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Knuckles the Echidna

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Archie Knuckles the Echidna Issue 7 is the seventh issue of the Knuckles the Echidna comic series published by Archie Comics.

Featured stories

Dark Vengeance Part One of Three: Deadly Homecoming

A shadowy figure looks upon a Chaos Emerald and calls Enerjak back from the depths of space to Mobius. At a Dark Legion camp, Kragok gives a speech about their newly erected statue of Dimitri to boost morale. Enerjak lands on top of the statue and notices the face of Dimitri, thinking it is a pretty good recreation. Kragok fearfully asks if Enerjak knew Dimitri. Enerjak answers by instructing Kragok to remove his faceplate. He does so and is shocked to find that Enerjak is the very Dimitri they worship. Enerjak takes the situation in stride and decides that they'll be his army now.

Julie-Su joins Knuckles while he sits on the edge of the Floating Island. He tells her that, since their trip to Mobotropolis, he is been thinking about how he can relate to Sonic feeling like his parents are keeping secrets from him. He goes on to say that he feels more like everyone in his life is keeping secrets from him and using him and that he longs for the time when all he had to worry about was guarding the island's Chaos Emerald. Julie is a bit envious, explaining that Knuckles is the only person who seems to care about her and the people of Echidnaopolis treat her coldly due to her past as a Legionnaire. Knuckles decides that they should seek out Archimedes for advice.

Meanwhile, Archimedes is warned by Deo Volente that the Guardians at Haven fear that something dire is afoot. Suddenly, a vision of Enerjak appears in the room and, realizing that the Fire Ants have consistently been his downfall, imprisons Archimedes and Deo Volente. In Echidnaopolis, Von Stryker speaks to the High Council to discuss housing for the dingoes. Councilor Darwin explains that they're building as fast as they can, but Stryker suggests that they wouldn't agree if it the dingo Zone had survived instead of theirs. Another councilor suggests that the dingoes can't be trusted, but Stryker feels that their situation is favorable for the echidnas and asks how he can smooth things over. At Counciller Darwin's proposal, they agree that the housing problem will be addressed if the dingoes give up their military weaponry. Stryker, however, secretly plans to betray their promise.

In Lava Reef Zone, Knuckles and Julie-Su are track down a Fire Ant, who tells them that none of their kind can find Archimedes or Deo Volente. Julie-Su wonders if the Dark Legion could be responsible, but the fire ant answers that it sounds like something far more dangerous. Knuckles and Julie-Su depart to try and unravel the mystery. Meanwhile, Lara-Le and Wynmacher discuss her feelings about Knuckles' upbringing. He tells her that she didn't know that she would be married into "Echidna royalty" and that she needs to move forward with her life. She decides that she needs to speak with Locke.

In the Rainbow Valley, Knuckles and Julie-Su arrive at the home of Espio the Chameleon, but find it ransacked. Meanwhile, Hawking is being examined as he sleeps by Sabre and Locke. Sabre suggests Locke rest when Hawking suddenly suffers a heart attack. Locke delves into his mind, but Hawking refuses to keep living. Knuckles and Julie-Su continue their search for the Chaotix while Kragok finds Enerjak preparing himself for his confrontation with Knuckles. Enerjak appears as a vision before Knuckles and Julie-Su, mocking them as he grabs Knuckles.

Key Events

  • Enerjak returns to Mobius and takes command of the Dark Legion.
  • The Chaotix are kidnapped by the Dark Legion.


Knuckles: "I was beginning to wonder if you'd follow me up! Need a hand?"
Julie-Su: "Thanks -- but no thanks! I'm more than capable!"
Knuckles: "Yeah -- I'm sure!"


The combined three-part image

  • This issue's cover is the first part of a three-part image.
  • When Enerjak crashes into Dimitri's statue, Kragok exclaims "By Amil's Force!" This expletive is never explained, nor was it ever turned into a plot point like the similar reference "By Vale's bones!"
  • This issue marks the first and only known appearances of Darwin and "Madam Councilor", who is not known by any other name.


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