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Archie Knuckles the Echidna Issue 31 is the thirty-first issue in the Knuckles the Echidna comic series published by Archie Comics.

Featured stories

King of the Hill Part Two of Three: The Thrill of the Hunt

Chapter 1

In the command center of Haven, Sabre and Sojourner are dealing with a problem, causing their monitoring system to have gone offline. Meanwhile, Locke is checking the circuits and realizes that the static from the monitors must be coming from outside forces. He finds this as a concern, because of the advanced technology required. He discusses this with Thunderhawk, who thinks that it could be Moritori Rex. Locke doesn't believe that the Dark Legion could attack without them knowing and believes that the person responsible would be engaged in something else. On the Floating Island, Hunter has confronted Knuckles and Monk with his weapon on hand. Hunter is unfazed by Monk's threats and stuns him with one of his weapons. Knuckles tries to escape, and Hunter stops him before he leaves. He brings in his robot, Aryu One-Two, who grabs the unconscious Monk. Hunter turns to Knuckles and decides to persuade him to follow them.

Back at Haven, Archimedes teleports to Locke, who asks about Knuckles. Archimedes tells him that he can't find him anywhere and suspect that he's in danger. They decide to set off and find Knuckles before he is in danger.

Chapter 2

Hunter escorts Knuckles to his craft when Knuckles asks about his relation to Robotnik. Hunter mentions that they are the same species, but he suspects that their paths will cross soon. He notices Knuckles 'admiring' his trophy collection of Mobian species and Knuckles believes that he is a monster. Hunter tries to shoot Knuckles while his back is turned, but he avoids it. He tells Knuckles that he wants the competition and an opponent that fights back. He forces him to take part in his competition, or he will hunt Julie-Su.

Elsewhere on the Floating Island, Locke and Archimedes discover that someone had tampered with their equipment and follows the tracks. On Hunter's craft, Hunter forces Knuckles and Monk to put collars on using his lasers to convince them. They head off the craft and Monk breaks away from Knuckles when their collars shock them. Knuckles realizes that it is the neckwear and manages to convince Monk to give Hunter a challenge, because of their link. Hunter prepares for the hunt and commences to track them down.

Espio the Chameleon Part 2: The Best of Friends

  • Writer: Ken Penders
  • Pencils: Colleen Doran
  • Inks: Jim Amash
  • Colors: Frank Gagliardo
  • Letters: Vickie Williams
  • Editor: J. F. Gabrie

Espio is confronted by Valdez and Shadowbots , shocked how he is roboticized. Valdez tells him when he was on a mission with the Royal Secret Service to evacuate citizens from Mobotropolis, when he discovered Rosie and her orphans in need. Geoffrey led the team to guide them out, but Valdez was injured and was abandoned by his team. He was taken out by the robots and brought to Robotnik, where he was roboticized. He was give the task to invade the Floating Island and find the Chaos Emerald, that will be used against King Acorn. Believing that everyone but Robotnik is the enemy, he tries to convince Espio to cooperate. He brings in Liza, who is being held by the Shadowbots. She confesses to betraying him and thought that Espio could reason with him. Valdez believes that she has outlived her purpose and orders her to be taken to the chamber. Valdez shows Liza's robotization on the screen, telling Espio that she will never be disloyal again. He continues that Espio will confess everything that he knows about Knuckles and his secrets, and he'll spare the remaining chameleons.

Off Panel

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Off Panel

Mighty tells Vector that he needs someone to help him out on Saturday, but Vector reminds Mighty that the Florida Gators and F.S.U. Seminoles are having a game that day. He explains that college football is way more important than saving the world and sings the praises of the Gators.

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Key Events

  • Locke and Archimedes discover that Haven's sensory equipment has been compromised
  • Monk and Knuckles are captured by Hunter.
  • Hunter fits the two with shock collars and coerces Knuckles to participate in his hunt.
  • Valdez captures the chameleons and coerces Espio into helping him after roboticizing Liza.



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