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Archie Sonic Universe Issue 25 is the twenty-fifth issue of the spin-off Sonic Universe comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

The SILVER SAGA arrives! Featuring a special "Anniversary Edition" shining silver cover, the highly anticipated four-part adventure begins this month. A strange new threat arrives in Silver the Hedgehog's time! Can our young hero battle back this mysterious force? Plus the dramatic return of the ultimate evil! It's the beginning of an epic new struggle - don't miss it!

Featured stories

Fractured Mirror Part One: Through the Looking Glass

In the year 3437 P.X.E., Silver the Hedgehog is being tutored by the aged Mammoth Mogul. Silver focuses his telekinetic powers on a Time Stone as Mogul explains that one must not be greedy in tapping its power. Mogul says that, like Silver himself, the Time Stone has incredible potential. However, he adds, "If you delve too deeply into your power without preparation, I fear you will suffer the same fate as..."

Silver cuts him off, having just noticed something odd with the Time Stone. Using his own powers, Mogul consults the Time Stone and determines that there may be a "visitor" from another time, or even another Zone. Silver decides to find out who this person is, and says that if they turn out to be a threat, he'll handle it. Mogul calls out just as he tries to leave, and Silver stops, worrying that the aged mammoth might need him to stay behind. However, Mogul simply tells him to not be so quick to look for a fight. He tells Silver to remember what they spoke about earlier, and adds "Ultimate power ultimately corrupts."

Silver merely grins and tells him not to worry, taking the Time Stone in hand. He uses his powers to levitate himself and flies out of the ruins of the city for Onyx Island, thinking that if the visitor's arrival was picked up by the Time Stone, maybe Edmund would have noticed something as well; he figures the island is his best bet. As he flies, he briefly wonders if the visitor is the traitor from the past (whom he suspects as responsible for the state of the future and has vowed to stop), coming through time to stop him; he figures if that's the case, it'll just make things easier for him. He even wonders if this person might just be friendly.

As he flies, he's targeted by an unknown being who interprets Silver as a high risk and decides to terminate him. Silver is suddenly struck by an intense laser blast; as he falls, he uses his powers to grab a large chunk of debris and moves it in order to protect himself. This piece is smashed to rubble by a second blast. Landing on the ground, Silver encases himself in a protective bubble and demands his attacker show himself.

The attacker appears on the edge of a rooftop far above and then drops down, smashing into the pavement. He is sleek and metallic in appearance with glowing green eyes and stripes. Despite the dramatic reveal, Silver admits he has no idea who this is. The metallic being begins firing lasers from its eyes, and while Silver blocks the first few shots with his own powers, the attacker instead fires across the bases of two nearby buildings; they begin to collapse upon the young hedgehog. When the attacker approaches the rubble, however, he finds Silver holding off the debris with telekinesis. Silver counterattacks with a large pile of rubble, temporarily burying his opponent. He tries to flee, and Silver follows, pelting him with rocks and taunting him before realizing he had originally wanted to question him. He chases the being down an alleyway, offering a truce; however, he soon finds himself at a dead end with no one else in sight. Silver is oblivious as the metallic being attempts to ambush the hedgehog from behind, but he's suddenly struck by a bolt of magical lightning. Silver uses the opportunity to pin the being between the alley's wall and a dumpster, and his eyes go blank. Silver taunts his opponent for thinking he could sneak up on him; an elderly voice interjects, "He did, you twerp."

Silver's rescuer turns out to be the old Guardian, Edmund, who tells Silver he's lucky that he was able to help. Silver says he appreciates it, but Edmund jabs him in the gut with his cane, angry with Silver for tearing up what remains of his city. Silver tries to explain that it wasn't his fault, and Edmund overrides him, complaining that if Silver and his friends want to roughhouse, he should keep them in line. All this ranting exhausts the old man, and after panting for a moment, he demands Silver explain himself. Growing impatient, Silver eventually manages to explain the situation: that his Master had sensed the arrival of someone from another time or zone, and that Silver was here investigating before being attacked by "this shiny fellow," as Edmund puts it. The old echidna doesn't know who the being is, but says that, for some reason, it reminds him of his father. Silver wonders why anyone would travel to another world just to pick a fight, and Edmund says he wouldn't understand, he's too kind-hearted.

