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Archie Sonic Super Digest Issue 3 is the third issue in the Sonic Super Digest comic series.

Official solicitation

Sonic Super Digest is back, and celebrating 20 years of Sonic the Hedgehog comics! For the first time in Sonic comic history, Sonic the Hedgehog's comic book adventures are now available in the popular digest format! Where Sonic Super Special Magazine leaves off, this quarterly digest collection picks up - with even more classic adventure from the Sonic comic library! This issue hosts a special spotlight on Sonic's baddest baddies, and an exclusive look-back on the classic Sonic Triple Trouble game! Perfect for fans new and old, Sonic Super Digest collects tons of comic stories, coloring pages, bonus content, and features an all-new cover with pencils by Sonic Artist rising star Lamar Wells! Get SUPER!

Reprinted stories

Who Keeps Stealing my Chaos Emeralds?!


To 'Bot or Not to 'Bot!

Round Up!

The Original Freedom Fighters

Ties that Bind

Home, New Home (section only)

The Ultimate Lifeform (section only)

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Old Soldiers

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  • This is the only issue in the Sonic Super Digest series that is drawn by someone other than Tracy Yardley.
  • According to the raw cover art, the title slide was originally blue, but was changed to purple for unknown reasons.
  • The official solicitation for this issue stated that a spotlight on Sonic Triple Trouble would be included. However, no such feature appeared in the actual issue.


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