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Archie Mega Man Issue 26 is the twenty-sixth issue in the Mega Man comic series. It is the seventh part of the Sonic & Mega Man: Worlds Collide crossover event.

Offiicial Solicitation

"When Worlds Collide," Part 7 of 12. The historic Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man crossover event rolls on! The hunt for the Roboticized Masters continues as Sonic and Mega Man face down Shadow Man and–Shadow Man? Meanwhile, Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily gloat over the captive Dr. Light. But what is the brilliant, bearded scientist preparing to do? Featuring stunning new cover art from Patrick ‘SPAZ’ Spaziante, and a special throwback variant cover you just can’t miss!

Featured stories

When Worlds Collide Part Seven: Evening The Odds

Sonic and Mega Man arguing over quality over quantity.

Deep inside the Skull Egg Zone, the four heroes–Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man, Miles "Tails" Prower, and Rush–explore a forest region of the zone, only to get ambush by a robotic snake. Mega Man is able to destroy it via his Mega Buster, but Sonic, bemused at Mega Man, tells the robot that he has fought a robot snake before. Mega Man then shows off to Sonic that he's faced dozens, but Sonic tells Mega Man it's the quality of the robot, not how much he's faced. Even still, Sonic and Mega Man thank each other for their help whether its facing robots or the deroboticize the Roboticized Masters to save Sonic's missing friends. Suddenly, the heroes are ambushed by a ninja star and a Chaos energy-powered-laser. This turns out to be the works of Shadow Man and Shadow Man, respectively.

Sonic avoiding Shadow Man's ninja stars.

While Sonic tells Mega Man to take care of the Robot Master Shadow Man, Mega Man shoots at the Roboticized Master Shadow Man. The two blue heroes argue at each other for attacking the Shadow Man they were supposed to attack, but Tails, who is facing the Robot Master Shadow Man, tells the two that both of the robots are both named Shadow Man and the two heroes begin to fight the Shadow Men. The Robot Master Shadow Man attacks Sonic and Mega Man via ninja stars, but Sonic comments that "whirling blades of doom" got tired back at Scrap Brain Zone. However, Sonic is ambushed by the Roboticized Master Shadow Man via Shadow Man's Master Weapon, the Chaos Cannon. Tails tells Mega Man to take down the Roboticized Master before Sonic dies of suffocation. While Tails and Rush take care of the Robot Master Shadow Man, Mega Man uses the Chroma Camo Master Weapon to avoid the Roboticized Master Shadow Man's Chaos Cannon laser shot, and Mega Man, transforming into his Tails Wind Master Weapon, blows the Roboticized Master away to allow Sonic to breathe and fight once again. Sonic, Tails, and Rush take care of the Robot Master Shadow Man while Mega Man deroboticizes the Roboticized Master Shadow Man back to Shadow the Hedgehog via the Sonic Shot. Mega Man then uses the Chaos Cannon Master Weapon to seal the remaining Shadow Man inside a Chaos-energy-barrier.

Sonic explains the effects of a second Genesis Wave.

With the battle over, Shadow, agitated and humiliated by his roboticization, destroys the remaining Shadow Man in vengeance. Sonic tells Shadow to loosen the anger control, but Shadow tells Sonic not now. Sonic then tells Shadow if he wants to help them on taking down the rest of the Roboticized Masters down, or if he wanted to help the Chaotix and Proto Man sneak in and trash the Wily Egg. Shadow replies neither and he uses Chaos Control to transport himself somewhere else. Suddenly, Sonic and Mega Man are given visible memories of their last "real" lives. Mega Man and Tails tell Sonic about these memory floods coming back to them, as Tails remarks who is Mecha Sally. Sonic then explains that not only has a second Genesis Wave has occurred, but that Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily have rewrote their worlds, such as changing the past and pushing them to the near-future. Sonic was able to set the world back to normal, but it had major side-effects. Tails then replies that since Shadow used Chaos Control just now, it made a brief glimpse of their worlds at their last moments. Mega Man then replies that it doesn't matter about old nor new worlds, but that they need to stop Eggman and Wily from taking over the universe. Sonic likes Mega Man's idea and the heroes move on forward.

Dr. Light finds the coordinates of the Wily Egg for Rouge.

Meanwhile, inside the Wily Egg, Eggman and Wily mock Dr. Light inside a Capsule calling him names such as Santa Claus. However, Orbot comes by to report that both Shadow Men have been destroyed, which ruins the festive mood of the scientists. They walk away to finish their other projects, leaving Dr. Light by himself inside the Capsule. Then, Rouge the Bat then comes by and asks Dr. Light for help. Dr. Light, impressed that she was able to make it through this zone as well as infiltrate the Wily Egg, asks Rouge if she will get him out of the Wily Egg. Rouge replies with a yes and a no, as she needs to get revenge after Copy Robot captured Shadow while they were on a mission for G.U.N. She cannot get the information to crash the data file on the Wily Egg to get payback on Eggman and Wily unless Dr. Light helps her out. Dr. Light agrees with her plan, and begins finding the coordinates on the Wily Egg.

