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This miniseries takes place between Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 41Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 42

Archie Sonic Quest Issue 2 is the second issue of the Sonic Quest miniseries published by Archie Comics.


Sonicquest: The Death Egg Saga Book Two - Poached

Part 1

In Robotropolis, which has been renamed "Snivopolis", Snively receives a communication from Dr. Robotnik while getting a massage. Robotnik reveals that his newest weapon, the Death Egg, will soon be ready to begin subjecting all of Mobius to Roboticization from the air. He then asks how repairs to the city are coming, reminding a now anxious Snively that he's had all of the robots in the city pampering him rather than working. Robotnik then continues expounding on his plan, which includes using the Power Rings he recently stole from the Power Ring Grotto to create a a defensive network underneath the hull of the Death Egg, rendering it virtually indestructible. He then announces his intent to claim the last item he needs to provide the Death Egg with full power: a Chaos Emerald. Snively interrupts by noting that the Death Egg appears to be flying too low, as though overburdened, and Robotnik admits that the SWATbot in charge of obtaining the rings also sucked up large amounts of debris, which Robotnik plans to jettison-along with the unfortunate SWATbot-once all the rings have been obtained.

Meanwhile, Tails, who was also sucked into the Death Egg, comes across the broken robot and makes it into a disguise. Another SWATbot enters the chamber, informing Robotnik by communicator of the apparent lack of rings and Tails learns that they plan to dump all the material. Moving quickly, he leaves the chamber and activates the dump feature, sending the real SWATbot plummeting with all the excess of the Power Ring Grotto. After informing Robotnik, Tails goes to the bridge at his summons, and silently congratulates himself, sensing that Sonic would be pleased with his accomplishment. Meanwhile, Sonic is being carried towards the Death Egg by Carl Condor, who relishes in being able to deliver this prize to his master. Unbeknownst to him, however, the seemingly unconscious Hedgehog has been acting the whole time, and breaks out of the robot's grip with his super speed before engaging it in battle. Though his speed allows him to hover, he's unable to compete with an actual flying enemy, but is able to ram into Condorbot, knocking him under the falling garbage and giving Sonic the needed speed to make it aboard the Death Egg by jumping from one piece of debris to another while Condorbot is buried. Sonic attempts to contact Sally Acorn and the other Freedom Fighters, but fails due to a jammed signal, meaning that he must continue alone.

In Knothole, Sally consults NICOLE as to her father Maximillian Acorn's deteriorating condition as he continues to crystallize. Rotor then enters with Geoffrey St. John, announcing that Bunnie and Antoine got lost on their way to the Lake of Rings, but that Bunnie has taken over as navigator and that they're back on the right track. However, there has been no word from Sonic and Tails. A distraught Sally throws herself into Rotor's arms, weeping over how everything the Freedom Fighters have fought for seems to be coming undone. Meanwhile, back on the Death Egg, Tails-in his SWATbot disguise-has joined Robotnik on the bridge, where Robotnik is gloating over his imminent victory. With the business of the Power Rings taken care of, he sets his sights on his next target: Angel Island, where he will be able to obtain a Chaos Emerald.

Part 2

The Death Egg's approach doesn't go unnoticed, as Knuckles spots it coming towards the island and glides to meet it. Getting a true grip on its size, he attacks regardless, only to be blasted back by an energy beam. Flying back to the island, he is caught by Mighty, who along with the rest of the Chaotix have also spotted the incoming vessel and come to help. They then watch as the Death Egg drops a pair of Burrobots on the island, who begin heading for opposite ends of the flying continent, Robotnik having detected both the Chaos Emeralds on the island. Recognizing that they're after the Chaos Emeralds, the Chaotix attack in order to prevent the island from falling into the sea. Knuckles, Archimedes, Charmy, and Mighty take on one Burrobot, leaving Vector and Espio to handle the other.

Part 3

Aboard the Death Egg, Sonic is battling his own set of robotic enemies, taking down the SWATbot crew as he makes his way to the control room, where he finds Robotnik and the disguised Tails. Not noticing Sonic's arrival due to the distraction caused by the Chaotix, Robotnik vows to destroy their island. Tails decides to take the opportunity to slip away, shed his disguise, and attack, not knowing that Sonic has been fooled by his SWATbot costume and is planning to attack him. Meanwhile, the Chaotix flee as the Death Egg drops down on the island, Robotnik rerouting all power to the ship's thrusters. His plan is to drive the island into the sea, eliminating any resistance that would keep him from obtaining the Chaos Emeralds. The jewels in question continue pouring out power in resistance, but Robotnik continues to pour on power, determined to drown everything on the island. The island begins to tip as the Death Egg's weight presses down on its southern edge, which the Emeralds-designed to evenly lift the entire island-cannot stop. As the island tilts, the Chaotix begin sliding and Knuckles takes advantage of the drop from the island's edge to go into a glide so he can attack the Death Egg head-on. However, he quickly discovers Robotnik's intent and realizes that he must find a way to prevent the imminent disaster or perish in the process.


  • The issue's original run had multiple printing errors, making the comic's colors seem inverted.


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