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Archie Sonic Boom Issue 5 is the fifth issue in the Sonic Boom comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

Sonic Boom is your antidote to comics that lack amaze-ma-tude! Eggtoberfest! Dr. Eggman's sick and tired of no one trusting him! How on earth can he take advantage of people if they don't trust him to begin with? The answer? Eggtoberfest! Just one small problem: the mechanical master forgot to hire ride operators for his carnivorous carnival creation! So it's Sonic to the rescue! If a good guy helps a bad guy, is that 'helping' at all? Ponder this and other philosophical queries in the latest action-packed issue of Sonic Boom, written by Sonic Boom TV Series writer Bill Freiberger! Featuring cover art from Patrick 'SPAZ' Spaziante and an X-RAY variant from the newest superstar Diana Skelly!

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In the Village Center, Sonic is keeping an eye on Dr. Eggman who is trying to sell a bridge, but only gets the cold shoulder from villagers like Lady Walrus, Admiral Beaverton and the Fastidious Beaver. Orbot and Cubot ask Eggman why he is trying to sell a bridge, to which he explains that he recently woke up with an urge to destroy a bridge, but since it would be silly to destroy his own bridge, he is going to sell it and then destroy it so he will not lose money. Sonic tells Eggman that no one is going to trust him and his deal, but Eggman is certain he is beloved and tries to offer a proposition to Comedy Chimp but is rejected out of mistrust too.

Back at his lair, Eggman has surmised that it has become difficult for him to enact his evil schemes since the villagers do not trust him, so he must win them back so he can continue taking advantage of them. As help, Orbot finds the book "How to Win Back the Will of the People" to aid Eggman. While pleased, Eggman is mad at Orbot for not bringing this book up earlier.

Back in the Village Center with Orbot and Cubot, Eggman tries following the book's guidelines and show goodwill to the Old Monkey, Mrs. Vandersnout, and Lady Walrus and her baby, only to get beaten up every time as they think he is trying to assault them, all while Sonic is watching. As Sonic mocks the bruised doctor, Eggman has enough and calls forth his Badniks to attack him. While Sonic has no trouble destroying these robots, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Sticks arrive on the scene to assist him. Together, the team wipe out the minions, only to discover that Eggman and his lackeys have fled back to their lair while they were distracted. There, Eggman's mopes over his failure until Orbot finds one last advice in "How to Win Back the Will of the People": "If your personality isn't right for winning people over, bribe them with a party or a carnival." This gives Eggman the idea of holding the first annual Eggtoberfest at his lair for the villagers. Later, at the Village Center, Eggman, Orbot and Cubot try handing out flyers, but Mayor Fink has Eggman deal with permits, fees and zoning restrictions before he is able to build his carnival.

Once done, Eggman is able to start the Eggtoberfest which features various boots, rides and Eggman himself dressed in lederhosen. At first, it appears that villagers like Mike and Admiral Beaverton are appreciating Eggman's efforts and are starting to turn their opinion of him around. However, when the rides will not start working, Eggman realizes that he forgot to hire operators, and the villagers quickly turn into an angry mob who threatens Eggman with pitchforks and torches they got from a nearby warehouse Eggman had set up. When Eggman fails to calm the mob down, he goes to Meh Burger to ask Team Sonic for their aid in operating the rides. Though distrusting of Eggman's story, Sonic agrees to help him on behalf of his team since it is for the good of the community. However, he is still sure Eggman is up to something and believes serving as operators will let them keep an eye on things. At the Eggtoberfest, Sonic takes care of the roller coaster for customers like Dave the Intern, Knuckles runs an fast-food booth, Tails looks after an aeroplane carousel, Amy watches a high striker, and Sticks looks after a haunted house attraction though she ends up scaring the customers away.

Inside Eggman's lair, the doctor is sure he has regained the trust of the villagers and uses his surveillance equipment in the rides to listen in on what he believes to be praise. However, he only hears villages like Wolfie, Wild Cat, Fastidious, Admiral Beaverton and even Comedy Chimp during the Comedy Chimp Show say that they are not falling Eggman's attempt to buy them over (and that the festival literally stinks). Had enough with the villagers, Eggman calls forth his robot army which begins attacking everything and everyone in sight. In that moment, Team Sonic springs into action and starts saving the villagers while busting robot minions. Tails rescues Stratford as he is sent flying in his cart from a plane-themed merry-go-round, Amy smashes a Bee Bot with a high striker, Knuckles knocks Burnbot into the water where Sticks runs it over with a boat, and Sonic uses a treadmill to knock over Obliterator Bot. With the robot army destroyed, the villagers hail Team Sonic and wander off with them, leaving Eggman to mope in jealously at Team Sonic over his failure in the smoking ruins of the Eggtoberfest with Orbot and Cubot. Immediately after, Comedy Chimp arrives to buy Eggman's bridge after much consideration. Eggman tells him that the bridge is no longer for sale, so Comedy Chimp decides to invest his money in a go-kart, which gives Eggman another idea.









