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Archie Sonic Universe Issue 28 is the twenty-eighth issue of the spin-off Sonic Universe comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

“Fractured Mirror” Part Four: The Freedom Fighters have fallen! Now the only one left to save this dark world is Silver the Hedgehog! It’s psychic power versus chaos power as our hero from the future goes all-out against the terrifying Enerjak! Don’t miss the cataclysmic conclusion to the Silver Saga!

Featured stories

Fractured Mirror The Finale: Picking Up the Pieces

Jani-Ca lugs the lifeless body of Dagger Walrus along the ground, muttering how despite rationed food supplies, he still weighs too much. She carefully lays him alongside the other fallen Freedom Fighters who had their Cores stolen from them. Looking over her allies, she apologizes to them and says that they really gave everything to their cause; she then promises that she'll restore them, as she still has the Sword of Acorns and a very powerful ally.

Above, an angry Silver the Hedgehog confronts Enerjak, who seems enthralled by the challenge. Silver again vows to stop the demi-god; his rage fueling his power, he telekinetically hurls crumbling buildings at Enerjak, who smashes through them with ease. When Enerjak attempts to counter-attack, Silver uses his powers to grab him and hurl him straight through the face of his statue, which crumbles. Silver laughs mockingly; Enerjak is thrown into the air beyond the island and decides to retaliate, and show the superiority of his Chaos powers, by suddenly raising the entire island several meters. Silver is thrown to the pavement. Enerjak reappears before Silver the hedgehog, who is shocked and struggles to recover. The demi-god tells him that if his use of other people's Cores has angered Silver, then this next move will drive him crazy as a swarm of Prelates of Mobius' heroes start charging at Silver. They all shoot at the hedgehog with lasers, but he blocks them by picking up a piece of debris and shielding himself while muttering, "So many cores... So many heroes...". Silver becomes a bit frightened when a Prelate of Bean is about to pounce in him when Jani-Ca uses the Sword of Acorns to attack the duck. She tells Silver that she'll fight the Prelates while he takes on Enerjak. Silver is surprised and asks if she knew who these Mobians used to be. Jani-Ca replies that the Prelates feel no pain, they can't think, feel, or live and they can't be brought back to life without her and Silver's help. Silver says he understands. He uses his psycho-kinesis to use a piece of debris to block an attack from a couple of Prelates while Jani-Ca deflects a laser blast with the Sword of Acorns. Silver throws some Prelates away as Jani-Ca cuts down a lampost which falls on a couple more.

Jani-Ca tells Silver that she'll handle the Prelates while he brings down Enerjak. Silver, who worries for her safety says if she's sure, to which she shouts "Go!". Silver flies up to the demi-god to which he asks if he struck a nerve. Silver pulls Enerjak with his psycho-kinesis and drags him on the ground to see how he likes being hit with an island. He splashes Enerjak in a river, crashes him through the top of a mountain, splashes him again and throws him on the island as he states that they're even for "island-hitting". Silver tells himself that he "did it" with a rather crazed look on his face, but then thinks that he went too far and asks himself if he really did think he could do this to the traitor. Without even paying attention Enerjak comes up behind the hedgehog as he says that Enerjak was as evil as they come and that his master warned him about letting his powers go out of control. Enerjak suddenly grabs Silver to his great surprise as he states he thinks that Silver scuffed his helmet and that it was rude. Enerjak hurls the hedgehog down on the island a little ways from Jani-Ca, who looks behind her with worry. Silver tries to catch his breath as he says that it wasn't fair that Enerjak was still alive after he dragged him across the island. Enerjak calls him a "poor little traveler" as he goes on to say that Silver crossed time and space just to lose his life, and then asks him what he could expect when pitted against the ultimate power in the universe. He tells Silver that he fought well, but that it's time to end this and that Silver's world will fall to him and more afterwards. He then tells him to submit as he goes to say that Silver's powers can't compete against Chaos Energy, and that Silver isn't strong enough, cunning enough or skilled enough to stand against him. Silver struggles to fight against Enerjak's power, but suddenly remembers some things that Mammoth Mogul and Edmund told him. He then says that he was going about this the wrong way as he concentrates and says that he was trying to attack Enerjak at his own and match power to power while thinking like a "mega-lomaniac", but that he can't do so as nothing can match Enerjak's level of power, and that he'll let Enerjak do it for him and turn that power against him as he suddenly uses his psycho-kinesis to deflect Enerjak's power at him, causing to cry out in pain.

Surprise attack

Enerjak's surprise attack.

