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Archie Sonic Universe Issue 37 is the thirty-seventh issue of the spin-off Sonic Universe comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

“Scrambled” Part One: Dr. Eggman is knocked for a loop when the treacherous Snively tries to disrupt the entire Eggman Empire! What is Snively’s true ultimate goal? And can Dr. Eggman pull his forces back in line before it’s too late? Also featured: the debut of Orbot and Cubot!

Featured stories

Scrambled Part 1: The Man in Charge


Alarms start to go off on the Death Egg Mark 2. Finding himself locked out of the computers, Dr. Eggman activates two lackeys, Orbot and Cubot, to hack their way in. Meanwhile, Snively is on his way out of the Death Egg, laughing at how easy it was to take control. He figures that he knows his uncle's ways and has thought everything through. After a short elevator ride, he arrives at the hangar. A pair of Eggman's robots receive orders to capture him.

Eggman manages to gain some control, but is thrown for a loop when Orbot and Cubot reveal that Snively sent out a message with the news that Sonic had killed Eggman and that the Dark Egg Legion was officially disbanded. There are several reports that Snively has been captured, but video footage shows that they are all infiltrators and each one explodes, taking out their robot captors. Snively escapes in a ship.

Around Mobius, the Dark Egg Legion's Grandmasters are celebrating Eggman's death, but continue exerting their power over their minions. Eggman teleports all the Grandmasters—including spy Duck "Bill" Platypus and Lien-Da, who was just down the hallway—to a meeting room on the Death Egg where he gives them the unwelcome news that he is still alive. While some of them openly announce that they despise him, Eggman reminds them that their robotic parts can be ordered to self-destruct with a single command.

He gives them new orders: to capture Snively if they find him and to search for the blue Chaos Emerald that went missing after Sonic returned reality to normal. He announces that Lien-Da, for her good behavior, will be able to select where her chapter is going. As a final note, he shows off his new Metal Series of robots, comprised of yet another Metal Sonic, Metal Knuckles, Metal Tails, and the roboticized Sally—upgraded with Power Rings. He returns the Grandmasters to their homes.

Orbot and Cubot join Eggman as he boards a ship in the hangar. They say that their tracking machines are still working, which makes Eggman wonder if it was an oversight on Snively's part of if he was being baited. Under Eggman's command, the ship takes flight.






Off Panel

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Off Panel

Eggman calls his robots to duty. Orbot and Cubot report. However, Eggman is confused as to why Conebot, a third robot, has not reported. Conebot is seen spinning out of control hoping someone will help him, yet ultimately, no one does.




  • The original raw cover for this issue features several major differences from the finalized version:
    • On the original raw cover, Akhlut can be seen in a tank of water in the background, while in the finalized cover, said tank is blacked out, making Akhlut the only Grandmaster not present on it.
    • On the original raw cover, Lord Mordred Hood can be seen with a purple color scheme, while on the finalized cover, he possesses his normal green color scheme.
    • On the original raw cover, Conquering Storm's eyes appear normal, while on the finalized cover, she possesses her Legionized robotic eyes.
    • On the original raw cover, Sonic and Tails' names are written in full as "Sonic the Hedgehog" and "Miles "Tails" Prower", while on the finalized cover, their names are shortened to "Sonic" and "Tails".
  • This is the first appearance of Metal Knuckles in any media for seven years since Sonic Gems Collection.
  • While Duck "Bill" Platypus is writing his speech to the Downunda Dark Egg Legion after Eggman's "Death", the Bunyip can be seen swimming in the water behind him, marking its first appearance in the comic series in ten years.
  • This issue marks the first time Tracy Yardley did not work on the Sonic Universe media.


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