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Archie Knuckles the Echidna Issue 4 is the fourth issue of the Knuckles the Echidna comic series published by Archie Comics.


Lost Paradise- Pt. 1

Vector is swimming under the water and all of a sudden, he notices shadows on land. He finds the shadows are from a Dark Legion member (Julie-Su) and attacks them. Julie-Su then dodges Vector's attack and counters on him, knocking him out.

Knuckles is meditating not too far away with Archy, who notices Julie-Su sneaking up behind him and attacks Julie-Su, who then attacks Knuckles. Knuckles eventually knocks her down and discovers he was fighting a girl. Knuckles stares shocked and Julie-Su calls him a sucker and punches him while he is unaware. Archy breathes fire at Julie-Su, which ends the fight. Knuckles thanks Archy and asks where the rest of Kragok's army is. Julie-Su says she doesn't know, and says something was telling her to find Knuckles for some reason, and she doesn't know why.

Vector then finds Julie-Su and attempts to get revenge on her, but Knuckles holds him back. Knuckles wonders why he and the Chaotix were in a rush to find him and Espio says something weird was occurring in the Marble Zone (the ground was shaking).

Locke (Knuckle's father) is watching Knuckles and the others through a computer and observes Julie-Su and Knuckles and says he doesn't like the fact that Knuckles has found his special one as a result of the Soultouch.

Julie-Su and Knuckles argue as they continue to the Marble Zone. The ground begins shaking and Echidnaopolis appears in front of them. They obviously go and find Knuckle's mom, Lara-Le, who asks for a hug. Knuckles tells Lara-Le that he thought she was dead and she ran away sadly, asking if Locke really told him that. Knuckles says Locke just told him she was gone, and the only echidna he'd even known was Locke until recently. Then the city disappears and Knuckles and Julie-Su appear back at Marble Zone. The ground cracks in half and Julie-Su saves Knuckles. Echidnaopolis appears again and run into Remington, who tells them to come with him.


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