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Archie Sonic Super Special Magazine Issue 8 is the eighth issue of the Sonic Super Special Magazine comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

The Sonic Super Special Magazine is back with a special issue that'll really stick around! Because you demanded it, this bonus issue of the first ever Sonic comic magazine in Archie history presents your favorite Sonic comic characters as awesome stickable stickers! Featuring pull-out scenes of your favorite sonic zones for you to make your very own sonic adventure come alive! Also featuring tons of comics, news, features, never-before-seen artwork and a brand-new enhanced cover by Sonic artist rising star Lamar Wells!

Reprinted stories

The Rematch

Future Tense - Part One

Future Tense - Part Two

Trouble in Paradise - Part One: "No Rest for the Weary"

Note: This reprint only includes the first twelve pages of this story.
Main article: Sonic Universe #17


Remember the Fallen

Note: This reprint only includes the last four pages of this story.

Sonic Rush - Part One of Two

Sonic Rush - Part Two of Two

Other features

  • News flash: continuing coverage of the Worlds Collide crossover.
  • Graphic Novel Spectacular: lists upcoming graphic novel releases.
  • Character Feature:
  • Sticker sheets: Make your own awesome Sonic scenes with the Sonic Stickers and background sheets for some Super Sonic fun!
    • Character stickers: Get your favorite Sonic comic characters in 24 awesome stickable stickers!
    • Background sheets: Four pull-out scenes of your favorite Sonic Zones!
  • Interview with Evan Stanley.


  • The purpose of this issue could possibly be from a request of a fan in Sonic Super Special Magazine #6, where he asked if they could do a sticker spectacular and the Sonic-Grams-guy replied that "that would be a great idea."
  • Lara-Su being shown on a group picture is a reference to the Ken Penders Lawsuit settlement having no winner.
  • This issues reprinting of "Trouble in Paradise: Part 1" was done to promote the release of Sonic Universe Volume 5: The Tails Adventure, released around the same time.
  • There was a difference of the physical printing of the issue and the version that appears on the smartphone Sonic Comic App. On the app, the sticker sheets in the middle were replaced with simple pin-ups of previous issue covers. The contents page had also been changed to reflect this, removing the instruction on how to remove the pages from the book.


Cover artwork

Preview pages

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