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Sonic Quest

This miniseries takes place between Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 41Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 42

Archie Sonic Quest Issue 3 is the third and final issue of the Sonic Quest miniseries published by Archie Comics.

Featured stories

The Death Egg Saga Book Three - Over Easy

Part 1

Dr. Robotnik gloats over his imminent victory as the Death Egg pushes Angel Island down towards the sea. With its inhabitants killed, he will be free to claim its Chaos Emerald, making his vessel unstoppable. Tails, disguised in a battered SWATbot shell, decides to make his move, heading for the door so he can figure out a means of stopping the malevolent plot. He is unexpectedly attacked by Sonic, who leaps at him only for Tails to dodge. While noting that the robot has surprising speed, he presses his attack, but quickly discovers that the SWATbot is a suit for his young friend. The two quickly agree that they have to find a means of stopping Robotnik, Sonic taking the direct approach by charging his nemesis. However, having heard the sounds of battle in the hall, Robotnik has dropped a plexiglass wall behind him to protect himself, dropping another to trap the stunned Hedgehog. He then pumps poison gas into the airtight space, intent on finishing off his long-time antagonist.

Fortunately, Tails is able to use the SWATbot's feet jets to fly outside the ship and crash in through the cockpit window, before turning the robot's blasters on the control systems. Sonic is freed, but all three are then driven to the floor as the Death Egg's control systems send it hurtling towards space, saving Angel Island in the process. Prepared for such an emergency, Robotnik creates a stabilizing field around himself with his Gravi-Gauntlet, allowing him to escape the room before Sonic and Tails can get to their feet to stop him. As the mad scientist makes his way to the auxiliary control room, on the island, Knuckles dispatches the Chaotix to assess any damage done by the attack. Watching the Death Egg hurtle skyward, Knuckles vows to be ready in the event Robotnik attacks again, despite being ignorant of his purpose in coming after the Chaos Emeralds. Back on the ship, Robotnik reaches his secondary control room, determined to carry out his plan to use his Roboticizer on all of Mobius once he eliminates the Freedom Fighters on his ship. Patching into the ship-wide broadcast systems, Robotnik reveals to Sonic his next minion of choice: a robot based on the Robian Mecha Sonic, but upgraded with the intent of making it the ultimate weapon.

Part 2

Silver Sonic, comes crashing through a set of doors, startling both Sonic and Tails. Ordering Tails back to the main control room, Sonic faces off with his robotic copy, but quickly discovers that Silver Sonic's speed, strength, and durability are too much for his usual tactics. However, the robot brings about its own defeat after swinging Sonic through a floor panel, slicing a number of electrical cables which remain live. Sonic grabs one and brings it into contact with Silver Sonic, shorting out the robotic Hedgehog. Furious at the defeat of his machine, Robotnik decides to take Sonic on himself, using another high-tech weapon: the Eggs-O-Skeleton, a battle-suit linked to the Death Egg itself. With this added power, Robotnik believes his victory to be assured, only to run smack into Silver Sonic.

Part 3

Having been inspired by Tails' SWATbot disguise, Sonic has taken control of the mechanical Hedgehog, and the two enemies quickly begin battling. Though the Skeleton apparently has superior power, Silver Sonic is durable enough to withstand its blows. Tails returns and witnesses part of the battle, but calls out to Sonic, needing his help. Sonic responded by throwing Robotnik through the roof before turning to regard his friend. Tails reveals that he's set the Death Egg on a 20 minute self-destruct timer, but due to the damage its sustained it could explode at any time, meaning that they have to get off. Sonic is reluctant, wanting to finish his showdown with Robotnik for good, but Tails convinces him to leave it until another day. The duo find an escape hatch, and come across a box of Power Rings in the process, which they grab in order to take back to Knothole. With Tails holding on to Silver Sonic, Sonic has the robot jump, using its durability to protect them as they reenter the atmosphere. He then jumps out and has Tails fly him away, while the Death Egg explodes as Sally Acorn, Rotor, Bunnie, Antoine, Snively, Knuckles, the Chaotix, and the pair of them look on.

With the Death Egg gone, Robotnik's jamming signal ceases, and Sally is able to contact Sonic and Tails, pleading with them to return to Knothole, as King Maximillian Acorn's condition is critical. As they make their way back, Sonic wonders whether or not Robotnik survived; his question is answered as Robotnik parachutes down into his capital, which to his outrage has been renamed "Snivopolis" in his absence. Furious, he drops into his penthouse office looking for Snively, only to land on top of him and leave his nephew flattened across his back.



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