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Archie Sonic Universe Issue 40 is the fortieth issue of the spin-off Sonic Universe comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

"Scrambled" Part Four: The explosive conclusion! It’s the showdown decades in the making: Dr. Eggman vs. Snively! As the two mad geniuses clash one thing is for certain: whoever wins, the good guys lose! Don’t miss the grueling final fight with a sinister twist you won’t believe!

Featured stories

Scrambled Part Four: In the Name of Love!

Dr. Eggman is face to face with the Iron Oni, piloted by Snively and attended by Regina. The doctor sends Cubot and Orbot away to summon a fighting robot while he distracts the couple. Robotnik tries to psych his nephew out with taunts but Snively defends his recent actions by reasoning he visited Hope and helped Regina for love. Eggman's first plan is to have the mind-controlled Khan destroy the Iron Oni, but Regina quickly takes control of him and the fight between Khan and Mecha Sally breaks out again.

Snively begins to chase down his uncle but the Egg-Swats slow him down. Cubot and Orbot finally settle on a robot, which crashes to the ground from the Egg 'Stache Flyer. It is then revealed to be an upgraded version of the Egg Beater. Eggman pilots the mech, which the doctor then boasts that it has no electronics for Regina to control. Though the Iron Oni is tougher and made from sturdier material, Eggman is shown to be the better pilot and gets the machine in a tight grip without taking a hit. Eggman receives his Omni-Tool from Orbot and uses it to modify parts of the Iron Oni, weakning it. He returns to his mech and destroys the Iron Oni with one hit and one blast, sending Regina and Snively sprawling.

Meanwhile, the controlled Khan has beaten Mecha Sally in battle and she is resorting to original Sally's memories to stop Khan from killing her completely. He does not buy in to it, though, and is about to strike her down before Regina's hold on him fails. With Khan out of the way, Mecha Sally moves into emergency stand-by. Khan is forced to give the broken Sally to Eggman, as he is the only one who can help her. In return, Eggman leaves him the imprisoned villagers and does no further harm to the village. Khan promises his revenge, but Eggman laughs it off and leaves.

Later, Regina wakes up in a Legion Base around the United Federation. Eggman has decided to let Regina and Snively live together, leading that portion of the Legion (replacing Hugo), though he expects them to still play "the game" with him, only better. Regina and Snively are ecstatic, realizing their new position lets them be together and will give them an edge when fighting Eggman in the future. When Regina is examining Hugo's machinery, she talks about how happy they'll be and Snively, with technomagic symbols floating around his head, happily agrees.

Eggman is later explaining what happened to someone unseen, describing how G.U.N. and the U.F. are weakened, Hope's location has been revealed, the Dark Egg Legion is powerful more than ever, and that Regina will be helping him somewhat. He taunts the unseen person some more, saying that he beat them even at their best. It is revealed that he is talking to Snively, beaten, bruised, and crying in a capsule. Eggman tells him that an Infiltrator copy is living with Regina, pretending to be the real Snively, and that it will take a while before she discovers the truth. He leaves Snively with the knowledge that he is the only person who knows Snively is there and that he won't even leave the cell.

His last words to his distraught nephew are "Game over, Snively. Thanks for playing."

Off Panel

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Off Panel

The Egg 'Stache Flyer returns to the Death Egg Mark 2 for docking. Eggman is filled with dismay and shouts "No, you fool! Descend! Descend!". The two collide, leaving the Death Egg ruined, with Eggman yelling "Oh, now look what you've done!"


  • The cover is a parody of Sonic the Fighters.
  • Honey the Cat makes a cameo on the front cover of the issue, though she did not make an appearance in Sonic the Fighters. She was originally going to be playable, but was canceled and only playable via hack. She is however playable in Sonic the Fighters when they re-released the game for PSN and Xbox Live.
  • Upon entering the Egg Beater II, Eggman says "Get a load of this!". This is a reference to the Egg Viper and Egg Walker.
  • Eggman is holding multiple Badnik heads on the cover, implying that he can do fatalities (finishing moves used in Mortal Kombat).
  • After Dr. Eggman hearing Snively explain his love to the Iron Queen, the doctor makes a fist and screams "KHAN!". This was a reference to a scene in the movie Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.


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