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Archie Sonic Super Special Issue 12 (also known as Turnabout Heroes) is the twelfth issue of the Sonic Super Specials series published by Archie Comics.

Featured stories

Turnabout Heroes

This issue is shown sideways in a reader's perspective.

Dr. Robotnik and Dimitri of the Dark Legion have allied together and mind swapped Sonic into Knuckles and Knuckles into Sonic. Sally and Nate Morgan with the Freedom Fighters are traveling from Mobotropolis to the Floating Island with Sonic as Knuckles on board. Nicole, Sally, and Nate still do not believe that Sonic is trapped in Knuckles' body travel to the Floating Island. They are attacked by missiles and come crashing down to Echidnaopolis.

Meanwhile In Echinaopolis, the Dark Legion are attacking Knuckles and Julie-Su. Knuckles unable to glide in Sonic's body uses his speed and finds the Freedom Fighters crashed plane. Sonic, Knuckles, Julie-Su and the Freedom Fighters take down the robots and some members of the Dark Legion, but they are stopped by holographic projections of Dr. Robotnik and Dimitri. Dr. Robotnik commands that either Sonic and Knuckles surrender themselves to them, or Sonic and Knuckles will forever be stuck in each other's bodies. Dr. Robotnik and Dimitri teleport them to their base and show them their 'Chaos Cannon', in which they need the Master Emerald and will blast the Great Forest with them, destroying them. Sonic and Knuckles head to the Master Emerald shrine making it look like they're about to steal it, but destroy the spying device and bring Dr. Robotnik and Dimtri the Master Emerald (fake). The cannon is destroyed by the sabotage and Sonic and Knuckles are restored to their own bodies from touching the Master Emerald and destroy the villains plans. Knuckles destroys Dr. Robotnik who was a robot double (this issue is before Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 75 and after Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 50) and Dimitri flees.

Sonic and Knuckles get into an intense argument about who is cooler; Hedgehogs or Echidnas.

Zone Wars: Giant Robotno

  • Plot: Dan Slott
  • Script: Karl Bollers
  • Pencils: James Fry and Nelson Ribeiro
  • Inks: Jim Amash
  • Colors: Josh and Aimee Ray
  • Letters: Vickie Williams
  • Editor & Art Director: J. F. Gabrie
  • Managing editor: Victor Gorelick
  • Editor-in-chief: Richard Goldwater

While Sonic is calmly fishing, Sallactor appears hoping for Sonic's help. Sonic thinking that the version of Sally is good, is warned by Zonic the Zone Cop. Zonic summons Sallactor's mortal enemies to take care of her; Sonicaman: Chaos Ninja Team. When the battle is over and they are returned to their zones, Sonic wants to know how Zonic keeps track of everything. Zonic gets a warning from another zone about a very dangerous threat and asks Sonic for his help. Sonic is teleported there and sees Overlanders fleeing from Rabbot-Zilla. Zonic reports to Sonic that good and evil is changed through zones and disappears. Sonic traps Rabbot-Zilla in tar, saving the city. Dr. J. Kintobor the Dr. Robotnik of the zone tells Sonic that he used a Chaos Emerald that mutated the wildlife. The mutated Mobians split the Emerald in half and it remains in the monster's lair. Dr. J. Kintobor builds Sonic a giant robot to retrieve the Emerald, which is run by Sonic's speed. Sonic flies to Knothole Island but is confronted by mutated versions of Sally, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Rotor. Sonic can't take fighting his friends, but finds his version from the world. His version is actually Jules and has half of the Chaos Emerald stuck on his chest. Sonic can't fight his dad, but accidentally kills him by pulling the Chaos Emerald out of his chest. Sonic flies away and the mutated Sonic of the zone finds his dad dead.

Sonic is teleported back to Mobius by Zonic, and Zonic reveals that he is Sonic from the No Zone.

Off Panel

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Off Panel

J. F. Gabrie meets Zonic and offers to show him around the office. However, Zonic tells Gabrie that he is only there to use the bathroom and while he does so, Gabrie refuses to think of how Zonic would accomplish it, due to him standing sideways.


Archie Sonic Super Special Issue 12 cameo

Sonic fishing with a Poké Ball

  • This issue is where we first see Zonic clearly with his helmet off.
  • "Turnabout Heroes" is printed entirely on a 90° axis from normal which, while giving the reader an idea of Zonic's perspective, was actually in keeping with the original printed format the story saw in the pages of Comic Shop News #619-632.
  • An alternate Zone version of Charmy Bee makes a brief cameo in "Giant Robotno".
  • "Giant Robotno" contains several references to Japanese media.
    • The bobber on Sonic's fishing pole is drawn to resemble a Poké Ball.
    • The Sonicaman team and Sallactor are meant to resemble the characters from Science Ninja Team Gatchaman.
    • The various Mobian-Zilla monsters are references to Godzilla and the various kaiju featured in his movie franchise.
    • Knothole Island serves as a shout out to Monster Island, the setting of many of Toho's Godzilla and other kaiju movies.
    • The name of Giant Robotno, as well as the story of Dr. Kintobor's attempts to solve the energy crisis causing a catastrophe, is based on the OVA series Giant Robo: The Day the Earth Stood Still.
    • Tails-Zilla's face is based on the iconic look of Devilman.
  • This issue's Sonic-Grams states that "Turnabout Heroes" takes place between Sonic the Hedgehog #71-#72 and Knuckles the Echidna #28-#29. However, this time frame does not work, as Sonic Super Special #10 takes place in that time frame, as does Julie-Su's backstory in Sonic Super Special #11. It was announced in a few prior issues that the main story takes place between Sonic the Hedgehog #73-#74 and Knuckles the Echidna #25-#26, but that time frame does not work well either as it would imply that Julie-Su was actually with Knuckles and Locke in Haven and this incident would be after Sonic learns that the Robians had vanished from Knothole, but before Sonic reports it.
    • Writer Ian Flynn has stated previously that he believes this story could not have possibly have happened. It is apparently considered canon, however, as Sonic the Hedgehog #183 includes Dimitri mentioning a previous meeting with Robotnik. Unless an unknown encounter between the two villains is implied, this mention refers to the story of this issue.
  • Dr. Robotnik's line, "Then we can test it on the Great Forest.", is mistakenly rendered as "Then we can -est it on the Great Forest." due to a printing error.
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