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Archie Sonic Digital Exclusives: Monster Mash-Up is the seventh and final issue in the Archie Sonic Digital Exclusives mobile-archive collection.

Official solicitation

Beware, all you monsters who go bump in the night--Sonic the Hedgehog bumps back! Check out this 100+ page Digital Exclusive collecting some of his freakiest friends, foes and fears. Sonic comes face-to-fangs with a giant cobra, a cybernetic yeti, a terrifying alien wasp race, Bunniezilla, and more! With interior art featuring Steven Butler and the legendary Patrick "SPAZ" Spaziante, this book is a real SCREAM!

Reprinted stories

Tossed in Space Part 1: Red Chaos

Tossed in Space Part 2: Hog and Superhog

3 Phases of E.V.E

Zone Wars: Giant Robotno

Gorilla Warfare/The Apes of Wrath

Knuckles' Quest Part 2

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The Naugus Trilogy - Part III - A Friend In Deed


  • The artwork of Sonic is reused from Sonic the Hedgehog #143. And the art of King Boom Boo and the other ghosts are, in a rare twist, from the cover of Sonic X #14. Despite this, King Boom Boo doesn't appear in any of the featured stories.
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