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Archie Sonic Digital Exclusives: Bunny Blast is the second issue in the Archie Sonic Digital Exclusive comic series on digital devices. This issue contains reprints of stories from the Sonic the Hedgehog and the Sonic Universe comic series where Bunnie and Cream the Rabbit are present or vital to the stories, along with others.

Official solicitation

Go on an Egg(man) Hunt with Sonic the Hedgehog and his radical rabbit buddies, Bunnie and Cream! This digital exclusive includes over 100 pages of the very best HARE-raising classic stories in Sonic comic history! See Bunnie Rabbot confront her long-lost uncle Beauregard--the now-villainous "Baron"! Witness the very first meeting of Cream the Rabbit and her BFF Amy Rose! And it may be springtime, but on planet Mobius the evil Eggman is in for a FALL! These stories and more collected for the first time in this digital exclusive package!

Reprinted stories

Thicker Than Water - Part One

On the Run - Part One: All the Eggs in One Basket

Welcome Back, Chao!

Robotnik x2 = Trouble!

Bunnie's Worst Nightmare!

Preparations for War!

Rabbot Deployment!

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Treasure Team Tango - Part One: "The Salida"

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  • The front cover says it is the first issue of Archie Sonic Digital Exclusives, but in fact, it is the second issue.
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