  • The title of this story is a pun of the name for the Oktoberfest, the world's largest funfair held annually in Munich, Bavaria, Germany.
  • This story features a couple of drawings that bear a resemblance to the artwork for the characters in the Sonic Boom franchise:
    • Sonic's pose on the opening page resembles his first official artwork.
    • Fastidious' depiction in the panel after the two-page spread showing the Eggtoberfest is similar to his concept artwork.
    • Mayor Fink's expression when encountering Eggman in the Village Center is similar to his concept artwork.
  • This story features several mis-coloring of the characters from the Sonic Boom television series and video games:
    • Hayward is colored with purple fur and yellow vest. In the games, he has orange fur and a red vest.
    • Mike the Ox is colored with purple fur, black eyes, peach skin, and blue shoes. In the TV series, he has grey fur, pale white skin, purple eyes, and green shoes.
    • Fastidious Beaver is colored with a blue bowtie and slightly blue eyes when. In the TV series, he has a red bowtie and brown eyes.
    • Lady Walrus is colored with a yellow dress and occasionally yellow or blue eyes. In the TV series, she has a greyish-blue dress and purple eyes.
    • Stratford is colored with peach skin, yellow and purple shoes, yellow eyes, and a yellow backpack. In the TV series, he has grey skin, reddish grey and red shoes, blue eyes, and a red backpack.
    • Mayor Fink is colored with a red neckerchief. In the TV series and games, he has a green-yellow one.
    • Lady Goat is colored with aqua fur and a green dress and headband. In the TV series and games, she has pale yellow fur, a blue bandana, and a red dress.
    • Wolfie is colored with yellow fur and black eyes. In the TV series, he has grey fur and blue eyes. Additionally, he is given spikes on the back of his head.
    • Wild Cat is colored with maroon fur and yellow shoes. In the TV series and games, he has atomic tangerine fur and his shoes are red.
    • Obliterator Bot is colored with yellow armor pieces. In the TV series, its armor pieces are red.
    • The Old Monkey is colored with a white hat, brown fur and brown facial hair. In the TV series, he has a black hat, auburn fur and white facial hair.
    • Mrs. Vandersnout is colored with brown fur, brown eyes, a blue and yellow dress, white hair, a peach muzzle, white and blue footwear, and a yellow ribbon. In the TV series, she has grey fur, blue eyes, a purple dress, grey hair, a pale peach muzzle, beige and red footwear and a purple ribbon.
    • The Walrus Male is given yellow fur and a white hat. In the TV series and games, he has lavender fur and a straw-colored hat.
    • The Child Monkey is colored with black/blue eyes, blue and white shoes, white socks, and a blue and yellow backpack. In the TV series, he has orange eyes, reddish grey and red shoes, green socks and a red backpack.
  • In the teaser section at the end of this story, Dr. Eggman's name is illustrated the same way when he and his lackeys would say it as a logo in the earlier issues in the series.
  • Sticks mentions the robo-apocalypse. This was also mentioned by her in the Sonic Boom episode "Translate This".

Off Panel

See also: Off Panel


SB 005 Off Panel

The Off Panel.

In a four-panel Off Panel strip, the story features a scene from Sonic's favorite movie "Tropical Punch", starring Comedy Chimp. Playing the role of a boxer in the ring, Comedy Chimp worries that he cannot beat his opponent. However, Wolf Sidekick rallies him up, telling him that he is brave, intrepid and does not know the meaning of the word "fear", to which Comedy Chimp remarks humorously that he does not even know the meaning of the word "intrepid", earning him a joke sting from Sticks.




  • This is the first Off Panel in the Sonic Boom comic series to only be a four-panel strip rather than a full-page comic.


Sonic: No one's gonna buy a buy a bridge from you, Eggstain. No one trusts you.
Eggman: Oh, pshaw. I'm beloved. Here, watch. Oh, C.C! I have a proposition for you.
Comedy Chimp: So, you want me to buy a bridge I've never seen and that serves no useful purpose... Sounds like a great investment! Except, I don't trust you!
Eggman: I get such joy from my evil plans and schemes. but it's getting more difficult to enact them because those silly villagers don't trust me. I need to win back the good will of the people. that I can return to taking advantage of them.
Admiral Beaverton: I have to say I unconditionally trust whoever built this.
Fastidious Beaver: Actually, it's whom-ever.
Mike the Ox: Dr. Eggman has done a great thing for this community
Sticks: Enter the spook house of if you dare!
Monkey child: Is it scary?
Sticks: No, real life is much worse! What with fluorinated drinking water, airplane chemtrails, cameras everywhere watching our every move, the imminent robo-apocalypse... Hey! Where did everyone go?! Oh, no! The government made everyone disappear again!


  • The main cover of this issue is based on the cover of Sonic Boom #1.
  • This is the first issue in the Sonic Boom comic series not to be written by Ian Flynn.
  • This is the first comic book written by Bill Freiberger.[1]
  • This is the first issue in the Sonic Boom comic series where the characters do not say their names as logos which was a running gag in Sonic Boom #1-4.
  • This is the first issue since Sonic the Hedgehog #246 to be penciled by Steven Butler.
  • A needle and a mouse can be seen next to each other on the X-Ray screen of this issue's variant cover. This is a reference to Sonic's early production name, "Mr. Needlemouse."
  • Because of the lead up to the "Worlds Unite" crossover, the covers of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Boom and Sonic Universe, starting with this issue, Sonic the Hedgehog #270 and Sonic Universe #73 each have a countdown timer listing how many issues are left of each respective series before the start of the crossover (three issues from this issue).
    • The same counter was used for the issues leading up to "Worlds Collide".
  • The glasses Knuckles wear on this issue's introduction page are the same ones Knuckles was seen wearing in the Sonic Boom episode "My Fair Sticksy".
  • The foreign built-it-yourself furniture store mentioned on this issue's introduction page was later mentioned in the Sonic Boom episode "It Takes a Village to Defeat a Hedgehog", which aired over nine months after this issue's release.
  • The cover of this issue resembles the one of Sonic the Hedgehog #15 as both feature Sonic yelling at Robotnik/Eggman to get off of his cover.


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