Edmund begins to recount stories about his mother, saying that even she didn't have it as bad as his grandfather, and an exasperated Silver tries to keep them on topic, pointing out that this being was able to jump from the top of a building with no problem as well as shoot lasers from its eyes. Edmund is dismissive, saying lasers were overdone even when he was young. Among all this, neither notices the being stirring. Reactivating, new orders display upon its eyes: data acquired, threat assessed, return and report. It suddenly punches the entire dumpster towards the two; Silver stops it and saves Edmund from injury with his powers. The metallic being then claps is hands and opens them to reveal a large, circular portal; as it steps through to escape, Edmund tells Silver to keep it from closing. Silver manages to keep it open with his telekinesis, and Edmund tells him to give chase, saying that if he has the Time Stone he should be able to return home easily. Silver is surprised that Edmund wants him to dive into this unknown portal, but Edmund insists that Silver is the only one who can do anything should there be trouble ahead. He reminds him to use his head, "and not just for making all that glowing nonsense." Silver dismisses this as sounding like his Master, insisting he'll be fine. With that, he jumps through the portal.

Traveling through the portal, Silver reflects on how terrible it feels, thinking it's similar to the Super Warp Ring he's used before but "twisted." He then exits, coughing violently, before taking in his surroundings; he's in a dark city, full of broken windows and collapsed structures. The streetlamps are lit, and there are cars with headlights on, but one is overturned and on fire and many are damaged. Silver thinks this city looks similar to Portal on Onyx Island, but "dark." Passing a car sunk deep in a crater, he admits he never thought he'd see a world worse off than his own and wonders what happened to have caused it. As he wonders who could be responsible, he comes to the foot of a massive, towering statue depicting a figure holding both an island and the planet in each hand. Silver suddenly notices he's not alone and turns; he spots the green-striped metallic being from before. Silver asks him if he can get some answers now, and then notices two other metallic beings in the air, one glowing orange and the other, yellow. He bravely insists he can take down all three of them. Then a purple-themed being drops down, and is soon joined by a red and a blue one, the red one casually tossing aside a car as it approaches. Silver's bravado begins to falter as he's surrounded. Trying to maintain his composure, Silver admits that they got him, and it's only fair that they outnumber him after he defeated the one on his own world. Nervously, he tries to insist that they're still no match for him, and that they should just spare themselves and agree to handle things peacefully. As they approach, the eyes of the metallic beings begin to glow...


Silver gets surrounded by the Prelates

Silver barely manages to escape into the air as all six fire laser blasts where he stood a moment ago. He attempts to block further shots in the air, muttering that it was easy for Edmund and Mogul to tell him to not go looking for a fight. He is then struck by two of the beings in the air and attacked by a third as he hits the ground. Struggling to get to his feet, he's nearly crushed as the red being attempts to drop a car upon him, but he manages to retaliate with his powers.

Meanwhile, all these events are being displayed upon a hologram-like screen projected from the floor. A figure excuses himself from his "guest," saying that it seems "the rebels" are causing problems again. However, he is pleasantly surprised when he sees Silver fighting off the beings onscreen; he is particularly curious about this "child's" incredible powers. He approaches his "old friend," Constable Remington, who's chained to a wall, and tells him he'll have to cut things short; something far more interesting is happening in the city. Weak and groggy, Remington says that "she" will stop him. The being pulls a glowing sphere from the constable's body, reminding him of something he should already know; nothing can stop him. With that, Remington joins a group of unconscious, blank-eyed prisoners upon the wall as Enerjak holds the glowing orb in his palm and grins.

Off Panel

  • Script: Ian Flynn
  • Pencils: James Fry
  • Inks: Jim Amash
  • Colors: Paul Kaminski
SU25 Off Panel

Off Panel

Silver is telling Sonic about Edmund's great library where they research. Sonic asks Silver if he uses that knowledge only for good. Silver replies "R-Right, sure...". Silver is then shown reading a book in Edmund's library titled "History of Winning Lotto Numbers".

Key Events


  • This is the series' first milestone issue.
  • This is the series' second hedgehog saga, the Shadow Saga was the first.
  • The Silver Saga is a pun of a "Silver Anniversary" which is 25 years.
  • This issue also came boxed with the Modern Comic Book Pack for Sonic's 20 Anniversary which featured Shadow and Silver figures.


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