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Princess Sally

This miniseries takes place between Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 20Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 21

Archie Princess Sally Issue 3 is the third and final issue of the Princess Sally miniseries published by Archie Comics.

Featured stories

Deadliest of the Species - Conclusion

HamlinPrincess Sally, and Dylan are engaged in a firefight with a mob of SWATbots inside the final substation powering Robotropolis' defense systems. Dylan wonders if it was a good idea to charge in with ArloPenelope, and Geoffrey St. John missing. Hamlin insists that Geoffrey's nothing but a coward when the catwalk he's standing down is shot down by the SWATbots. Sally helps him back up and the three burst into the next room, finding themselves face to face with Dr. Robotnik and Geoffrey.

Hamlin rushes at Geoffrey, ready to pound him into submission for betraying the team, when Sally tells him to knock it off since Geoffrey is "on the same side". Robotnik reveals that Sally is actually a perfect robot copy, the substations were never weak points in Robotropolis' defense systems, he spread the rumors about the substations to test his Sally android, he's in the process of replacing the other Freedom Fighters with robot copies, and Geoffrey had previously delivered the real Sally to him. Robotnik decides that the real Sally is no longer useful to him and attempts to roboticize her. However, the process ends up overloading the system and causes it to explode.

The "robot" Sally reveals that she was the real Sally all along and had simply been deceiving Robotnik. She demands Robotnik surrenders, but instead he activates his Stealth 'Bots. The 'Bots grab Sally, Hamlin, and Dylan, but Geoffrey calls for backup. The members of the Rebel Underground, along with Penelope and Arlo, arrive in a massive drilling machine and blast the 'Bots. In retaliation, Robotnik sets the base to self-destruct and escapes via a secret elevator. The Stealth 'Bots crash the drilling machine, so the group runs to the base's hangar, hijack a set of hovercrafts, and escape just as the place explodes. Sally offhandedly mentions that, since the facility was Robotnik's robo-duplicate plant, they won't have to worry about robotic doppelgangers for a long time.

Back in the forest, Sally awards Hamlin, Dylan, Penelope, and Arlo with official Freedom Fighter status and explains how the plan worked: they activated the Sally android prematurely to learn what its objectives were, the members of the Rebel Underground retrieved Penelope and Arlo when they were left behind, and switched the android Sally for the real Sally before attacking the final substation. The next morning, Sally insists Geoffrey come back to Knothole to help the Freedom Fighters, but he insists that he has to lead the Rebel Underground. He gives her a kiss and they head their separate ways.

Key Events

  • The group attacks Robotnik's third base but are soon caught in Robotnik's trap.
  • Robotnik explains his plans for the Auto Automaton and Geoffrey appears to be a traitor to the group.
  • Robotnik attempts to roboticize Sally but fails, as Geoffrey replaced her with the Auto Automaton.
  • The group is attacked by Stealth 'Bots but they defeat them and destroy the factory, though Robotnik escapes.
  • Geoffrey kisses Sally, laying the foundations for their potential relationship in the future.

Other features


  • This issue shows the Freedom Fighters using gun-like weapons. This would contradict the ban on gun-based weapons the Kingdom of Acorn adopted prior to the Great War.
  • This is the first issue to reveal other members of the Rebel Underground.
  • The leftover duplicates of the Freedom Fighters created by Robotnik will later be used to aid in training of a brainwashed Sonic in Sonic the Hedgehog #27.


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