Meanwhile, Sonic tries to get up on several rocks but due to Appearing-Disappearing blocks, it is difficult for him to reach above where the other heroes are at. Suddenly, the heroes are ambushed from behind, and Sonic warns the heroes about Blaze Woman and Silver Man, who are about to attack them. While Mega Man and Rush take care of Silver Man, Sonic and Tails attack Blaze Woman. Mega Man attacks Silver Man with the Sonic Shot and deroboticize's Silver Man back to normal after throwing Rush via Psycho Burst. But, Blaze Woman provides trouble for Sonic and Tails as she uses the Fire Tornado to attack them. Luckily, Silver holds her down while Mega Man deroboticze's Blaze Woman back to normal, as well. Shortly, Tails fixes any damages on Rush and assures Mega Man that T-Pup will be fine. Mega Man, confused who T-Pup is, asks the strange name for his dog, but Tails says that Rush reminds him a lot of T-Pup. Meanwhile, Blaze explains that she was enjoying her time with Marine when all of a sudden she was abducted. Silver comes to mind, remembering that he came to warn Sonic of the time alter. Blaze and Silver say they'd love to help but are tired. Sonic tells them to rest for now and they can attack the two doctors together in the Wily Egg once they save Amy and Knuckles.

Meanwhile, the Chaotix and Proto Man found themselves in a snowy mountain region, unaware that the last two Roboticized Masters-Knuckles Man and Rose Woman-are preparing an ambush. Just then, they receive new orders from the doctors: eliminate Sonic and Mega Man, at any cost-including the use of their own self-destruct feature.

Short Circuits

See also: Short Circuits

The Short Circuits for this issue.

Bass destroys an unknown object with his Bass Buster, and Omega wastes a city. Then there is a (childishly drawn) picture with a burning house on a rainbow, sad faces of Eggman and Wily, and the two robots holding hands while skipping, with the text: "A MATCH MADE IN CROSSOVER HEAVEN: DESTRUCTION BUDDIES 4 LIFE!"


Sonic: Jump, Mega Man, jump! Or are those big 'ole boots tripping you?
Mega Man: They're designed for stability. Would you expect me to jump and shoot with noodle-limbs like yours?
Sonic: "Noodle-limbs"? I'm lean, man! Aerodynamic! You can judge limbs once you graduate from your mega-undies.
Mega Man: It's ARMOR!
Sonic: Sure it is! And these things on my head are rudders. HA!
Tails: Can we save all the bragging until after we've saved everyone?
Sonic: When have I ever done it in that order?
Mega Man: They disappear and reappear in a pattern! You've just got to time your jumps right!
Tails: Look, you don't need to prove anything! Just let me fly you up there already!
Sonic: NO! I am not getting beat by a bunch of stupid, annoying blocks!
Proto Man: You're really detectives?
Vector: We found you, didn't we? And none of us even knew what a "Pogo Man" was before this.


  • This issue's "Game Sprite Variant" cover features a battle between Mega Man, Rush, and Metal Sonic, while Dr. Eggman watches from behind. The sprites for Metal Sonic and Eggman are both taken from the game Sonic the Hedgehog CD, while Mega Man and Rush's sprites come from Mega Man 7. The location is the Stardust Speedway, also from Sonic the Hedgehog CD.
    • An earlier version of the cover was labeled as a "16-bit variant". This was changed to match the variant cover of Sonic the Hedgehog #249.

Mega Man 10 cover, which is used to pay homage the actual cover of this issue.

  • The main cover art is based heavily on the American promotional artwork for the digital exclusive game, Mega Man 10.
  • It's implied that Sonic and his friends have never met any of the DiC Entertainment/Archie Comic-exclusive characters in this world, as Tails claims that he is unfamiliar with Mecha Sally. Interestingly, Tails does apparently remember T-Pup, though its possible that this is an indication that the events of the Tails Adventure game took place in the altered reality.
  • While the Chaotix are travelling with Proto Man, Vector incorrectly refers to him as "Pogo Man". This could possibly be a reference to Quint, a future version of Mega Man that was captured and reprogrammed by Dr. Wily and equipped with the pogo-stick weapon "Sakugarne".
  • Apparently Mega Man did not remember his encounter with Break Man before the Genesis Wave struck, even though his world was simply pushed into the future, and therefore should still remember it happening.
  • This technically marks the first in-canon appearance of Shadow-in organic form-since Sonic Universe #24. It is also his first appearance-both as himself and as Shadow Man-in the Mega Man series. Silver and Blaze also make their Mega Man series debuts in this issue, in both their organic and Roboticized Master forms.
  • Rouge officially makes her debut in Sonic & Mega Man: Worlds Collide in this issue, despite having already appeared much earlier on the covers to Mega Man #24 and Mega Man #25, respectively. It is also the first Mega Man issue that she appears in.
  • This marks the first appearance of Blaze since Sonic Universe #24, as well as her first appearance in the Mega Man issue.
  • This issue confirms that the effects of the Eggman/Wily Genesis Wave have bled into worlds other than Mobius Prime and Mega Man's world, including the Sol Zone.
  • Dr. Eggman refers to Dr. Light as "Santa in a lab coat". Whether or not this means the concept of Santa Claus still exists on Mobius from its early days as planet earth, or if Eggman's knowledge of the famous holiday icon is simply a bi-product of the Genesis Wave, is unknown.
    • On a related note, the line itself was a reference to Kenji Inafune basing Dr. Light's design on Santa Claus.
  • Sonic mentions the Egg Viper boss fight from Sonic Adventure in this issue.
  • Like at the end of the previous issue, the prison capsule containing Snively once again makes a cameo in the chamber where Dr. Light is being held.

Shadow's energy orb.

  • On the orb containing the weapons data of Shadow Man (Roboticized Master), the symbol used for the logo of the Shadow the Hedgehog video game can be seen.


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