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Archie Sonic Archives Volume 5 is the fifth volume of the Sonic Archives trade-paperback series. This volume contains reprints of stories from Sonic the Hedgehog #17-#20. It also contains an extra story, named "Everything Old is Newt Again" that was originally scrapped before it could be printed to the public.

Official solicitation

In November, 2006, Archie Comics offered Sonic readers both new and old the opportunity to relive the earliest adventures of their favorite hero with the release of SONIC THE HEDGEHOG ARCHIVES #1. A second volume followed in December, with a third slated for May, and a fourth in June. Reactions are in and everyone agrees: this new classic reprint series is a hit! Fans are jumping at the chance to travel back in time to where it all began. Back in 1993, Sonic the Hedgehog sped his way from video games to comic books. Almost 200 issues later, "the blue blur" can lay claim to having the most successful comic book career of all video game heroes. Now, SONIC THE HEDGEHOG ARCHIVES, a thrilling series of upscale reprints, lets you revisit Sonic's early days in a premium yet affordable format. These special 5 x 7 & ½ inch editions contain 112 action-packed pages, faithfully re-colored and printed on superior stock, with a low cover price of only $7.49 US! Picking up where the SONIC THE HEDGEHOG ARCHIVES #4 left off (which reprinted the original Sonic series issues #13 through #16), SONIC THE HEDGEHOG ARCHIVES #5 brings fans these classic tales from issues #17 through #20 including the first-and last appearance of Julayla, an early, important event in Sonic mythology!

Reprinted stories

Gorilla Warfare/The Apes of Wrath

Sally's Crusade - Part One: First Star I See Tonight

Wedding Bell Blues!

Sally's Crusade - Part Two: In The Still of the Night

Night of a Thousand Sonics!

That's the Spirit!

Deadliest of the Species - Prologue

Featured Stories

Everything Old is Newt Again


While on a motivational speaking tour of his forces, Dr. Robotnik becomes frustrated with his lack of success in defeating Sonic. Asking for ideas from his minions, he is surprised when Universalamander volunteers to attack the Knothole Freedom Fighters again. Robotnik agrees, promising to throw in an added twist that will spell doom for his foes. Meanwhile, in the Great Forest, the Knothole Freedom Fighters are enjoying a game of flag football-which Sonic dominates-when Universalamander arrives. Kicking Sonic out of sight, he attacks the other Freedom Fighters first, and briefly engages Bunnie Rabbot before handily throwing her aside.

Having landed in the middle of a desert, Sonic begins finding his way home by running in an ever-widening spiral in hopes of spotting a familiar landmark. Rotor attempts to defeat Universalmander by shrinking him as Super Sonic did in their last battle, only for him to grow larger due to Robotnik's FX Flip Device, which reverses any energy directed against it. Just as the larger Universalamander is about to crush the Freedom Fighters, Sonic returns. After hearing Universalamander's new powers, he directs Sally and Rotor to come up with a countermeasure while he, Bunnie, and Tails hold off the giant robot. Sally whips out her new NICOLE 7000, and the two are able to create a new and improved "reducer". When fired at Universalamander, however, the device is revealed to be an enlarger, which takes advantage of the FX Flip's effects to reduce Universalamander to molecular size. Sonic says this is when he would crack a joke, but he finds it inappropriate in this situation. NICOLE predicts that similar strange events will continue to happen, which Sonic brushes off. Meanwhile, Robotnik fumes at the impromptu victory party being held by his henchmen.






  • This bonus story has been printed only in this Archives volume, marking the first time an exclusive story has appeared within the series.
  • Sally's hair is black. She was probably meant to have her old pink and black color pallet, but in this volume they colored her fur brown.

Other features

  • Who's Who: This section features brief character files compiling the following characters in the Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog series:



  1. This was going to be the first comic appearance of Nicole, but the story was scrapped and Nicole was introduced later on. A desire to introduce Nicole differently may have been the reason for not printing this story.


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Who's Who

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