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Archie Sonic Super Digest Issue 5 is the fifth issue in the Sonic Super Digest comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

Sonic Super Digest is BACK and better than ever! Sonic the Hedgehog's adventures are now available in the popular digest format. You wanted new stories? You got ‘em! Get ready to jump sky high as we present the adaptation of the hit Apple iOS game SONIC JUMP! Dr. Eggman’s plans are always thwarted when Sonic and his pals run towards him but what happens when the devilish doctor makes his escape going straight up? Can Sonic save his little animal buddies or will he wind up crashing to the ground in embarrassment? All this (and Freedom Fighters too) as we give you more classic Sonic comics as only Sonic Super Digest can provide!

Featured stories

Sonic Jump


One sunny morning in Green Hill Zone, Dr. Eggman turned up and began snatching several small animals from their natural environment, and cramming them all in a cage. As the Doctor takes off in his Egg Mobile with the cage, Sonic the Hedgehog arrived on the scene, commenting that the Doctor really needed to find a new hobby other than capturing his animal friends yet again. Noticing no sign of Tails or the Tornado in sight, Eggman takes advantage of the situation by escaping skyward. However, Sonic simply chased after by using the floating platforms of the zone. Leaving the cage of helpless animals on a higher up ledge, Eggman took it upon himself to knock Sonic out of the sky: putting up a shield around his Egg Mobile, Eggman attempted to ram Sonic head on, as the blue hedgehog easily dodged every blow. Sonic was bound to run out of platforms eventually as Eggman smashed them all up in his rampage, but not before his shield finally broke down from the multiple impacts, allowing Sonic strike, spin-dashing a hole clean through the craft. Heavily damaged, Eggman took the cage once again and flew off into the distance. Sonic, with no more platforms to use, proclaimed to his terrified animal friends that he would catch up to them eventually. Later on, Sonic arrived in Mountain Zone: after taking a moment to examine the dangers that await above him, Sonic jumped into action with the words "Alright Eggman, let's try this again!"



Reprinted stories

Olympic Trials

Way, Way Past Cool!

The Day Robotropolis Fell

Heart to Heart

Foundation Work

Fairytale or the adventures of Pirate Sally

Hide and Seek and Destroy

Endangered Species - Finale: One of a Kind

Other features


Sonic Super Digest Pin-Up Page

  • Sonic Super Digest Pin-Up Page: Full page comic cover illustration of various characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series. Presented in black-and-white as a coloring page.


  • This is the first issue in the Sonic Super Digest series to feature a original story.
  • Due to Ken Penders' lawsuit against Sega and Archie Comics which resulted in the removal of all of Penders' characters from the continuity, the reprint of the story "Endangered Species: the Finale" features two edits to the dialog in the story:
    1. The heading on the first page was changed to "Ruins. Late Evening", where the original said "Former Echidna Home-land".
    2. Sonic's dialogue while comforting Amy was changed from saying that they may be able to use Krudzu-tech on a Warp Ring to bring back the Echidnas, to simply say they could use it to bring back everybody without mentioning the Echidnas.


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