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Sonic Super Special

Archie Sonic Super Special Issue 15 (also known as Naugus Games) is the fifteenth and final issue of the Sonic Super Specials series published by Archie Comics.

Featured stories

Naugus Games

Chapter One

Sonic, cloaked in a coat and scarf, arrives in the Southern Tundra and views the ruins of the castle where he met Nate Morgan. He reflects on his last adventure there and how Eddy the Yeti sacrificed his life to save him, as well as Nate and Tails. Having come to pay his respects, Sonic pulls a rose from his coat. As Sonic places the rose at the foot of the ruins to honor Eddy's memory, the ground underneath him gives way and Sonic lands in a dark cave.

Luckily uninjured from the fall, Sonic tries to make his way through the cave. Unable to see, he repeatedly runs into walls and rocks. Eventually Sonic starts getting frustrated, making snarky comments to himself and whistling. He finds himself getting angry and determines that he won't give up.

Chapter Two

Sonic continues wandering through the pitch black cave until he spots a shaft of light ahead of him. Sonic realizes the light isn't natural sunlight, and therefore the hole the light is coming from won't lead outside. Unable to climb through the small hole, Sonic uses a Spin Dash to make his way through. On the other side, Sonic finds a stockpile of Power Rings. Sonic recalls his last adventure once more as he reaches out to the rings. He begins to make a wish, but he gets sidetracked and starts thinking about how Nate banished Naugus to the Zone of Silence. Sonic is thrown back and realizes in horror that he accidentally wished for Naugus. The ancient wizard emerges from the pile of rings, and reveals that he tricked Sonic into making the wish.

Chapter Three

Naugus explains to Sonic that, through a mental link to the horde of rings used in their last clash, he was able to change the wish in Sonic's mind as he started to use the rings. Sonic threatens to send Naugus back to the Zone of Silence, and Naugus retaliates with a blast of fire. Naugus chucks fireball after fireball at Sonic before calling down a snowstorm. Suddenly a thick cloud of snow covers the area and Sonic is unable to see. Sonic thinks to himself that the wind is so strong that he can't even hear Naugus. The wizard then smacks Sonic.

Chapter Four

Sonic is unable to locate Naugus, and instead opts to run around blind so Naugus can't hit him with any magical spells. The two trade insults as Naugus continues to miss Sonic, the snowstorm raging on. Realizing that Naugus is easily insulted, Sonic starts making fun of the wizard's plans. Naugus angrily replies by congratulating his plan, boasting about his plot to use the power rings against Sonic. This causes Sonic to remember he has a ring in his pocket, which he uses to dispel the snowstorm. He then uses the ring to wish Naugus back into the Zone of Silence. With Naugus gone, Sonic heads home, once again thanking Eddy for his sacrifice.

Sonic Spin City

  • Writer & Pencils: Michael Gallagher
  • Inks: Harvo
  • Letters: Vickie Williams
  • Colors: Josh and Aimee Ray
  • Editor & Art Director: J. F. Gabrie
  • Managing editor: Victor Gorelick
  • Editor-in-chief: Richard Goldwater

Narrated by Sonic, he walks into a bar, Rusty's (Kadies), where it is a hangout for all of his old sparring partners, including the old Badniks.

They are about to gang up on him when a robotic dancer (Nancy Callahan) takes the stage, mesmerizing the robots. One of them grabs her ankle and reveals that she is Bunnie Rabbot. Sonic then attacks the bots, annihilating them with a single spin.

One of these bots activates a self-destruct sequence and it becomes clear that everything was a set-up by Dr. Robotnik. Sonic and Bunnie escape through the window and fly out of the city, just before Rusty's goes up in flames.

Other features


Pin-up page.


  • Given the hectic continuity at the time it was printed, the main story would have likely taken place before Sonic the Hedgehog #79, but given the fact that it is an inventory story, it is a moot point. Writer Ian Flynn has gone on record to say that this story would not even try to be included in Sonic Select anytime soon, but it was rewritten and officially retconned for Sonic Free Comic Book Day 2011.
  • The first story is particularly infamous for the "debut" of "Many Hands," and the pages with either blacked out panels and eyes or snowflakes covering everything. The issue has been largely criticized due to the poor artwork. This may be the reason why it was remade in Sonic the Hedgehog Free Comic Book Day 2011.
  • The second story is a parody of Frank Miller's Sin City. It was also included in Sonic Archives #17.
    • It's possible that Sonic's narrations in the story parodied Marv
  • In "Naugus Games," Sonic tells Naugus that they "just got Mobotropolis back from Dr. Robotnik," meaning the story takes place before Dr. Eggman reclaimed the city in Sonic the Hedgehog #76. At the same time, Sonic is drawn in his modern design, placing the story after Sonic the Hedgehog #71. The series of events taking place between those issues makes it nearly impossible for the story to occur.
  • Sonic says, "One of Robotnik's oldest trucks" when he was supposed to say "tricks." This error remained in the reprint in Sonic Archives #17.


Cover artwork

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