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Archie Knuckles the Echidna Issue 30 is the thirtieth issue of the Knuckles the Echidna comic series published by Archie Comics.

Featured stories

King of the Hill Part One of Three: Bad to the Bone

Chapter 1

Hunter arrives on the Floating Island and prepares his arsenal by firing at Snow pigeon, killing her. The scene shows another individual, who is atop Mount Kobiyunjabo waiting for the Floating Island to come by. Monk uses a rope and climbs up the island until he reaches the top. He pounds his chest, boasting that he's back and that Knuckles isn't going to stop him. Meanwhile, Knuckles is reading a book that his dad gave him, which gets him thinking about when the echidnas were space explorers exploring worlds. He begins thinking about the book, when Catweazle flies in and tells Knuckles about Snowpigeon's death and the hunter on the loose. Catweazle tells him the hunter's location and Knuckles glides out of the cave towards it.

Chapter 2

As he is guiding, he is hit down by a large rock and is confronted by Monk. Knuckles has a flashback of him being bullied by him. They begin a fight, but Monk wins. In the present, Knuckles believes that Monk is the one that Catweazle warned him about. Monk also remembers his exile, when he was taken by mysterious robed figures in the night and thrown off the island. In the present, Knuckles tries to make amends, but Monk begins attacking him. Knuckles stuns him by hitting him in the nose, but it only makes Monk madder. They continue fighting, until they notice Hunter approaching them with his weapon.

Espio the Chameleon Chapter One: Hiding in Plan Sight

On the outskirts of Echidnaopolis, Julie-Su appears on Thunder and asks Espio, Mighty and Ray if they have seen Knuckles. She is unable to get her answer, and is introduced to Ray. He tells her that Mighty is the closest thing he has now and will be staying. He mistakes her for the Guardian, but she tells him the truth. Mighty leaves with Ray to check out the city, while Julie-Su and Espio leave to search for Knuckles. They continue their search to Rainbow Valley, when Espio notices Barney camouflaged nearby. Barney is startled and tells them to run away when he faints. Julie-Su climbs back on Thunder and rides off to get Barney medical attention. When she disappears, Espio shouts to the other chameleons and they appear to him. He finds Liza among them and asks her what is happening. She takes him into the wilderness with the others, when she reveals that they were trying to find him. She reveals a roboticized Valdez to Espio, along with Shadowbots waiting for him.

Off Panel

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Off Panel

J. F. Gabrie frantically searches for Espio around the office, only to have his nearby co-workers express how hard he must have worked with the invisible Espio agreeing in the background and thinking that he is not the only one.

Other features


Pro Art



The combined three-part image.

  • This cover is the first part in a three-part image.
  • This is the first Archie Sonic publication to feature Knuckles with his updated Sonic Adventure look.
  • The book given to Knuckles by Locke is based off the 1968 movie 2001: A Space Odyssey.


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