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Archie Sonic Super Special Issue 2 (also known as Brave New World) is the second issue of the Sonic Super Specials series published by Archie Comics.

Featured stories

New World


With Dr. Robotnik defeated, the Knothole Freedom Fighters, Substitute Freedom Fighters, Geoffrey St. John and a few other citizens from Knothole Village explore the ruins of Robotropolis. As they enter the city, Rotor notices that they never really thought about the fact that the city used to be Mobotropolis, but Geoffrey and Sally remind him that they always need to put their objectives before their feelings. The group heads into the center of what used to be Castle Acorn and into Dr. Robotnik's control room. Sally asks Geoffrey to help secure the area, sparking an argument between him and Sonic. Tails and Hershey shout over them, hearing a strange noise nearby, when a DYNAMAC appears and attacks the group.

Sonic and Geoffrey's attacks are deflected with ease and the DYNAMAC grabs Antoine, Bunnie, Hershey and Tails. Sally tells the team to confuse the robot, and Sonic spins around it. The DYNAMAC throws its victims at what appears to be Sonic, but it's revealed to be an afterimage left by Sonic's quick movements. While Sonic keeps the DYNAMAC preoccupied, Rotor finds Snively hiding nearby. Geoffrey launches a net on a bolts and captures him. Sonic then runs under the DYNAMAC's legs and Bunnie hits it with a live wire, shutting it down. Geoffrey takes Snively away while the others continue exploring. Eventually, the reality of Castle Acorn's disrepair sinks in and Sally begins to cry. Sonic suggests to Tails that they give her a bit of space.

The following morning, Sally runs her plans by Nicole before announcing to the group that they'll be split into teams to accomplish tasks needed to get the city up and running. She assigns everyone a task, such as finding clean water sources and establishing a source of power, and charges Sonic and Tails with exploring the ruins of the city. Sally turns to assign Geoffrey a task but finds that he has disappeared. At the armory, Geoffrey has a private video chat with Maximillian Acorn. The king tells Geoffrey that he needs to monitor Sir Charles Hedgehog, fearing that he could threaten the kingdom. Geoffrey does not believe it at first, but King Acorn reminds him that Charles created the Roboticizer and founded the Robotropolis Spy Network, which produced a traitor in Sleuth "Doggy" Dawg.

Meanwhile, Sir Charles packs up his spying equipment and heads into the lower levels of the city, informing the robian that Robotnik has been defeated. The Robians ask about being restored to their original bodies, but Charles explains that the Ultimate Annihilator only restored their free will and, with the Roboticizer that originally roboticized them destroyed, it would be impossible to revert them without risking their lives in the process. The robians comfort Charles, who in turn encourages Jules and Bernie to come to grips with their situation. Meanwhile, Sonic and Tails happen upon a group of SWATbots keeping a factory running. They are a bit confused when the robot ignore them, but any chance to contemplate the situation is interrupted by a cry for help nearby.

Sonic and Tails find Penelope Platypus crying for someone to help Arlo, who is trapped under rubble from the collapsing building. Sonic tries to use his speed to smash the boulders, but they're too resilient. Just then, a robian named Rudyard appears and lifts a giant boulder, freeing Arlo. Charles and the other robians appear from an underground tunnel and introduce Sonic to his mother and father. Sonic is outraged that Charles did not tell him his parents were alive and runs away, Tails chasing after him. Sally, Dylan and Hamlin manage to get communication lines working when Charles and the robians greet them. Sally is enthusiastic to have their cooperation, but Rudyard argues that life will never be the same for robians. Charles reassures Sally, explaining that some people will need time to adjust.

On the outskirts of Robotropolis, Sonic throws a fit over the fact that his Uncle Chuck never told him his parents were dead when they had been hiding in Robotropolis all along. Tails defends Charles, saying that his parents were a kind of casualty and that Chuck probably didn't want Sonic to feel the same pain Sally felt when she knew her father was trapped in the Zone of Silence. Sonic finds himself in better spirits and they head back to the city. Later that evening, Sally tells NICOLE that it would be better rebuilding somewhere else than trying to fix Robotropolis. Geoffrey arrives and tries to comfort Sally, but Sally tells him that her heart belongs to Sonic. Just then, Sonic arrives and punches Geoffrey. They get into a fight and have to be sprayed with a fire hose to stop. Sally demands that they apologize to each other, but they quietly agree that their fight isn't over.

Sally calls her father, who demands that she continue to pretend to lead while he makes the decisions for the kingdom. Sally questions her duty, but her father demands that she follow his instructions. Sally tells NICOLE that keeping this a secret isn't right, but NICOLE reminds her that she's kept secrets from her friends before and that she has to fulfill her duties. The next morning, Sally stumbles upon the robians making the decision to start their own colony in Robotropolis. Rudyard explains that he's already heard mobians making disparaging remarks about mobians. Meanwhile, Rotor sends Snively on a transport to the Devil's Gulag. Trapped in his cell, Snively thinks to himself that the mobians underestimate him and that, eventually, he will make his escape.



Races and species:






  • Multiple drawings throughout this story were drawn by Patrick Spaziante, who went uncredited for his contributions.

Other features

  • "Map of Mobius" Pin-up: A two-page map depicting the very first illustration of Mobius's world map and signaling out points of interest.


Tails: What was that?
Hershey: I don't know, but I think I'm down to eight lives just hearing it!


  • This issue curiously features two frontispieces. One frontis serves as the credits page and is illustrated by Patrick Spaziante, while a second frontis (referred to as "text art" in the credits) was illustrated by Sam Maxwell and Harvey Mercadoocasio.


Cover artwork

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