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SU 33.jpg|The initial front cover
SU 33.jpg|The initial front cover
SonicUniverse33.jpg|Front cover, inks.
SonicUniverse33.jpg|Front cover, inks.
===Off Panel===
Off_panel_su_33-36.jpg|Off Panel (Sonic Universe 33 - 36)

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Archie Sonic Universe Issue 33 is the thirty-third issue of the spin-off Sonic Universe comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

“Babylon Rising” Part One: The Babylon Rogues have been searching for their long-lost ancestral city of Babylon Garden. Now, deep in the forgotten ruins of the Gigan Mountains, they find their first solid lead! But will they survive to put their new-found knowledge to use? And what does the Battle Bird Armada have to say about all this? Don’t miss the beginning of this thrilling saga written by legendary Sonic penciller Tracy Yardley!

Featured stories

Babylon Rising Part One: Remembrance

In the past, Jet is welcomed to the Battle Bird Armada by the Battle Lord, the Grand Battle Kukku the 15th." The Battle Lord talks about the importance of having soldiers who obey so that the Babylon Gardens can be found and world domination achieved. Jet then tries to leave, having no interest in world domination, but the Battle Lord won't have it and imprisons him.

Afterwards, Jet breaks himself, Wave and Storm out of prison (Wave was there for upgrading some engines without authorization, Storm for attacking a superior officer). They steal a Zeppelin but Jet is confronted with the Battle Lord's son, Battle Kukku the 16th. Kukku tries to stop Jet but is caught as he jumps. He begs for Jet to take him in, but Jet tosses him away, telling him to find his own destiny. A few years later, using a book from the library of Soleanna, the Babylon Rogues find a hidden chamber in the Gigan Mountains, in which is the key to the Babylon Gardens. Jet takes the key, which is a rune-adorned cube, which activates a trap in which a hologram, in conjunction with force fields, creates a guardian named Angelus to take on the Rogues. The three break the projectors on the wall, ending the assault.

By picking up the key, an energy signal is sent out that is received by the Battle Bird Armada and a depressed-looking Rotor, who brings it to Nicole's attention. Nicole says she can't focus clearly just then, to which Rotor apologizes and sugggest they go over some security measures mentioned to Elias. In the cave, Jet accidentally sets off another trap, which traps them in the chamber and causes the cave to collapse. Storm breaks through the closed door and they manage to outrun the cave's collapse. Jet announces that nothing is standing in their way now, but Storm points out the Battle Bird Armada that is landing, headed by Kukuu the 16th, who says it's time for them to meet their destiny.


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SU 33 Off-Panel


Angelus is shouting and angry with the decision to retire him from the series claiming he cannot be scrapped so easily. Shahra disagrees and tells him to sit down with the other retired genies.


  • The final cover is different in terms of the background color, being a shade of red instead of blue unlike the preview cover. The banner is also one of the firsts in the series to not be a specific color but rather a creative design, in this case, ancient Babylonian.


Cover artwork

Off Panel

Preview pages

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