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Archie Sonic Super Digest Special Edition Issue 9 is the ninth issue in the Sonic Super Digest comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

Get ready for a super special edition of the Sonic Super Digest! Featuring an all-new story continuing the hit Sonic Comic Origins mini-feature blasts into your hands as that boisterous southern belle, Bunnie Rabbot, takes center stage! Learn how everyone's favorite bunny bomber overcame her tragic disability to grow into the freedom fighting powerhouse she is today! Then, continue the fun with more classic adventures from the Sonic comic library as well as special features focusing on the brand new Sonic Comic 'Universe only Archie Comics and Sonic Super Digest can bring!

Featured stories

Sonic Comic Origins: The Belle in the Machine


As the Freedom Fighters' training simulation aboard the Sky Patrol continues, Bunnie contemplates how she came to this point in her life. Growing up in Mobotropolis, she tried to be refined, and dreamed of marrying a gentleman and becoming a hair stylist when she grew up. However, her life changed when Dr. Eggman invaded Mobotrpolis and took it over. The attack left her badly injured, forcing Dr. Charles the Hedgehog and Rosie Woodchuck to take her to Charles' laboratory. Using his Roboticizer, Chuck turned Bunnie into a cyborg, allowing her to survive her injuries. However, the adjustment proved difficult, with Bunnie feeling that she had been horribly changed.

However, she found friends-her future teammates-who helped her to return to a sense of normalcy; Antoine even made her feel that she was still beautiful. Bunnie soon decided to join the Freedom Fighters, but as time went on her original limbs became outdated. Determined to stay in the fight, she decided to undergo an upgrade, but-as she informed Antoine-risked never becoming fully organic again. Antoine supported her decision, and later proposed to Bunnie, who accepted and became his wife. With her trip down memory lane over, Bunnie returned to the present to join her teammates in their exercise. She concluded by reflecting on her life and noting that while it had not turned out as she had expected as a child, she would not have it any other way.

Reprinted stories

Damage Control

Trouble in Paradise Part 3: Undercover

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Trouble in Paradise!: Stuff of Heroes

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Wave of Change Part One: First Ripples

Thicker than Water Part One

Other features


  • This is the first Archie Comics title to reprint comic stories from the Post-Super Genesis Wave timeline.
  • The pose in which Sonic is seen running in for the final panel of "Sonic Comic Origins: The Belle in the Machine" looks very similar to the pose he is in on the cover of Sonic X #1.


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