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Archie Sonic Digital Exclusives: Fight Club is the third issue in the Archie Sonic Digital Exclusive comic series on digital devices. This issue contains reprints of stories from the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series which focus on the more prominent fights and battles featured in the comics.

Official solicitation

It's time for a good ol' fashioned battle royale with everyone's favorite (black and) blue hedgehog, Sonic! Check out over 100 pages worth of Sonic the Hedgehog's most exciting battles! Watch the Blue Blur go toe-to-toe with Eggman, The Iron Queen, and Anti-Sonic! Plus, Sonic tussles with his own friends?! Crack your Knuckles and break out the bandages, because it's ""Round One""! FIGHT!

Reprinted stories

Otherside - Part 2: Cross-World-Conflict!

Turnabout is Fair Play

Black and Blue and Red All Over

Bat Fight!

Thicker than Water - Part Two

Home Invasion - Part Two: Security Measures


  • For an unknown reason, this issue has a marker than says "1st Issue!" This is wrong, as it is the third issue.
  • The artwork of Sonic and Knuckles on the front cover are recycled from the front cover of Sonic Select Book 3.
  • The green bar and orange emblem on the bottom of the front cover are respectively the life bar for the playable characters in Sonic the Fighters and part of the logo for the same game.
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