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Archie Sonic Universe Issue 38 is the thirty-eighth issue of the spin-off Sonic Universe comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

"Scrambled", Part 2: The hunt is on! Dr. Eggman goes into all-out war with G.U.N., all in an attempt to smoke out his wayward lackey, Snively! Meanwhile, in the heart of G.U.N. headquarters, Snively seeks the next step in his master plan: a girl named Hope!

Featured stories

Scrambled Part Two: Family

G.U.N. forces are evacuating Central City as Dr. Eggman's forces attack. In his Egg Camel, Eggman is showing off the attack to the legionized Hugo Brass, who shows no emotion towards the affair. He calls Brass boring and begins focusing on capturing Snively. Orbot and Cubot get into their attack positions from their own machines as Mecha Sally and Metal Sonic fly out to accompany the assault.

At G.U.N. headquarters, the head of G.U.N., Abraham Tower is told that the President's escorts have arrived and that Rouge and Shadow are with him, leaving E-123 Omega to lead the charge against Eggman. Snively, however, has breached the city with a personal cloaking device. He finds Hope, who is working on a device to help Omega, when he de-cloaks. She immediately runs for the alarm but Snively is able to stop her and get her to talk with him. He tells her that he is going to the Dragon Kingdom, to save Regina and be with her, and that he wanted Hope to be part of their family, since she was his sister. Hope asks how long he's been dating Regina and why he wanted her (Hope) to be with them, since she was not really his sister. Snively reveals that, while they were still in Knothole, he ran a DNA test and found that they were, in fact, brother and sister, by their father. While Hope wonders why her father lied to her, Snively writes it off as one of their dad's personal choices.

In the streets, Omega is attacking Eggman. The mad doctor finally discovers where his old robot had gone away to and threatens to, as he puts it, "un-make" him. He releases the Egg Paladins, a series of legionized G.U.N. soldiers. Omega hesitates to attack and is pinned by the soldiers. He finally attacks, using his fists so as to be non-lethal. He is attacked by Mecha Sally and is surprised by his new enemy. Metal Sonic lands behind him undetected. Omega says that he should save Sally, but Eggman announces that he made sure that was impossible. Omega then decides the best option is to destroy her. Both Mecha Sally and Metal Sonic attack Omega.

Snively continues to try and convince Hope to come with him. He says that an army base is no place for her, but she shows regret that she lost her first family, fled Knothole, and is now contemplating leaving G.U.N. Snively talks about destroying the Eggman Empire, and Hope is ready to agree to join him. He then goes on a rant about conquering the world after Eggman is defeated, and giving Hope her own continent. She slaps and insults him and declares that she will help G.U.N stop both Eggman and him. She activates the device she was working on, a Flame Shield, and activates the alarm. She denies that Snively is her relative in any way and tells him to leave her life. Snively returns to his ship and flees the city. Mecha Sally and Metal Sonic destroy the G.U.N. forces sent after Snively and orders a withdrawal from the city. He checks to see that the tracker is still working and prepares to continue the chase.

Abraham Tower is alerted to the retreat and orders the soldiers to keep the civilians in their bunkers and the city to remain on high alert. Omega finds Hope crying and tries to console her as best his programming will allow. Elsewhere, Snively, through tears, declares that Regina will understand him and allow his plan to come to fruition.

From within his cockpit, Eggman, grinning deviously, tells Snively to run as fast as he can, for he cannot escape.

Off Panel

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Off Panel

Shadow and Rouge are with the President as his bodyguards. Rouge asks why both of them were called as only one of them were need for his protection. The President responds by telling Rouge they are both needed for an important reason. He then says "I Spy is not fun with just two players!" leaving both Rouge and Shadow annoyed. The President then says to Shadow "I spy with my little eye something that is grumpy!"


  • The cover seems to be parodying the popular Mystery Science Theater 3000. With Eggman in the center, Orbot and Cubot on either of his sides, they are arranged similarly to how the characters of MST 3000 were in their theaters.
  • In this issue, it is revealed that Hope and Snively have the same father.


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