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Archie Sonic Universe Issue 48 is the forty-eighth issue of the spin-off Sonic Universe comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

"All For One," Part Three. The Chaotix travel the world in search of Mighty and Ray! The trail leads them to Sand Blast City and into the clutches of the nefarious Sand Blasters. The case takes a turn for the secretive as lies are spun and plans are hatched. And Mighty makes an all-or-nothing decision!

Featured stories

All For One Part Three: Deep Cover


The ChaotixVector, Espio, and Charmy– are surrounded by the Sand-BlastersJack Rabbit, Avery the Bear, Jolt the Roadrunner, Shift E. Wolf, and Tex the Lizard. Jack Rabbit tells the Sand-Blasters to capture the Chaotix. Charmy is caught by Avery, while Espio is caught by Shift. Vector, however, fights until Jack puts his gun behind the crocodile. They chain the Chaotix together and bring them to Sand Blast City.

While taking there, Vector comments on how embarrassing the fight was. Charmy comments on how they typically lose in fights, while Espio snaps at Vector for partying all night long at the Hideaway. Jack tells the Chaotix that those who come and join the Sand-Blasters will be alright, but those who don't get buried in the sand. He then tells them the latest two members of the group, Mighty and Ray (who are codenamed "Flex" and "Jitters," respectfully). Vector, happily to see "Flex", goes towards "Flex" and nearly blew "Flex"'s cover, but the armadillo snaps Vector's mouth back. Jack asks "Flex" if he knows who the Chaotix are. "Flex" says that they are his old crew, who which he went away to have a new life. Jack tells "Flex" that the Chaotix are his to either release or to fight with.

Later, Mighty explains to the Chaotix that he and Ray have been "undercover," thus taking the code-names "Flex" and "Jitters." He says that the night he escaped from Deerwood Forest is the night he sneaked into Snottingham Castle to look on the Eggnet for his sister's location. Espio comments on how he just recently did that and said that his sister is located here. He went under-disguise to get clues about his sister. In fact, he was going to infiltrate The Baron's fortress to find his sister. Vector then states that the Chaotix are back together and that they'll watch Ray while Mighty is gone.

Later on, during the night, Mighty sneaks out into The Baron's base. Vector and Charmy cheer up Ray, telling him that he'll gain a new sister when all of this is done. Mighty walks up to the gates of the Baron's fortress, only to get caught. Mighty destroys several tanks and, strangely, asks to get arrested by them. At the Baron's room (with a certain Freedom Fighter silhouette in the background), Mighty tells the Baron that all he wants is his sister. Baron, shocked, tells the guards to get his sister. Matilda the Armadillo walks in, and asks the Baron what is the message. Mighty goes up to Matilda, hugs her, and tells her that she is his sister. Matilda pushes back Mighty and tells him that he is not her brother, for she was an orphan, then she was roboticizted, then de-roboticizted, and finally, the Baron found her and she was then legionized. Matilda asks to go back to bed, and the Baron says yes.

Mighty, who is at the eruge of a break-down, is treated kindly to the Baron, and must be arrested due to his destruction. Mighty agrees and is put into a jail-cell. He then cries, alone, in his jail-cell. In the morning, Jack yells at the Chaotix and Ray, asking where "Flex" is at. Espio tells him that Jack can exchange the Chaotix for "Flex," who is arrested at the Baron's fortress. Jack agrees, as they have done this way too many times before, but only, it will be their final time, as they will be putting a rest to the Baron's forces.....







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Off Panel

Jack Rabbit is considering whether to let Mighty join his team or not. He says Mighty must beat Avery at arm wrestling. Mighty effortlessly floors the cocky Avery and passes the test.




  • Jack Rabbit's quote on the front cover is a reference to Bugs Bunny's famous quote "Eh... What's up, doc?"
  • The final cover has a 20th anniversary mark indicating the Sonic the Hedgehog comic's 20th anniversary.
    • One could also notice that the final cover is darker than the original cover.
  • The Sonic & Mega Man: Worlds Collide logo mistakenly put "4" instead of "3" on the cover, as they indicate the number of months until the crossover event.
  • The Dark Egg Legion is referred to as part of the "Eggman Army", possibly due to legal issues going on at the time involving Dark Legion creator Ken Penders. Additionally, a mention of Julie-Su's also appears to have been removed; Mighty was about to refer to her by name before Vector cuts him off.


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