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Archie Sonic Universe Issue 47 is the forty-seventh issue of the spin-off Sonic Universe comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

"All For One" Part Two: The Chaotix are on the hunt for the missing Mighty and Ray, and their investigation takes them to the heart of enemy territory! With the Mercian Freedom Fighters at their side, will they find the vital clue they need? Or will Lord Hood claim more prisoners for his dungeon?

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All for One Part Two: Ongoing Investigation!!

At the Oil Ocean Refinery, the Sand-Blasters are running away a Dark Legion-goon that is controlling a tank. Suddenly, a member of the Sand-Blasters picks up the tank and throws it, thus causing the tank to be crushed. The Sand-Blasters leader, Jack Rabbit tells Flex that he does a great job of keeping the Dark Legion out of Sand Blast City.

Meanwhile, inside Snottingham Castle, the Chaotix- Vector, Espio, and Charmy- and the Mercian Freedom Fighters- Bow Sparrow, Thorn the Lop, Alan Quail, Munch Rat, and Friar Buck- split up into three groups due to three different tunnels ending the single tunnel. Vector and Charmy go inside one, while Friar Buck goes inside another. Suddenly, a gate closes the tunnels. Vector, trying to lift the gate up, wishes that Mighty or Knuckles was here to help them, but Charmy squeezes through the gate and finds a switch that opens the gate for Vector. Espio insists that they should just leave the fortress, since Lord Mordred Hood knows that they are inside, but Friar disagrees and quotes that this is the closest they have been inside the castle. Charmy opens the second gate, and Espio asks Bow to visualize the dungeons. Bow says yes, as his leader rescued him from the dungeon previously and Espio tells Vector to give Bow the Warp Ring. Vector comments on how they shouldn't have used it, but Espio tells him that plan failed since the gates locked them inside. Vector gives the Warp Ring to Bow and the Chaotix leave to find the computer room.

Espio goes inside, invisible, and attacks the Dark Legion-forces, with the help of Vector ambushing them. Meanwhile, in the dungeons, Bow and the Mercian Freedom Fighters help the Deerwood Forest villagers escape to dungeon. Friar took a census on the prisoners and found out that the Chaotix's friends- Mighty and Ray- nor Rob O' the Hedge are one of the prisoners. Lord Hood, watching the Chaotix, questions where the Mercian Freedom Fighters are to his minion. The minion says that the "flashing light" was possibly a teleporter that they saw. Lord Hood quickly tells him to send soliders inside the dungeon.

The Chaotix were defeating Dark Legion troops one by one until they had found the computer room. Espio hacked inside the Eggnet while Vector and Charmy seal the door inside the room. However, Legion troops were walking by the computer room but Vector and Charmy took them out. Espio had successfully hacked inside the Eggnet. Espio then figures out that Bow and the Mercian Freedom Fighters will need some help.

At the same time, Mordred Hood and several Dark Legion minions come inside the dungeon only to find the Mercian Freedom Fighters rescuing Mercian villagers. Lord Hood takes of how cowardly their leader was, but Bow refuses to listen. Bow then shoots an arrow at Hood, only to miss him (for the eighth time, proofing that there has been a fight between Bow and Lord Hood before). Suddenly, an explosion is triggered by the arrow. With this, Bow tells Friar to lead the villagers to safety via Warp Ring. But, a Dark Legion minion grabs the Warp Ring, hands it to Lord Hood, but Thorn grabs it just in time. Alan Quail and Munch Rat help defeat several of the minions. The minions tell Lord Hood that they should escape before they lose, but the snake refuses; instead he hypnotizes the Mercian Freedom Fighters. Just when all hope seemed to be lose....

Vector punches Lord Hood's back to stop the hypnotizing. The Mercian Freedom Fighters, Vector, Charmy, and the villagers escape the dungeon by heading the outer wall. Bow, confused, questioned about this "plan," but Vector said that Espio has it planned for sure. Espio had successfully found information about Mighty's sister, who is confirmed to be Matilda the Armadillo. According to the info, she was roboticized five years prior, sent to capture Mobians in Sand Blast City, but was captured, thus being de-roboticized and then recaptured and Legionicized. Also, Espio had found trails proofing that Mighty had access to the Eggnet, thus he went to Sand Blast City. He then found research of the missing Mercian King and Mighty's sister, and after that, he escaped the fortress to help the others escape, as well.

Two Dark Legion minions are guarding the gate, when suddenly, an invisible Espio ambushes both of them and opens the gate. The Mercian Freedom Fighters, the villagers, and the Chaotix escape outside of the fortress outer wall, but Vector worries about the next wall, and even getting through the forest. Espio tells him that even G.O.O.N.S. are waiting to attack them all outside of the fortress. Espio tells Bow to close the gate. Bow closes the gate, just before Legion forces attack them. Vector worries how they will get out, but Espio gets the Warp Ring, and they all escape the fortress. Lord Hood, seeing with rage, orders the Legion minions to stop the Freedom Fighters. The open the gate, but Bow then tells Lord Hood that he is too late, and the Warp Ring disappears.

Back at the Hideaway, the villagers celebrate their victory, Vector asks Espio if he got any info about Mighty and Ray. Espio replies yes, and that they know where they went to next. Later, Bow asks Espio if there was any news about Rob O' the Hedge, the Mercian Freedom Fighters leader. Espio states that the Dark Legion nor even Dr. Eggman knows where the Mercian leader is at. Bow thanks Espio for the news, and Espio thanks Bow for the help. Bow then tells the Chaotix to stay for one more night that way the villagers can have a proper victory party.

The next day, the Chaotix use the Warp Ring to travel them to Sand Blast City. Vector question why, but Espio says that the Sand-Blasters are bad reputation and plus it can help the group wake up from last nights party in Deerwood Forest. Suddenly, Vector avoids a laser shot, and the Sand-Blasters- Jack Rabbit, Avery the Bear, Shift E. Wolf, Jolt the Roadrunner, and Tex the Lizard- question on why the Chaotix are in Sand-Blast territory.


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Off Panel

Espio and the Mercian Freedom Fighters are performing a concert to Vector. At the end, they are curious of Vector's opinion. They are then enraged to see that Vector had been listening to his headphones the whole time.


  • The original cover of this issue had Rob O' the Hedge on it, but he was completely scrapped from the "Chaotix Quest" story.
  • Computer Room Reference

    Vector makes spoof of the "Computer Room" meme.

    In the part where the Freedom Fighters split up to find clues, Vector makes a reference to his internet-famous quote "Find the Computer Room" from Shadow the Hedgehog.
  • Espio mentions that Eggman's trail of the King was lost at Never Lake - this most likely happened back in Sonic #195, when Rob separated from his wife and took Silver the Hedgehog to Knothole via a Super Warp Ring in his search for Sonic. This would have seriously confused any trackers.
  • Yakko from Animaniacs makes a cameo appearance as one of Hood's prisoners.


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