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Archie Knuckles the Echidna Issue 9 is the ninth issue of the Knuckles the Echidna comic series published by Archie Comics.

Featured stories

Dark Vengeance Part Three of Three: Twilight of the Titans

Kragok, Julie-Su and other Dark Legion Members are at camp preparing for battle when Enerjak appears and gives the dark legion a golden path to Echidnaopolis. On the way Kragok asks of what has become of the guardian and Enerjak states that he is nothing more than a memory now. Julie-Su flies the craft carrying Kragok and Enerjak, leaving Vector, Espio and Mighty tied up in the desert under the sun. As Knuckles is about to be broken down into molecular particles he is saved at the last minute by Athair, the former guardian who tells him to bow before the Ancient Walkers. Athair tells him that they see the big picture and teleports him to Mighty, Vector and Espio.

Meanwhile, Remington prepares his troops to defend the city and goes to talk to General Von Stryker, leader of the dingoes. He proposes a deal that they help defend the city to save their own lives and such. Meanwhile Archimedes, who was previously thrown into a box with Charmy and buried in the sand, manages to send a message to Knuckles and starts looking in the sand for Archimedes asking where Charmy is. Knuckles finds the box and finds Archimedes and the Deo Volente, along with Charmy. Back in the city the Dark Legion attacks the city Remingtons forces defending the city. Then Enerjak tells the city to surrender and then he disappears, Kragok is then confused, then Julie-su blows up the saucer betraying him.

Above the city Enerjak is teleported in front of Mammoth Mogul, Enerjak tries to make him vanish but it doesn't work. Mammoth Mogul then uses the Sword of Acorns to absorb Enerjak`s power. Enerjak then turns back into a old and crippled Dimitri and begins to fall to his death. The Chaotix then arrive and start to help with the fight. As Dimitri falls, Knuckles catches Dimitri, but the Dark Legion takes Dimitri away from Knuckles. As this is happening Locke and Sabra are talking about Knuckles. Locke then makes a call for outside support to help Knuckles. Knuckles fails to get Dimitri back and gets angry at himself. Remington then takes Kragok and Julie-Su into custody ignoring Knuckles protests. Sonic and the Freedom Fighters arrive talking about a message that Knuckles sent out. Confused Knuckles asks Sonic what he is talking about but is cut short when Mammoth Mogul intervenes freezing Sonic and Knuckles with chaos energy. The comic ends with Mammoth Mogul that they must obey him or be perished.



The combined three-part image

  • This issue's cover is the last part of a three-part image.
  • This issue ties in with the end of the second of Sonic the Hedgehog #55, revealing that "Knuckles'" transmission actually came from his father.



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