomb comes towards them and Marine comments that it looks like a bomb and not the usual cannonball, Amy responds by saying they look familiar but pushes the thought aside saying they need to worry about sending more their way.

Marine agrees and is about to count a cannon off when a high-tech weapon comes out of the enemy ship blowing 6 cannons at once. The cannon blows like a machine gun and Marine starts making angry comments about how its messing up her paint job. Amy then says that her paint on the ship is the least of her worries now, and Marine agrees. Amy then hits another cannon yelling "FORE", then Marine comments that it's a 10, nowhere near a "fore". Blaze then stands on the edge of the ship railing saying that its her chance to board the ship and to keep them distracted while she tracks down the Sol Emerald. Marine then gives orders to keep firing while Cream comments to Amy that she is scared. It then cuts to Blaze thinking about sinking the ship but decides against it because it would be too dangerous to go ship diving for the Emerald. She then decides to use stealth to sniff out the Emerald, then sink the ship.

Then Bean shows up welcoming Blaze on the ship. Blaze then jumps up and pushes Bean down telling him to stay down and be quiet. Then Blaze starts to think about other people who have shown up from Sonic's World and in her own, hoping that the Babylon Rogues didn't show up. The scene cuts back to Marine and Amy, the former of which seems to have retrieved explosives, and Amy is questioning Marine. One of the Coconut Crew members starts to make a comment that she doesn't think, but then Marine cuts him off saying he doesn't think. Marine ignites the explosives but they don't work and Marine decides its a dud. But the cannon backfires on them. Meanwhile back on the enemy ship, Buckle reports to the captain that a lookout saw Blaze slip aboard on the ship. The captain tells Swash to turn on the loudspeaker.

In the cabin, Blaze questions how Bean ended up in her world, and he explains that he and Bark were minding their own business, and the next second they ended up in Blaze's world. Just then Blaze and Bean hear the captain on the loudspeaker, and he says that there is a stowaway on the ship, blowing Blaze's cover. The captain tells Blaze to show herself, or he will threaten to sink her friends with the ship, making Blaze angry. With time running out, Blaze asks Bean whether he saw the Sol Emerald, and as Bean describes his fondness for the Gem and says that the Captain keeps it with him. Blaze sees one of the Blackguard Pirate's lackeys coming, so she grabs Bean and tells him to get off the ship, while she saves his friend, gets the Emerald, and sinks the ship. But Bean gives their hiding spot away, and Blaze realizes too late that Bean was on the pirate's side. As the pirates surround her, Blaze incinerates them, telling Bean that he will be next, which makes him excited.

Back at Marine's ship, Amy asks Marine for any other ideas, only for her to respond that her everything hurts. Just then, one of the members of the Coconut Crew report that the ship was hit below, and more water is coming. Marine panics, but Cream makes a suggestion to ram the ship, and Amy agrees with the idea. Marine tells the Coconut Crew to go home, as they will take it from here. Feeling confident, Marine plans to join with the chaos after they ram the ship and reunite with Blaze. Blaze on the other hand, is fighting with Bean, realizing that those were his bombs being thrown at the ship. Bean then talks about the captain, and reveals his name to be Captain Metal. The captain himself turns on the loudspeaker again, telling Blaze that her time is up, and he starts the countdown. Blaze grabs Bean and boosts herself to the deck, where Captain Metal was waiting for her. Blaze does not recognize the captain, but tells him to hand over the Sol Emerald, and she will spare his crew. but Bean suggests to go with 'curtain number two', to which the Captain accepts, and reveals the Laser Light Cannon. Blaze's friends see the cannon and Cream is nervous. Amy tells her to find some cover. Blaze realizes that the Captain was lying all along. Amy suggests that Marine should hide, but Marine says that the pirates would never have the nerve to fire. But she is mistaken, for Captain Metal fires the cannon, much to Blaze's horror. The ship is blown to smithereens.

Bean comments that despite the 'awesome' explosion, the captain had hurt Blaze's feelings. But the Captain tells that he had to do his duty. Blaze is heartbroken and then enraged, She summons her fire and tries to attack the captain, but Buckle was quick enough to knock her unconscious. Captain Metal takes her as prisoner, and reveals that he has big plans for the emeralds and the princess as well. He is revealed to be a re built version of Metal Sonic version 3.3.






Off Panel

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Off Panel

Marine writes a fan fiction of herself as the captain, Blaze as the 'Pyrokinectic Pirate', Amy as the 'Brawling Briar', and Cream and Cheese as the Scallywags. Blaze notes this as an interesting turn of events, Marine, irritated, says it's a work in progress, while Cream is upset on the matter.

Key Events

  • Blaze the Cat remembers what happened during Worlds Collide, arrives home in Sol Zone.
  • Because of Eggman's interference during Sonic's attempted Chaos Control, one of the side-effects from the aftermath of the second Genesis Wave, is a handful of individuals from the Prime Zone, including Amy, Cream, Bean, and Bark, have ended up in the Sol Zone, rather then where they were before the wave.
  • Metal Sonic v3.3 is revealed to have been rebuilt following his destruction before and is now called Captain Metal.



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