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Archie Sonic Universe Issue 42 is the forty-second issue of the spin-off Sonic Universe comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

"Unsung Heroes," Part Two: When Sonic is away, the Secret Freedom Fighters make evil pay! Deep under the city, in the scar left by the Battle Bird Armada, the evil wizard Ixis Naugus is shaping the earth to his whim. Elias, the deposed king, must lead his squad of Secret Freedom Fighters to find out what's going on! But with Naugus able to control the stones and shadows, will Elias' team emerge alive?

Featured stories

Unsung Heroes Part Two: The Terror Below

Naugus goes into the pit where the Battle Bird Armada blew up several days ago. Elias, Leeta, and Lyco hide behind a tree, while spying on Naugus. Naugus goes inside the hole and Elias, Leeta, and Lyco follow him inside. Naugus enters a cave and the three Secret Freedom Fighters follow him, but barely hide from him, as Naugus turned around, thinking he had heard talking. He goes back to walking inside the cave and seals the entrance for no one to follow.

Elias then puts a bomb on the entrance so that they may leave when they're ready, but Leeta and Lyco don't want him to make the whole plan his idea. They then tell Elias how they got into the Secret Freedom Fighters. Leeta and Lyco were sent to the Council of Acorn but Naugus had kicked them out. After that, Uncle Chuck had lead them to Harvey Who and Uncle Chuck left them with Harvey. Harvey had asked them both to join the Secret Freedom Fighters, and they accepted.

Leeta and Lyco then decide to follow where Naugus went. Naugus, in a secret sanctuary where he was having an argument with the other Ixis in his head. They all laugh at his poor state and then Naugus turns red and says "Who's there?" Leeta screams and Naugus goes chasing after them.

Elias, who is back at the entrance has flashbacks of him arguing with his team. He then thinks about apologizing to Leeta and Lyco, but then he hears screaming and tracks down Naugus. Naugus, almost finds him, as Elias has hidden behind a rock. After some close calls, Elias and the twins find each other. They split up and try to find the entrance. Several ways they went are blocked (Naugus used his magic to block the ways they can get out) and Lyco is trapped and kidnapped by Naugus. Leeta throws a rock at him, and after dropping Lyco, Elias throws a flash bomb at Naugus. They find the entrance, blow up the entrance, and escape Naugus, but he uses a whirlwind to blow them away into the sky.

Naugus, painful and tried, goes back to the secret sanctuary and seals up the entrance...


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SU 42 Off Panel 01

Off Panel

King Elias Acorn asks Harvey Who why he and his team are named after playing cards. Who replies saying he wanted them to play with a "stacked deck". The other team members are unimpressed and respond with "I don't think he's playing with a full deck!" or "Maybe we should shuffle the playing team."


  • There is a variant cover, featuring the artwork of Silver from Sonic Generations.
    • Oddly, Crisis City is shown behind Silver, which the stage was featured in the game.
    • Despite having Silver on both the variant and regular covers, he does not appear in the main story.
  • The cover is a spoof to the James Bond film franchise.
  • On one of the comments, a reader asked if Metal Sonic will get his own Sonic Universe arc. The answer was that there were plans for a Metal Sonic arc that could happen or not. This foretold Sonic Universe #50.
  • A flashback of Sonic the Hedgehog #70 was shown in this issue of when Elias intervened Geoffrey and Sonic's argument on rescuing Nate Morgan from the escapees of the Devil's Gulag.


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