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Archie Sonic Archives Volume 25 was the intended twenty-fifth volume of the Sonic Archives trade-paperback series. This volume would have contained reprints of stories from Sonic the Hedgehog #92-#95. The volume was intended to be released but was later removed from listings entirely after numerous delays, presumed cancelled.

Official solicitation

Treachery and mystery abound in the most exciting installment of the SONIC ARCHIVES yet! Sonic finds himself caught in the middle as heroes and villains alike plot and plan their own agendas--what's a super-speedy hedgehog to do?
Dr. Eggman draws his wayward people into a city-sized trap! The traitor Kodos and his ninja accomplice Arachnis turn on each other, fighting for the magical Sword of Acorns! The power of the kingdom is snuck out from under Princess Sally by a double-sleeper agent! Sonic faces down Khan--the super-powerful cyborg monkey!
All this and more in this non-stop thrill ride!

Reprinted stories


  • Had it not been cancelled, this would have been the first milestone volume of Sonic Archives and the first Sonic graphic novel to have a milestone volume.
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