Enerjak, now a bit angered exclaims how Silver thanks he's so clever and he triumphed over Super Sonic as he uses Thunder Arrow. Silver throws the Chaos Energy back at Enerjak while saying that he's done with super-powered beings fighting with each other as he tells Enerjak to "catch". Enerjak is hit and cries out loudly in pain as Silver mocks him by telling that he "dropped it", and then asks if it's been a long time since he felt pain. Enerjak tells him not to "preach" to him and that he brought the entire world into order as he makes more Thunder Arrows. However, Silver throws them back as he says that Enerjak ruined everything for everyone, and that he's going to answer for it. Enerjak is hit again as Silver goes to say that he doesn't suppose that this has made his opponent learn the error of his ways and that it's not too late to fix the damage he's caused. Enerjak, now fully angered says that the only mistake that he's made today was not crushing Silver sooner. Jani-Ca suddenly appears in front if Silver while saying that she can sympathize, and Enerjak suddenly freezes. Silver asks about this, and the female echidna replies that he's just stunned and that she will now take back all he's stolen from Mobius. The Sword of Acorns starts to glow and both of them cover their eyes as Jani-Ca says the Chaos chant, and she becomes enveloped in a blinding light.

Silver opens his eyes, but seems disappointed as Jani-Ca has now herself turned Enerjak while the latter has become aged. Silver asks if he did all this just for her to go super-villain, to which she replies that she didn't think this would happen. Silver asks Jani-Ca what she will do with her new powers. Jani-Ca tries and succeeds in getting a Core, which seems to be her mother's and excitedly claims that she can restore everyone. Silver asks what she will do with Enerjak as he coughs. The latter tells Lara, or Jani-Ca, whichever she prefers, that she's rescued him and that madness left with the power. But he then says that she took a little too much and asks that she gives back a small amount. The new Enerjak, or Jani-Jak says that as for him he will never touch that power again as she smashes the Sword of Acorns to pieces, which upsets the former Enerjak. Jani-Jak tell Silver that now she has so much power, she can restore everyone and clean up the planet, to which Silver asks "And then?" And Jani-Jak replies that she'll return the Chaos Emeralds, rebuild and that she won't waste this chance to make things right and gives her word as Guardian. Silver gives her thumbs up and says that he'll "keep her to that" and that he knows where she lives. Jani-Jak recalls Silver saying that his world was in ruins and offers to help, but Silver says that while he thought about it, she has her own world to save and he doesn't even know how his became what it is. Jani-Jak says that it's fair enough and she won't be Enerjak for much longer, and thanks Silver. The latter says it was his pleasure as he brings out his Time Stone. Jani-Jak says that maybe she'll even restore her father, and Silver gives her good luck with that and her world, and Jani-Jak returns it as Silver disappears in a flash of light.

Back at Onyx Island, Silver is just leaving through the Warp Ring and Edmund gives him good luck and that he wishes he could go with him. He then walks out of the alley as he tells himself to take it easy and Silver has been on adventures before. He then says that Silver is quite powerful and skilled, but then says that Silver only has some skill. Silver suddenly appears as he says that he never thought he'd be happy to see this place again. Edmund is so surprised that he falls over with wide-eyes and says something like "AAAUGugh-blpk-shhnnk!" Silver asks the echidna if he remembers him, to which Edmund replies that he does and Silver just left seconds ago. Silver is confused but quickly discards the thought and asks the Guardian if he's free tomorrow. Edmund says that he is, but then asks why, to which Silver answers that he wants Edmund to teach him more, and that he still has a lot to learn and that there are whole worlds counting on him.

Elsewhere, Zonic and Zector riding a vehicle of some sort when Zonic's communicator starts beeping and Zector asks Zonic of it's another zone breach, to which the latter replies that it's more then just a breach and that it's coming from the Prime Zone. Zector then asks why they're transporting prisoners and if they should be investigating. Zonic replies that a certain group they just got could cause major problems, even in jail. Zonic says that they'll check out the Prime Zone after he warns the warden. A figure watches as the two Zone Cops fly over, and the figure is revealed to be Scourge as Zonic says that "Things could get ugly in there."


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  • Script: Ian Flynn
  • Pencils: James Fry
  • Inks: Jim Amash
  • Colors: Paul Kaminski
SU28 Off Panel

Off Panel

Silver tries to trap Sonic with a bowl of "Traitor Chow", though Sonic is shown to be unimpressed.

Key Events

  • Jani-Ca uses the Sword of Acorns to take away Enerjak's power, and in doing so, Jani-Ca becomes Enerjak herself, albeit a good-hearted and caring version.
  • Silver returns to his own zone.


  • When Enerjak sends a large number of Prelates at Silver to taunt him, Prelate Shadow is at the forefront. Fans who support the theory of Shadow as Silver's father (or ancestor) speculate that this is a reference to how Enerjak deliberately sent a Prelate Julie-Su to fight her daughter Jani-Ca. Prelate Sonic isn't seen in the arc, even though he had been captured.


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