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Sonic Super Special #9 is the ninth issue of the Sonic Super Special Magazine comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

Get ready for the truest, bluest and way-past-coolest Sonic Super Special Magazine issue ever made! The world's first Sonic comic magazine has got your hook up for everything new in Sonic video games and comics - featuring an all new comic adaptation of the latest SEGA video game smash hit Sonic Lost World! At a full 20 pages, Sonic Lost World is the longest video game adaptation yet to be featured in an issue of Sonic Super Special Magazine, but that's not all! Get ready to explore new settings, new villains, and a new Sonic comic universe landscape in the aftermath of the Sonic/Mega Man crossover event! Plus all the super special features you love!

Reprinted stories

Sonic Lost World

Treasure Team Tango - Part One: The Salida

Main article: Sonic Universe #21

Home, New Home

One Step Forward...

Other features


Interview with Ryan Jampole.


  • The "plus" on the initial cover is based off the "plus" from Sonic Mega Collection Plus.
  • The art accompanying Jon Grey's section includes an image of Eggman's many sidekicks from other media. Only Decoe, Bocoe and Bokkun were excluded, as Sonic X is currently off limits to Archie. Among them were Sleet and Dingo, Robotnik's henchmen in the Sonic Underground. The duo are shown amongst the other henchmen, with Orbot and Cubot rejecting the duo for "not being on the list". Grey has stated in the past to having a great disliking of Sonic Underground.
  • When the issue was first announced, it was believed that this would be the debut of the Sonic Lost World tie-in story (making it the second new story to appear in the Magazine). However, the story would instead end up making its debut in Sonic the Hedgehog Halloween Comic Fest 2013.
  • In the image of the new Sally, Bunnie and Rotor on the cover, Bunnie is drawn with cheek tuffs, something which her current post-Super Genesis Wave design lacks.
  • This issues reprinting of "Treasure Team Tango: Part 1" was done to promote the release of Sonic Universe Volume 6: Treasure Team Tango, released around the same time.


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