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Archie Sonic Universe Issue 46 is the forty-sixth issue of the spin-off Sonic Universe comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

"All For One" Part One: Months ago, Mighty and Ray went on a quest to find Mighty’s sister. Now the Chaotix have grown worried for their missing friends, so they’re off to investigate! Will they pick up the trail in Mercia? Or will the Dark Egg Legion close our heroes’ investigation early?

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All For One Part One: Picking Up the Trail!

The ChaotixVector, Espio and Charmy—have come to a stop in their journey to Mercia due to Dark Egg Legion goons. Vector forced them to tell them where their buddies (that being Mighty and Ray, who had left off on their journey to find Mighty's sister) are at, but Espio had made Vector stop asking questions and beat the goons, telling him they must protect Charmy. After defeating several of them, giant robots from the Dark Egg Legion (called G.O.O.N.s) approached and attacked the Chaotix.

as Charmy panicked vector attempted to calm him down, telling him they had faced bigger foes than this before, but suddenly, an arrow struck one of the robots and it was destroyed. As this happened the Mercian Freedom Fighters- Bow Sparrow, Thorn the Lop, Alan Quail, Friar Buck and Munch Rat- came and helped the Chaotix during the battle.

After the battle, Bow introduces himself, and quickly Espio asks Bow where the present leader of the Mercian Freedom Fighters is- that being Rob'O the Hedge- Bow replied that he is protecting his family from the danger of the Dark Egg Legion. Vector and Charmy ask where Mighty and Ray are. Bow, looking at his team with a worried expression, says yes, but not in sometime.

And so, the Mercian Freedom Fighters and the Chaotix all go inside the Hideaway in Deerwood Forest. There, Bow told the story of how they found Mighty and Ray. Mighty and Ray where in the same scenario as what the Chaotix where in, only Mighty took care of the robots before the Mercian Freedom Fighters got there. Bow, knowing Mighty's past, told mighty about the kings ties to his "sad story", but Mighty told him "whats passed has passed" From there, Mighty and Ray had learned that Mighty's sister was roboticized five years prior thanks to Friar Buck's notes. Espio then told the others about how he knew what happened after that. Vector, angered, yelled at Espio on how he didn't tell the others before. Espio then says that ninjas don't have magic to foretell things. With that information, Mighty, Ray, and the Mercian Freedom Fighters had planned to go inside Snottingham Castle to look for his sister, who could be inside there.

The plan, however,was foiled when the Dark Egg Legion attacked the forest. Mighty had told Bow that he'll stay and help fight the goons away from the forest. After defeating them, Bow told Mighty to go. Mighty, happy for this, thanked Bow and left with Ray. After this, Bow told the Chaotix that they are either captured at the fortress or successfully escaped. Vector, however, decided to sneak in there too, just in case they were captured. The Mercian Freedom Fighters also had a plan to go inside the fortress to rescue the villagers that were captured. With this, the Chaotix and the Mercian Freedom Fighters were successful at sneaking inside the fortress without notice.....

Meanwhile, inside the fortress, Lord Hood was terrifying a villager into telling where the Deerwood Forest Hideaway is located. after failing one of the minions tells Lord Hood that the Chaotix and Mercian Freedom Fighters are now inside the base. Lord Hood, telling the minion not set off the alarm yet the heroes, waits for the Freedom Fighters to get inside the dungeon. saying "let them come. we'll just ensure they never leave!"

Off Panel

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Off Panel

Espio seriously states that Mighty and Ray have been gone too long and they must begin the search, Charmy pops up from behind the couch saying they're not behind there while Vector comes back from the kitchen with his arms full of food saying they're not in there either, much to Espio's annoyance.


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