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Archie Sonic Select Book 9 is the ninth book in the Sonic Select graphic novel series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

Grab your controller and play along with this game-themed edition of Sonic Select! Sonic the Hedgehog raced into the world in videogames first, and his digital birthright still holds true today. Many of Sonic's game adventures have followed him onto the printed page, sometimes with new and exciting twists. Join Sonic as he meets Knuckles and Shadow for the first time! Thrill as he gets entangled in Blaze's search for the Sol Emeralds! Knuckles and Tails prepare for the Marauders while Sonic aids the wizard Merlina! ! All this and more await you inside these pages of the latest and greatest volume in the SONIC SELECT series! Bringing you the finest in Sonic stories from throughout the comics' 20 year history!

Reprinted stories

Sonic Lost World

Sonic Rush: Part 1

Sonic Rush: Part 2

High Stakes on the High Seas

Note: This story includes an additional page consisting of the flashbacks seen in Sonic Universe #1.

Invaders from Beyond

Knight Time

Sand, Spirits and Sonic Speed

Sonic Unleashed!

Sonic Colors

Sonic Generations

Time for a Comeback

Sonic Jump

Main article: Sonic Super Digest #5

Sonic Dash

Race for the Stars

Main article: Sonic Universe #45


  • The controllers that Sonic, Tails and Knuckles are holding seems to be a DUALSHOCK 2 controller. Meanwhile, the controllers that Shadow and Rouge are holding is an Xbox 360 controller.
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