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Archie Sonic Archives Volume 21 is the twenty-first issue in the Sonic Archives trade-paperbacks collection. This volume contains reprints of stories from Sonic the Hedgehog #79-#82.

Official solicitation

Archie's bestselling Sonic Archives graphic novel series continues! There's thunder, rain and lightning! There's danger and water rising! Clamor, sirens wailing—it can only mean one thing: Chaos has been unleashed! Dr. Eggman has found the Ancient Onyx and the watery God of Destruction within. It's up to Sonic to save us all! This volume contains all the heart-pumping action as Angel Island drops from the sky, Sonic and his friends discover a long-lost world, and Amy Rose makes a decision that will change her life forever! Plus, catch the debuts of Big the Cat, E-102 Gamma, and Tikal in the latest installment of Archie's longest-running graphic novel series!

Reprinted stories

The Discovery - A Sonic Adventure Tie-In

The Chaos Factor

Tales of the Great War - The Conclusion: Life Under-Ground

If Wishes Were Acorns

Land Fall

Swallowing Trouble

City of Dreams...

All You Need is a Bit of Chaos

A Rose Plucked

Night of Chaos!

Door to the Past

Double-Crossed Circuits


  • The solicit is a reference to Open Your Heart of Sonic Adventure (There's thunder, rain and lightning! There's danger, waters rising! Clamor, sirens wailing!).
  • This volume contains a few noticeable alterations to the artwork of the comics:
    • On the two-page opening in the story "City of Dreams...", where Amy was shown with her knee bulging through her skirt, was edited to remove her knee, presumably due to her knee's unintentionally suggestive placement.
    • In the story "Door to the Past", the incorrect illustration of Tikal when she first appears before Knuckles was changed so that she appeared in her normal design. Additionally, all misspelled instances of her name have been corrected as well.
    • In the story "Double-Crossed Circuits" Amy's design was tweaked slightly to omit any inconsistencies
  • In the story "The Discovery - A Sonic Adventure Tie-In", the two speech bubbles of a Shadowbot talking when Sonic and Nate Morgan discover Eggman's plans as seen in the original print, has for some reason been removed. This does not impact the story though.
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